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Celebrity Apprentice: The Winner Is….

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Wow! This was one craaaazyass season!

Last night The Donald fired hired his forth celebrity.

For their final challenge the two remaining contestants, Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall, had to to create, host and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event that comes complete with a variety show and a charity-awareness ad.

So who won??

Was it the washed-up late night talk show host, OR the American Idol runner-up?

Preeeees Plaaaaaay to see Trump announce the fifth Celebrity Apprentice (above),

OR if you're not into dramatic pauses and confetti cannons read who won…. AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Even though Clay's fundraiser was WAAAAY better, and he raised double the money, Mr. Trump hired…. Arsenio Hall!!!

Perhaps the famously conservative business man didn't want a gay rights spokesperson representing the Trump name. OR, maybe Arsenio's obvious ass kissing won him the gig.

Whatever the reason is, we're just glad Aubrey O'Day didn't win Clay and Arsenio were able to raise TONZ of money for their charities!!

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22 comments to “Celebrity Apprentice: The Winner Is….”

  1. Xtopher Hellfire says – reply to this


    Cant see the clip up north in canada #fail

  2. thatonegirl says – reply to this


    Do you ALWAYS have to add in " didnt want a gay" to everything. I'm all for gay rights but dude TONE IT DOWN. WE KNOW YOU ARE GAY. on a side note, i didn't watch this show at all.

  3. fiera says – reply to this


    They both did a great job and I think it is wrong to say that he hired Arsenio because he is not gay and he kissed his ass. Your words are in poor taste and you yourself are being discriminating. Shame on you!!

  4. 4

    If the white guy (Clay) would have won, would you have said that Donald Trump was a racist?
    Whoever won, it was a win/win for you Perez. Either way you can spin it gay hater/racist hater you could make it all about your politics! How about telling everyone how much Donald Trumps show raised for all the charities, or how he owned the ratings… (crickets chirping)

  5. 5

    As usual, you really do have to bring up the gay issue AGAIN! #fail

  6. 6

    Lmao, a predictable gay agenda response from you. For someone who says they've changed, you're still the bitchy bully. I expect GLAAD will be all over this crying and whining it was obviously a decision based on hating gays. Aiken always has this snooty, I'm better than you look on his face, it's annoying. Thank God Aiken didn't win or you'd be crowing about some kind of victory for gays, the country is a-changing and equality for all. Fact it meth head, your agenda doesn't work on everyone.

  7. natascia says – reply to this


    SO glad Aubrey and Lisa got eliminated!! They were the WORST!

  8. Jeff says – reply to this


    I agree that the win is politically motivated. Trump is big in right wing media, especially fox news. There was no way he was going to choose a homosexual in the current political climate. Plus, by picking Arsenio, he gives himself the "my best friend is black" defense when trashing the president.

  9. 9

    Clay is a little bitch and Trump didn't want to be represented that way. Arsenio is a super nice guy and Clay… just isn't.

  10. 10

    Re: Jeff – Or if Trump picked Clay he could have done the "my best friend is gay" defense when attacking the president lol Obama fumbles enough to give Trump plenty to point out as a person that is not able to do his job! Love how you libs try to make people a hater, bigots, or racist if they don't share you views! We just call you stupid!

  11. jeff says – reply to this


    Re: smithygirl – Think what you want. Put aside race and sexuality and look at it. Clay should have won. He didn't. Trump is big in right wing politics, going so far as to use running for president as a republican for a publicity stunt. When asked during that political circus about gay rights, he said no to gay marriage, no to extension of medical benefits and no to civil rights recognition. There was no way he was going to pick a homosexual during the current gay rights resurgence going on right now. Dismiss my comments by calling me a "lib" all you want, but thats the way I see it.

  12. just sayin says – reply to this


    aubry is the biggest piece of trash ever seen on TV.
    Good riddance…you didn't have (or deserve) a chance in hell of winning.
    Get over yourself. Joe Public sure did.

  13. 13

    perez sometimes u can be a bit bias, not everything is about ppl liking or disliking gay ppl. but u seem to agree with anything gay affiliated, and u never report when a gay person has done something wrong. thats not cool, shame on you!

  14. 14

    Re: jeff – Arsenio was an undefeated project manager, Clay was not. I can't believe you would think politics played any part of this! I personally thought it was a toss-up, felt Trump picked Arsenio to give his career some come back fuel. You could clearly see that both respected Trump and visa versa! Only a blinded koolaid drinking lib, would think anything else and try to spin it! So sick of this type of divisive liberal attitude! They were celebrities, not gay, not black, not white, not latino, not male or not female, just celebrities! So "the way you see it", is to divide and label!

  15. jett7060 says – reply to this


    Even though Clay's fundraiser was waaaaay better? Are you KIDDING me? It sucked. Drenched in cheese. Trump made the right choice, plain and simple. The fact that Arsenio isn't gay (and gets guys like you all uptight and huffy) is simply icing on the cake!

  16. 16

    Clay was the clear winner. Trump just liked Arsenio's charity more. Arsenio was not a good leader - Clay was outstanding. Clay's charity was smaller and his own. Trump knows Magic Johnson and wanted his charity. Trump went for the charity not the best man. Boo, Trump!

  17. jemkat says – reply to this


    I think Clay should have won. His organization is so important for our special needs children. Trump probably doesn't even know what inclusion means. Who cares if Clay is gay he was probably one the most intelligent people on the show and had a lot more class. His final event was much better than Arsenio's and he raised more money -enough said. Trump you're an ass.

  18. 18

    Yes, he raised money for a worthy cause. But I do remember having the misfortune of being in the audience for Hall's show in 1990. When the cameras stopped taping at commercial brake he screamed at us, the audience -" Where do you think you are the Pat Sajek show? When you are told to applause you fucking well better applause". I was not too fond of him before the show but went as a courtesy to a friend. Since that abusive outburst directed at us, I was not surprised to see him fade into obscurity. I was less surprised to see him team up with Trump. What a match made in heaven.

  19. 19

    Corrections, hmm it is getting late: break, applaud, applaud.

  20. 20

    Erm, i really dont think this is gay-related, why are people focusing on that? I think both of them deserve to win but obv there is only one winner, so im really happy for arsenio.

    Im just glad Aubrey didnt make final 2, and was shocked she was even invited to the apprentice in the first place..i really dont think she is that smart, she has a big mouth which has no class.

  21. Mary says – reply to this


    If you look back on the advertisment of this year Celebrity apprentice. Arsenio was front and center on the TV Ad then you see Clay Aiken before the show ever Started.This was a totally fixed from the start. NBC wanted Arsenio from the start alreay the chosen one they already planned TV talk show for him. Arsenio barely did any thing no real footage that show case his Project manger skills. Clay party was way superior & production of his Clay Show and Raise $301,500 Vs Arsenio $167,100 & his boring party. I was there Guest's from Arsenio party crash Clay's party cause it was boring! Clay didn't have a chance..Even his constant have to agreed it was a fixed. Listen to link from Adam Corrolla Really interesting podcast from Adam:

  22. lynn mcpherson says – reply to this


    You simply can't win these days!! Clay is gay, Arsenio is black and both did a remarkable job. I really don't think either of those things entered into Mr. Trump's decision. Neither entered my mind as I watched all season!! I'm just HAPPY that Aubrey O'Day was fired!! I had vowed to never watch again if she won, and I didn't feel much better about Lisa!! It's Donald Trump's show and his decision, if you don't like it, don't watch it!!