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194 comments to “Chris Brown Takes A Beating From Pink Over Billboard Performance”

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  1. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: Liam – Do you have anything better to do than worrying about what I'm doing online? You're the ones coming for me; I'm just having a little fun at your expense, but I tell you what! Pay for my internet service, and I'll be just as sweet as you want me to be. You should worry more about your life, which probably isn't going to be that long. I'm sure you're just so much more productive! PS. I never said I was a Pink fan, although me making Pink fans look like twats shows a lack of imagination on your part.

  2. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: TeamPink – Someone has been watching too much Dr Phil! You couldn't even capture me cleverly.

  3. JustExtreme says – reply to this


    Re: TeamPink – Ew you had sex with your brother? Why would you even write that? You really are attention seeking…

  4. Liam says – reply to this


    Stop giving team pink attention for god's sake, they're clearly fucked up in the head and should be left well alone.

  5. Charlie1902 says – reply to this


    Re: TeamPink – And now you're making up fake arguments with yourself…LOL wtf!

  6. Jenny Bear says – reply to this


    wow…i was going to comment on the actual story but seeing as how weird this thread has gotten I don't think I'll bother….

  7. anna says – reply to this


    all i have to say is: YOU, of all people, should not be commenting on someone elses grammar errors. Especially since your grammar mistakes are clearly from lack of education rather than a one time mistake. Nitpicking at others while you do much worse, which fellow readers have clearly picked up on, is just embarrassing for you. Also, as someone who makes as living from writing, go learn some basic grammar for heaven's sake.

  8. let's be honest says – reply to this


    clearly team pink is just one person writing under many names and arguing with him/herself to derail the article. people are so pathetic.

  9. 109

    Re: Kuiita – Let me guess. You're one of those groupies who would suck Chris' dick because you think he's so fine. How about someone come and beat the shit out if you and see if anyone cares.

  10. 110

    I actually loved katy's performance. Everyone acts like pink is the only one to get up and dangle in the air. Everyone comes up with inspiration in their own ways. And if you are going to mock her for doing it, at least applaud her for being the only mainstream performer to sing live. And I didn't see her talking during the Grammys when people were lip synching, why does everyone get on Chris brown? You gonna talk about someone, talk about everyone!

  11. saff says – reply to this


    Re: let's be honest - Yea at first I didn't get why there was an argument at all then it became obvious by the way all these 'people' were talking that they're the same person. :S

  12. 112

    Re: HaveIGotIt – Actually she had a #1 and a #2 song respectively in the charts as recently as two years ago. Sounds relevant to me.

  13. 113

    Pink and Hart were right… Pink did that performance years ago. it's old. As for Chris Brown, he acts like he's a god… I'd be content with him just singing.

  14. 114

    So what's the big deal? She made a tweet on her own personal page, of which many of you would have never seen until the all of a sudden self-righteous Perez decided to put her on blast. Since when did lip-synching become worthy of defending? If you're going to announce live performances, then that shit needs to be live.

  15. 115

    Re: Liam – But yet you're still giving him/her attention.

  16. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Yeah Katy did this performance in 2012, Pink in 2010 and Britney in 2004, whats the difference?

  17. barb says – reply to this


    are you the only one that can make comments, remember you do get paid for your big mouth.

  18. 118

    HAHAHA. Perez, you are *so* transparent. You're bothered by what they did because they attacked Katy Perry (and they indirectly attacked your precious Britney Spears with the lip-synching remarks). If they had insulted Christina Aguilera, you would have said something like, "Wow! Those are some fighting words! What do U guys think? Are they being too harsh on Xtina, or does she deserve it?!!" We've all seen you rip into performers for lip-synching before, and your beloved Lady Gaga has remarked plenty of times that she thinks it's a horrible insult to audiences and other performers, alike, when a performer lip-synchs. This is just one of many reasons why your observations are unimportant, Perez. You are inconsistent in how you evaluate, and then your "reporting" is obviously slanted. I will say, however, in response to Carry's observation that P!nk has performed the same song, that P!nk should probably stop collaborating with Max Martin if she hates when other artists' songs sound like hers. "Wide Awake" was produced by Dr. Luke, and Max Martin and Dr. Luke are virtually interchangeable. Most of the songs they produce end up being Top 20 hits, which is why so many people complain that pop radio "all sounds the same."

  19. 119

    i'm sorry, i'm sorry… perez hilton commenting on someone's grammar? gtfo! LMAO

  20. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: JustExtreme – Actually I was responding to someone trying to impersonate me. Try to keep up. By the way, how many screen names are you under? I have a hunch it's a few. That's why I'm enjoying this. You people are attacking me for the very same things you're doing.

  21. 121

    shut up perez, pink and her hubby are entitled to their opinion

  22. 122

    Re: TeamPink
    HaHa! Team TeamPink! Fuck these people if they can't take a joke. Since when did everyone get so indignant on PerezHilton? That's why this site is getting less and less views: The PC-police have taken over.

  23. 123

    Re: Liam
    Who are you to determine who's fucked up in the head? You're trying to rally people on this site against someone, "Liam."

  24. 124

    Shut up Mario(n). Chris Brown is a no-talent douche who does fucking lip sync when he's not having tantrums or beating on women. It isn't about hostility, it's about honesty, and you steal gossip for a living. How are YOU more qualified to judge talent than Pink's husband? You're as big a douche as Chris Brown is, truth to tell.

  25. 125

    Pink was NOT attacking Katy Perry. People are so dumb. She wasn't attacking anyone….can't someone even make a comment about something that goes on in one's own industry, without it becoming a bitch fest? In the music biz, lip syncing is an insult to those who actually sing live for a living. No matter the job, if one takes short cuts and only half asses their job, should they be reaping the rewards of praise? I think not.
    Let's everyone just never say anything about anything and be good little robots and like who we're told to like and never question anything. Good god…..

  26. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: saff – yeah, she's a trip that maggie…she posted some condescending remark to me once with her well formed thoughts and tries to sound so smart like we're all idiots and tries to seem like she has the most fabulous educated life, meanwhile she's commenting on here 24/7…..i hate it when people come on here and if they dont agree with you they make remarks like we're all loser with not life and low income jobs….forgeting for some reason that they are on the gossip site as well lol most everyone likes celebrity gossip…rich, poor, smart, educated, uneducated….they are all on here, but heaven forbid you say something someone doesnt like…and suddenly you become an idiot….some people i tell ya!!! Meggie is the phoniest!

  27. 127

    Perez, oh no you didn't make a comment about Corey Hart's grammar!!!! I scream at my computer DAILY reading your articles that are riddled with misspelled words and incorrect grammar! Now, with that off my chest, I totally agree with Corey & Pink. If Pink wasn't the most talented and watchable artist out there, I'd say STFU. However, she is the queen. She has the right to sit on her couch and tweet about real stuff. People tweet about random stuff, like they're about to go take a dump. So, I welcome a real celeb having the balls to call out these new artists that can't sing & dance at the same time. Good for you Pink!

  28. chaa says – reply to this


    Chris brown did a good job and so did Katy performance wise but I myself was wondering why they were actually singing Chris never seems to sing anymore who knows what's real

  29. K says – reply to this


    Uh, anyone remember Pink on the AMAs in 2010? Pretty sure that's what Carey's tweet was about. Although Katy's was a poor rip off of Pink's Grammy performance, Chris Brown's also looked very similar to what she did during Raise Your Glass when she was pregnant.

    It's too bad Katy and Chris couldn't even sing live during their performances, it might have given them a little credit.

  30. GeminiRule says – reply to this


    "But what about her hubby Carey?

    You know, the one who rides bicycles for a living? What's his excuse??"

    What a patronizing comment! By the way, he doesn't ride bicycles for a living, and I'm pretty sure what he does do for a living earns a hell of a lot more than what you make.

  31. tetrisguy says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – is that you teampink? oops i mean meggie oops i mean liam oops i mean fetish?

  32. saff says – reply to this


    Re: CanadianMommy – She posts here all the time and is rude to everyone. Usually I just ignore it because it's usually petty and childish but I get sick of people using someone's job to determine their entire personality, lifestyle, inelegance, etc. It just shows how ignorant she really is, yet she acts like she's smarter then everyone. From what others have said she seems to start fights with people and then leaves stat once her argument falls through, so I shouldn't bother indulging her really, but still. Too many people are like that on here now.

  33. 133

    Look, I love Chris and Katy so much, they are very talented singers,OK, SO WHAT IF THEY LIPSYNC! PEOPLE DO IT ALL THE TIME! just leave them in peace! And furthermore, CB apologized to his fans and Rihanna for beating her up, , has learned his lesson, has moved on, and has a new GF and is very happy with her! So Pink and Carey, if I were you, I'D SHUT THE HECK UP!

  34. Jim B says – reply to this


    Re: Jeff Brooks CA – most of the people on this site make rude horrible dumb comments whilst trying to defend their point because they're not clever or witty enough to make a valid point without resorting to pathetic name-calling. once upon a time this site was half decent but then mario abandoned it and left the article-writing to uneducated wannabe journalists which caused the quality to disappear. most of the smart people moved on while the dumb ones stayed behind because they know this site is now an easy target for hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Those of us who aren't emotionally damaged and trying to vent our issues over a comment board tend to stay out of it unless we feel especially strongly about something, but unfortunately the majority of people who take the time to post regularly are troubled individuals who have to start arguments to fulfil some kind of gap in their lives. is it the thrill of the argument? is it boredom? is it knowing they can get away with it? who knows. best thing to do is not let it get to you and just let the damaged goods fight amongst themselves.

  35. 135

    Re: tetrisguy
    Speaking of indignant people, the worst of the flock is the first one to respond to me. From my experience, though, the ones who accuse others of doing something on here are usually the ones most guilty of doing the exact thing. Is your conscious bothering you, Mr. Tetris? You don't want to fuck with me. I'll burn you to the ground, and I don't need more than one user name to do so.

  36. bahbah says – reply to this


    Re: Becky76 – ur talking about ppl who holds grudges over stupid little things…they dnt care that chris and riri and everyone else has moved on…they just gotta hate some1 and if you make a mistake they will hate u for life…its not about what chris did or katy perry lip sync…it is about them wanting to hate anyone they can…give them a reason dont matter how small…they are happy if they hatin…! dont care about details or facts…!

  37. hello thar buddy says – reply to this


    It's so easy and convenient to criticise people over the security and anonymity of a computer screen isn't it?

  38. tetrisguy says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – I think I'm meant to be scared?

  39. Jim B says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – And now some guy is posting death threats. Pretty much sums up what I said earlier about damaged goods. Don't know what it is about this site that attracts all the loonies.

  40. 140

    Re: tetrisguy
    First post-comment, and you're already losing. Although, reading your prior comments, I don't think I'll be shivering in my boots either. "If the shoe fits…" Yeah……no worries here.

  41. thegentletock says – reply to this


    can people just stay on topic? if you have beef with someone take it somewhere else where the rest of us don't have to have it forced down our throats nobody cares about your gay feuds.

  42. tetrisguy says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – sorry dude i only just realised you're trying to come onto me but i don't swing that way.

  43. 143

    Re: Jim B
    Oh, please! Spare everyone your pseudo-intellectualism. Where the fuck do you see a death threat? You do realize what a figure of speech is, do you? The funny thing about you right now is you're just as guilty in engaging in the feuds as everyone else is, even while you're being all pretentious and acting like you're above it all. Continue on with your douchebaggery. You might actually have one person fooled on here.

  44. beccarooroo says – reply to this


    Re: tetrisguy – LOL there's definitely the air of suppressed homo eroticism isn't there? I think he wants to take you roughly from behind. I guess his 'fetish' is getting off to thinly-veiled homoerotic threats. Probably jerking it right now:)

  45. 145

    Re: tetrisguy
    Coming on to you? Delusional, too. That's nice to know for future reference. I'm pretty you're not my type. I prefer IQs to be in the double digits of my potential mates.

  46. Liam says – reply to this


    maggie, teampink, tetrisguy, fetish…they are all clearly the same person. Why people are still engaging them is beyond me. But whatever. Enjoy your sick game fucking weridos.

  47. 147

    Re: Fetish
    "more than double digits." But I'm sure you'll crack on the original post as part of some feeling of superiority.

  48. 148

    Re: Liam
    Wow, tetrisguy and "Liam" are coming in at the same time. How convenient and noticeably obvious. Just use one name to come at me. It's just that easy.

  49. Jim B says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – hahahahaha

  50. 150

    Re: beccarooroo
    Wow, Tetris..nice new screen name. Obviously it's not me who's suppressed if you consider anything I'm writing homoerotic.

  51. Jim B says – reply to this


    Re: Liam – Because it's funny. He has like three different people owning his ass and he thinks he's 'winning'.

  52. beccarooroo says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – So because people disagree with you you think we're all the same person? Because? Nobody would ever disagree with you right? Didn't you just call someone disillusion? People in glass houses and all that.

  53. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – The difference between me and you is that I was making a valid point about the subject and you're getting involved in something you don't even know anything about. Kindly educate yourself before you start speaking on my behalf, you're just as ridiculous as the self-proclaimed 'intellectuals' who think they can stand up against me.

  54. 154

    IRe: beccarooroo
    Disillusional? I believe I used the term delusional, which doesn't apply in the context of my posts. Glass houses? Back at ya.

  55. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: beccarooroo – You're clearly not tetrisguy or liam, but you're obviously posting under other names. You need to try harder if you think you're fooling anyone.

  56. 156

    Re: TeamPink – [re=6082306]
    I didn't come here to make a valid point about some pop star. I don't need to "educate" myself on Pink, for I have no vested interested in her, although I'm inclined to believe you're not the TeamPink. But OK…have fun with it.

  57. 157

    Re: Jim B
    Who are the three by whom I'm being owned? Clearly one of them is not you!

  58. 158

    I feel sorry for Katy, she's such a lovely person and doesn't deserve to be blasted publicly on her performance. She sings live all the time, it was probably the producers who wanted her to lip sync on this occasion. She works really hard and it's unfair to her. If she had sung live people would have just been horrible to her saying she can't sing. I hope if she heard about those tweets she just laughed it off and didn't let it offend her.

  59. TeamPink says – reply to this


    I don't care who you think I am. The fact that you are trying to make out I'm not who I say I am only suggests that you are trying to cover your own back for something. You're probably Chris 1902 thinking you can fool me. Your lies are as transparent as your feeble arguments. You'll need to try harder then that. At the moment all I'm doing is laughing at your inadequate responses.

  60. tetrisguy says – reply to this


    Re: TeamPink – is that you fetish?

  61. merlochomes says – reply to this


    Re: Millie Vanillie – I think Pink is maybe a bit jealous of Katy Perry's success. Pink was once an influential pop artists but hasn't had very good songs in a while, and now she's looking after her child her career is non-existent and she's feeling threatened. Hating on Katy because of lip syncing and 'stealing' her show from years ago is way out of line. I bet when Pink records she has dubbing and vocal editing and stuff just like everyone else does on their records, so she can't sit there and act like lip syncing is the worst thing ever. Every artists has a tweak now and then. If Pink cares so much about singing live all her tracks should be live without sound booths to improve the sound, etc. And it was probably the choreographers who put her on the wires, I doubt it was Katy's choice.

  62. LoriC says – reply to this


    Let me get this right: YOU are bitching that someone is criticizing someone else? AND you're referring to someone's GRAMMAR being bad? HOLY HYPOCRITE, Batman!

  63. 163

    Re: TeamPink
    Yep, you're definitely not TeamPink. He or she was a little bit more imaginative in their retorts. You're just resorting to every tired internet argument cliche to try to "read" me. You're sounding about as clever as Jim B right now. I'm honored, however, to be the source of your amusement. You should always get a laugh once in a while in your life, which is appearing to most of us on here right now to be quite sad. I can predict what you're going to say next, btw. :)

  64. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: Fetish – No, you just came here to try and be me, but clearly you have failed. You can disappear back into insignificance now. I'd say good effort but it was just too easy.

  65. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: merlochomes – Exactly. That's what I was saying to begin with. Pink doesn't like lip syncing at a live concert but is cool with having her songs, and voice, edited and changed and everything else they do to it to make and mix a record and she uses it to make money. By her own admissions that makes her just as 'fake' as Katy Perry and anyone else who records with the aid of mixers and special equipment. She's just a hypocrite.

  66. 166

    Re: TeamPink
    Yep. Predictable as I thought. There's about three lame cliches in that one comment alone, which is one more than I predicted. Be you? Yeah! I just strive to be as unoriginal as you, dear! :)

  67. TeamPink says – reply to this


    Re: FetishRe: Fetish – Oh look you added your trademark smile to your posts again. How original you are!

  68. saff says – reply to this


    Re: TeamPinkRe: Fetish – It's like watching someone with a split personality arguing with themselves. If you're not the same person then you were clearly separated at birth.

  69. 169

    Re: saff
    Thank you for that insight.

  70. 170

    Re: TeamPink
    Seriously? I used it twice, and you're calling it a trademark? So you're kind of stupid, too. Point taken. :) Your desperation is showing, dear. :) :) :)

  71. 171

    Re: merlochomes

    funny rant….Pink isn't jealous of Katy. Her comment had nothing to do with Katy, she said so herself. Do you follow Pink's career, how she records and what her input is when it comes to her craft? Because you sure don't sound like you know anything about her at all. Do your research. Elizabeth might want to join you.

  72. KC says – reply to this


    Re: Luke Warm
    Pink has said some disparaging things about Britney and Jessica Simpson. It doesn't make her jealous. She's just tired of being compared to them. I do wish more people were like Pink and were more upfront and honest rather than saying nice things about their fellow artists when they really don't mean it.

  73. 173

    Re: KC

    Pink is sarcastic. Sarcasm doesn't equate to jealousy. She points out what people think but don't say. She constantly points the finger to herself as well, but, of course people don't want to see that. Funny thing about this whole thing, is, all she said was, "one day if I lip sync, I hope I do it as well as him". Chris Brown lipsynced his performance. What did she say that wasn't true? It's thanks to Perez that this turned into something bigger by bringing Katy Perry into it. She said nothing about Katy, Perez just assumed it because her performance resembled Pink's grammy performance. Funny how a headline turns something into bigger than it actually is.

  74. joss says – reply to this


    Re: TeamPink – No idea is original. pink doesnt own any type of performance,& katy perry wasnt copying anything/ her song was based on da idea tht she was dreaming on the clouds, it wasnt aiming towards what pink did n pink lipsynced on that performance just letting u know. & both of their diss was aiming to chris brown for stealing the BMX riders performance she did on the ama when she was 3 mnths pregnant.

  75. Mia says – reply to this


    I don't think I could love Pink and her hubby any harder than I do right now!

  76. 176

    LOL! Who knew I'd be so popular on PerezHilton? I had no intentions of creating an actual user name, but since now anyone can post as me, I decided to "trademark" the name. I'm the original TeamPink, with the exception of post #99 and posts #153 on forward. And before I begin:
    Re: TeamPink
    Post #153. Bitch, please! That is clearly not me. I would never begin a sentence with "The difference between me and you."
    Anyway, I don't see what is so offensive about my original post, for which I'm unapologetic. However, looking back over the rest of the arguments, in hindsight, I am starting to realize that it does appear that some of the people who did come at me are indeed one and the same. As for me being Meggie…God, use your imagination! I would never use an elephant as an avatar, let alone bail out of an argument with a lame excuse like going to the beach. Besides, I already indicated I was a guy.
    If anything, I'm happy to show that some people are just way too serious to be posting on here. Everything I said was all in fun. It was a game. You played into mine, and made the time at work go faster. The joke's on you!
    Re: Fetish
    You were correct! People on here way too fucking serious. It's PerezHilton, not HuffingtonPost. Sorry you had to engage in these stupid conversations with these trolls on my behalf.
    Perez, I'll take that check for giving you one of the highest comment counts you've seen in a while.

  77. 177

    i did think he was lip synching because he wasnt doing a good job at lip synching like hes too stupid to keep up with the music.. creative as he is the guy always looks brain dead like slapped in the face with a fish and stunned..

    Re: Meggie246524 – TEAM MEGGIE u go girl

  78. 178

    Perez, you're a fucking idiot and a hypocrite. If your fame and wealth built on mudslinging? And they are both 100% RIGHT.

  79. DAVID says – reply to this



  80. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: saff – i know, she's very annoying, i just find it funny how she tries to be so articulate and im always thinking…it's a gossip site, quit trying to sound smart lol

  81. Fymedgxp says – reply to this


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  82. 182

    Stunning version of wide awake? What? I could barley understand a word she was saying. This is just another post fueled by your being up someone's ass. She DID copy pink and it wasn't good. Nobody thought it was. It's no big secret that Katie Perry can't sing live, come on now.

  83. 183

    katy perry is a tired, boring hack….and you are THE LAST ONE to talk about grammar…

  84. 184

    Any artist deserves to comment (more than the rest of us!) since they know what it takes to get up there and "do their thing".
    As long as Chris Brown doesn't lie to us all and say he was actually singing the other night…(maybe he had acid reflux….)
    But remember: Music awards shows are recognize people who play and sing music; it is not called the "Billboard Performer's awards". Since you sell SONGS Chris, you might want to spend more time making sure you can actually sing them.

  85. Ashley says – reply to this


    'interesting gramma' really? Coming from this site?
    I've seen less spelling and gramma mistakes on a 5 year olds school work than this website.

  86. ChrisBrownSucks says – reply to this


    Chris Brown makes the same played-out, gay sounding dance music that every other "R&B" artist is making right now, and 99% of his dance moves are ripped off from Michael Jackson 30 years ago, who did it better and didn't have to resort to lip-synching. There's nothing breezy about Breezy.

  87. Meander says – reply to this


    Chris Brown has showed no contrition for beating women. Surely he can handle a few comments on his choice to lip sync? They're just calling it what it was. Thank you Pink and Corey for drawing my attention to this 'artist's' 'performance'.

  88. 188

    Really Perez? The only reason you even posted the tweets by Carey Hart is because he made a comment about your friend, Katy Perry. Sorry, but her performace was a copycat of Pink's. And she's a terrible live singer. It's probably why she lip synch's during most shows. I'm also confused on how you out other celebs as smokers and say how gross and unhealthy it is, yet you post pictures of Katy Perry and Rhianna clearly smoking on your site never saying a word a word about it. It's kind of hypocritical, no? Get over yourself perez. You're a hack.

  89. Anon says – reply to this


    Katy sang that song live, and she sings all her concerts live, so idk what he's going on about.

  90. mams says – reply to this


    they can have an opinion but honestly its stupid. I mean honestly do they not have more important things to be worried about. criticizing chris seems like its easy to do nowadays i mean what was the point other people lipsynched that night but whatever its lame. make your own music and dont worry about other artists theres no need if you as good as you think. pink seems very cocky and she is a good singer but to act the way she does you would think she was some kind of legend and that is not the case.

  91. chianne says – reply to this


    Re: QueenEricka
    Re: 'anyone can lipsynch, doesn't make you special' - and 'anyone' can dance/perform like Chris Brown? Doesn't make him special? Get lost - CB's specialty on stage is his dancing and engaging the audience. Why else have all the award shows this year and last have had him perform?
    And you think he has a big ego? How big can your ego really be if half the people out there hate your guts and express it constantly? I'm impressed that he keeps going

  92. 192

    Re: Amun666 – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!!!?!?!?!?! 5 years and your STILL on ONE mistake?!!! SERIOUSLY! He was a teenager!!!!!!! look at all the MEN in Hollywood who could barley even take resonsibility!
    I hate when people think it is their JOB to forgive him!!! Its Rihannas JOB TO FORGIVE HIM

  93. 193

    PInk has never lipsynched because she has never had a reason to…..She does not dance…..Britney Spears Michael Jackson and Madonna HAVE ALL LIPSYNCHED so if you have a problem with Chris Brown for THAT performance you have a problem with them! Pink was just picking a fight with Chris Brown and Carey should get punched in the face just for his old ass picking a fight…

  94. 194

    Re: Meander – OH WAIT!!!! He beats women?Hes only hit one woman ONCE. I find it funny that you say it like hes done this repetitively because he has had several girlfriends after Rihanna and has never had a problem….-__- get a life

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