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Simon Cowell: The Voice Ripped Off The X Factor!

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Simon Cowell The Voice BGT

Recently, Simon Cowell did an interview with BBC Radio 4 and brought up one VERY good point about his shows’ competition, The Voice — all while adding more fuel to the fire!

According to Simon, if the show is “all about the voice, then what’s the point of looking at them?” LOLz…we suppose he’s right!

Cowell went on to say that he thinks the show should be on the radio, rather than TV!

Hmm…that'd be interesting!

The Voice UK had been quite the rival for Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talentbeating out Cowell’s competition show in a full-on ratings war this past season!

While many have drawn comparisons between The Voice and Simon’s other show, The X Factor, Cowell viewed his rival’s competition as a time to “roll your sleeves up” and bring it!

Simon said:

"Suddenly I'm watching it [The Voice] a week, two weeks ago. It's the same as X Factor. You know, they've got dancers behind them. They've got graphics, lights. Same show."

But a little healthy competition is good, right?

According to Cowell, while The Voice was beating BGT, he took it as a chance to try to make HIS shows better!

As for what Simon thinks about his future in competition reality shows?

"I'll know when it's time A, for me to leave the shows or B, not to make these shows anymore, simply because people won't be interested. I'm not going to self-destruct."

At least in America, although The Voice is moving to the fall for its third season, The X Factor USA will NOT be going head to head with the show!

The Voice will be airing Mondays and Tuesdays, whereas The X Factor will air Wednesdays and Thursdays this fal!

Phew! That could've been a close one! It'll be interesting to see, though, which show will win out in ratings each week!

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10 comments to “Simon Cowell: The Voice Ripped Off The X Factor!”

  1. Gonzo says – reply to this


    He feels threaten by the success of The Voice because his X-factor flopped.

  2. Michael says – reply to this


    lets be real here, Xfactor has Britney… The Voice has no chance.

  3. 3

    hes fighting back

    yes and he shud of kept his mouth shut about his screwage with dani a gentlemen never tells ASSHOLE!

  4. 4

    I loved x factor last season. I don't know why so many didn't watch. It was refreshing to see groups and young people and different genres. Face it, after week two, American idol contestants all sound and look the same and so do The Voice contestants. I love the concept of the voice but I can't bring myself to watch one full episode. He is right, it's very showy and opera-like and over the top. For the voice, I would love to hear their acoustic acapella voices every night.

  5. 5

    Now I remember why I don't watch anything with Simon Cowell. Dick.

  6. 6

    This just goes to show why Simon Cowell has no business having anything to do with the music industry. Mentoring is a huge part of being a musician if you actually want to take performing to a high level. The X-Factor is similar to The Voice, but The Voice simply does it better. Also, the tone of the show is much more positive. I can't speak for the other versions of The Voice, but the American one also features OTHER SINGERS who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Britney Spears has no business evaluating other singers. She is a huge part of the reason why the standards of vocalists in popular music have fallen and radio music has become a joke over the past 15 years or so. Christina Aguilera is a major vocalist, and Cee Lo, Adam, and Blake actually perform live. When is the last time Simon Cowell gave a live performance? Exactly. Even a middle school kid who hates playing the piano but has been taking lessons for a few years knows more about music than Simon. He's just a businessman with a personality that a lot of people love.

  7. 7


    thank you

  8. 8

    You dont have to be a singer yourself, to know talent. It's clear that simon cowell knows talent when he sees it…he's learned from his mistakes when he was younger- (passing on the spice girls)…he just says what other people don't wanna hear and it bothers them. EXACTLY- he's a business man…which is why he got Britney spears as a judge on his show, because it will be ratings gold whether or not she actually says anything worthwhile, people will watch, money will be made, the show will continue on, and become more competitive if not out complete other similar shows. He left Idol when it was becoming monotonous…this guy knows what hes doing. He's made a fortune off his opinion and his business mind.

  9. 9

    Anyone who thinks this guy is a jerk or an idiot is an idiot themselves. This man helps a lot of people behind the scenes, when he believes in a talent he does all he can to help that person be successful (leona lewis, fantasia)..He does what he can. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. He gave Paula abdul a career again…he respects people with talent, he is honest about people who arent as talented….he's even dissed britney spears before…not a diss, just an honest truth. and he has never taken it back, and he never will, because he isnt fake, and thats what people don't like about him. He's real, and he doesnt care if he offends…did he ever say "i brought the most talented woman in the world in to judge..Mrs. Britney spears!!"!??! No, he didnt. He said she is "fascinating", which lets face it…she is…the whole world is "fascinated" by her whether its because they love/adore her or think she is insane and a trainwreck..people are infatuated…people will watch.

  10. Cryssy says – reply to this


    Everybody its not a Britney spears fan Michael,Re: Michael
    The voice has 4 top super stars so…