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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Pedestrians 'Have You Ever Had A Gay Experience?'

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YEEES! But you probs already knew that :P

In light of the recent discussion over homoSEXual rights, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask strangers, "Have you ever had a gay experience?"

One guy asks, "Does an experience in college count??" LOLZ!

PREEEESSSS PLAY (above) and realize just how many people are a little (and a lot) gay!

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9 comments to “Jimmy Kimmel Asks Pedestrians 'Have You Ever Had A Gay Experience?'”

  1. xara says – reply to this


    …with the first line, i almost spit my coffee…that was funny! :)

  2. 2

    Perez, you know how you have your "CocoPerez", "FitPerez" b.s. sections? Please make a LGBTPerez section for your gay related posts. I'm sorry, but the majority of your posts are either about yourself, Kat Graham, or something gay-related. Not everyone cares. I have nothing against gay people, but you certainly do not make them look good no matter how hard you try. Majority of other bloggers are also gay, but they aren't shoving it in people's faces every second.

  3. 3

    Re: it-is-what-it-is – maybe you should take heed to your user name and accept this site for what it is: Perez's site. you don't like it, don't come visit. bye!

  4. 4

    p.s. I thought this was hilarious!

  5. 5

    Re: mizzmaxine – I believe this site is supposed to be about CELEBRITY news/gossip not about himself, you dumb b*tch.

  6. 6

    Re: mizzmaxine – If you don't like it blah blah blah, lmfao. Yeah, think anyone gives a rat's ass about your opinion lardass?

  7. so chill says – reply to this


    1) In those few species, they have the ability to CHANGE their gender (their reproductive organs) to become OPPOSITE of what they were so that they can procreate (ie: a female frog changes her organs to a male frog's organs to procreate with female frogs or a male frog will change his organs to a female frog's organs to procreate with male frogs). But still, the animal is procreating with one of the OPPOSITE gender. Males cannot procreate with males and females cannot procreate with females. They CHANGE their reproductive organs so that (AS OPPOSITES) they CAN procreate.

  8. 8

    lmao, yes.

  9. 9

    Re: so chill – Okay, and what about all of those children straight people are leaving in orphanages that gay couples are willing to nurture and give the world to in a loving home? I'd say that's more important, wouldn't you? Do you think it's immoral for straight people to marry and not have children?