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The Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme Becomes A Book!

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ryan gosling hey girl meme book

Well it's about a time!!

We've been saying Ryan Gosling deserves his own book for what feels like centuries now! And a kingdom… and a planet… HA!

Fortunately, someone else feels the same. And now that glorious Feminist Ryan Gosling meme has become a book! You know what we're talking about… handsome photographs of RyGos with a "Hey Girl" printed in the corner and an encouraging feminist theory following said greeting??

Yeah. That one. Our favorite one.

Welll… now you can find those a-mazing memes in Feminist Ryan Gosling! With 120 full-color photos and captions, readers will find 70-80 percent new material.

Perfect gift for the coffee table in your RyGos-loving life?? We think so!!

[Image via Lu Chau/WENN.]

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8 comments to “The Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme Becomes A Book!”

  1. 1

    meme means?

  2. 2

    There is nothing, NOTING more sad and pathetic than a male feminist. Feminism is illogical, unnecessary and should not exist. Considering the goals of feminism were accomplished over 50 years ago.

  3. 3

    umm i dont think anyone knows what a meme is

  4. piyush says – reply to this


    what a meme is

  5. 5

    the fb pics i see are all about him supporting disabled kids.. guess I don't run with the cool crowd of feminists

  6. 6

    WTF are you talking about, Mario?

  7. 7

    Perez, I'm surprised you of all people don't know about the tumblr "Gay Friendly Ryan Gosling.

    "Feminist Ryan Gosling" and all those "hey girl" memes were getting old; "hey dude" is way more progressive.

  8. sweetheart says – reply to this


    is it just me or does Ryan look like Draco in this pic?