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Tyler Clementi's Roommate Sentenced To 30-Days In Prison And 3 Years Probation

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Dharun Ravi sentenced

Ugh! That's it?

Dharun Ravi filmed his gay roommate being intimate with another man and posted the video on the internet. After finding out the private moment had been broadcast, Tyler Clementi tragically jumped to his death in 2010.

The 20-year-old Rutger's University student was found guilty of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation in February, but was finally sentenced for his crimes today.

Although we feel he should have gotten more time, at least Dharun will have 30 days in prison to think about what he's done and then three years of probation to remind him of his awful actions.

We're not the only ones who are a little disappointed by the slap on the wrist. Tyler's father asserted that his son's former roommate "still does not get it" and was hoping he'd receive a more serious punishment.

Considering Dharun accepts no responsibility for his former roommate's decision to commit suicide, we don't think he understands the gravity of his actions either.

Hopefully this case at least serves as a warning to other college students out there who might have been foolish and ignorant enough to make the same mistake otherwise.

Do U think the punishment was severe enough for the crime that was committed?

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40 comments to “Tyler Clementi's Roommate Sentenced To 30-Days In Prison And 3 Years Probation”

  1. Joey Peterson says – reply to this


    It was too severe.

  2. mack says – reply to this


    Too severe, what he did was totally wrong, but the dude who killed himself had issues more than being gay. Community service alone would have been fair. At least he did not get 10 yrs

  3. 3

    Re: Joey Peterson – r u a straight guy on perez hilton? lol

  4. nightfalls says – reply to this


    As far as i know there isnt generally jail time for invasion of privacy. It's usually a civil matter. So i think he got a fair punishment.

  5. Viktor80 says – reply to this


    Never should have got jail time, nor three years probation.

  6. 6

    This case was more about obstruction of justice. Tragic.

  7. 7

    "Considering Dharun accepts no responsibility for his former roommate's decision to commit suicide, we don't think he understands the gravity of his actions either."

    Let me point out a few things here:
    1) "his former roommates decision to commit suicide" - it was just that. TYLER's decision. No one else's. No one needs to accept responsibility for Tyler's decision except for Tyler. If individuals did start claiming/accepting responsibility, Tyler's parents would have to be among those individuals, as they hardly accepted their gay son with open, loving, understanding arms.
    2) Dharun's sentencing had nothing to do with the fact that Tyler committed suicide. Dharun was not charged in connection to Tyler's suicide, and was therefore sentenced accordingly. Given the crime he committed, along with his prior record and age, his sentencing is warranted.
    3) This is just my opinion, but I do think Dharun understands the gravity of his actions. He's spent the last 18+ months dealing with the stress of being publicly scrutinized. He is now a convicted felon, which he will have to state on all future college applications and job applications. Even when he has completed his entire sentence, he has to carry the repercussions of his actions and the outcome of this trial with him for the rest of his life.

  8. 8

    Tyler's parents were more responsible for his suicide than anyone else. Tyler told people his parents were very upset about him being gay and rejected him. Should his parents have charges brought against them? Should Tyler have been meeting old men on the internet then bringing them into his dorm room? Most people I know would not put up with that from straight room mates either and would say something about it.

  9. 9

    I agree with the others to severe, a $10 fine would be more appropriate

  10. 10

    this was WAY too harsh of a punishment. what this kid did is wrong but he in NO WAY is remotely responsible for the actions of another human being, especially something as drastic as suicide. the circumstances are highly unlikely to occur again and you can best believe homeboy will stay off the internet. they should have just fined him. Also, mad people have had sex tapes leak on the internet. shit happens.

  11. Marilyn says – reply to this


    I just wonder what he would have gotten if he had videotaped a female roommate having sex and had put that on the internet, thus leading to a girl's suicide. I realize it's not quite the same issue - he outed Tyler as well as invaded his privacy - but still. I think 30 days is a joke, although I hear that American prisons are pretty awful places…maybe he'll get what's coming to him in other ways.

  12. 12

    He was sent to JAIL for 30 days. Jail and prison are not the same thing you stupid fuck.If you can'r report anything correctly you need to stop reporting anything.

  13. ND says – reply to this


    It's awful that Tyler committed suicide but he also was using racist remarks about Dharun, neither one is innocent in what has occurred. They both victimized each other so trying to punish Dharun seems incorrect because he will spend the rest of his life with the thoughts that his actions were wrong and aided in Tyler ending his life. Dharun didn't cause Tyler to kill himself he may have just been the last drop in a glass that was ready to overflow.

  14. 14

    This guy was a creeper and not a murderer. The last I checked, Tyler killed himself. I'm actually surprised he got jail time at all.

  15. 15

    I too believe that his parents are the reason he committed suicide. He was already insecure and KNEW his parents didn't approve. This public outing would mean he'd have to face more of their wrath and I don't think he could deal with that. Which is sad, because he really needed to live his life for himself, not his parents, but many kids are too scared to face up to their parents or have an overwhelming fear of rejection and disappointing them. What this kid did was mean-spirited, but nothing more. Sad he has to be branded the rest of his life with this mess. Tyler took what he thought was an easy way out and now this guy has to pay. If Tyler hadn't been gay, this wouldn't even got where it did.

  16. socks says – reply to this


    I think it's disgusting that this loser takes no responsibility for what he did. He taped him to humiliate him because he was gay. Its bad enough that in this day and age you still need to hide your sexual preference and need to be in fear of being yourself. It's that desperation and fear that caused TYler's death. The roomate filming it and outing him were ultimately the cause of his suicide. It's an epidemic in this country, kids as young as 10 years old haning themselves because they are bullied. I am glad this guy was sentenced and will have a record, he deserves it. And hopefully one day he will understand that he pushed someone to hate themselves so much for being gay. And let this be a message to all the other losers out there that have nothing better to do than to ridicule others and make them feel bad about themselves!

  17. 17

    How long did the Erin Andrews douche get? 30 MONTHS!!!

  18. 18

    I think the punishment fits the crime. What he did was horrible and wrong, but it didn't cause the guy's suicide. I'm sure a lot of things led to that, including Tyler's own mental health. Whether it was because his parents weren't accepting, he had been bullied too long or what not, he clearly had other issues or this wouldn't have pushed him over the edge. I wish that was discussed more in these kinds of cases…everyone concentrates on their sexual orientation, which while it clearly a factor, I think there should be more concern about clear mental health issues in teens right now.

  19. satorisage says – reply to this


    Why do you deserve redemption perez, but not others? I have been checking out your blog since seeing you on Oprah…I wanted to see what all the fuss was about~ Daily, I am nearly appalled by some of the remarks on your blog and the incongruency of your "spiritual perezisms" and I am confused then with the person I saw on Lifeclass~ I am waiting for your Authentic voice….not the front you are putting on for everyone now…you'll get there~ Meanwhile…there is nothing "spiritual" about saying "ugh, is that it" regarding this case~ This is a dreadful situation, it requires all of our prayers for everyone involved~ period.

  20. Boo says – reply to this


    This makes me mad. 30 days in jail, please hasn't he already been in jail for that much? I don't know how long is arraignment or when he got bail was but 30 days in jail is nothing. With the overcrowding in prison he'll probably get the Lindsey Lohan time and just be in and out. He should at least be in there for a year to think of what he did. Dharun Ravi is a smug bastard and hasn't shown any remorse for what he did. A year will give him enough time to think about what he did

  21. 90210 says – reply to this


    And bigots everywhere rejoice

  22. 22

    tyler was a mentally unstable person…it was either this or something else he would have done it regardless…

  23. 23

    Yeah, that's it! Deal with it. His family got the scapegoat they wanted, but it would be interesting to know Tyler's family background and why he was so terrified of being outed. Sure what this guy did was pretty douchey, but he's not entirely to blame for Tyler's suicide

  24. Angel says – reply to this


    I don't know the whole story here and didn't know his parents were not accepting of Tyler's sexuality. But I disagree with most of the people here that Tyler was solely the one to blame. Yes, it was Tyler's action that took his life but to say Dharun Ravi had nothing to do with it is WRONG! He pushed Tyler over edge. If he didn't have that embarrassment, that violation he wouldn't have jumped off that bridge. As a gay male who suffers from depression for nearly half my life and a suicide survivor who too jumped off the a bridge who luckily survived but Tyler didn't I know how he felt then. You get desperate and one thing like that would put me over the edge.
    So everybody here until you survived a suicide attempt by jumping off a bridge have no right to comment and should shut there faces about something they know nothing about.

  25. 25

    I joined this just to comment about this case. It is nice to see the support Ravi is getting. Firstly, I think it is ridiculous how misinformed Perez is. First, THERE WAS NO VIDEO! There was never a video. There is a wonderful New Yorker Article that clears up everything. Ravi has been scapegoated and treated like a menace to society from the beginning of this whole ordeal. He did not cause Tyler Clementi's suicide. One person cannot cause suicide. If that was the case, then why didn't the other gentleman also commit suicide? If you read the texts and comments between Tyler and other people, it is clear that Tyler was not totally torn up about this, or if he were, this was not the sole causer. His mother was also highly unsupportive of his sexuality. In addition, Perez Hilton pretty much does exactly what Ravi does. He blogs about people, discusses their sexuality and claims there is a sex tape with links for us to watch. The only difference is, he does not have access to the manipulation of the camera. I think Ravi's punishment seems fair, because it was also for witness tampering. However, his reputation is ruined. Two men's lives were lost during this whole ordeal, and both is incredibly sad.

  26. 26

    "Dharun Ravi filmed his gay roommate being intimate with another man and posted the video on the internet. After finding out the private moment had been broadcast, Tyler Clementi tragically jumped to his death in 2010."

    This is what bothers me the most–the media DOES NOT have its facts straight about this case! If you read the article by the New Yorker, it tells you that Ravi watched Tyler kissing another man in his dorm room THROUGH SKYPE as in, he was the only person who saw it while in Molly Wei's room. He did not video tape. He did not broadcast on the internet. He and Molly, saw Tyler, kissing a man through his own computer's webcam. Is this wrong? Absolutely. Stupid? You bet. But he did not make it public for the world to see, he did not post this encounter on a website. He does not deserve to be deported and locked up for years for this. Tyler killed himself and it aches to think about such a tragic loss, but I doubt this was the reason and I doubt Tyler would want Mr. Ravi to be punished that severely for something that ultimately was his personal decision.

  27. 27

    i blame tyler's family for their homophobia.
    tyler was literally scared to death to let his family see his sexual orientation…he killed himself rather than face them…

  28. 28

    He should have gotten a medal for living with that racist and unbalanced gay.

  29. 29

    This is wrong. The idea that this man should be thrown in jail because of a prank is ridiculous. There are many things that contributed to Tyler Clementi's decision to end his life, and he needs to take responsibility for that, not a roommate who pulled a prank on him. When it comes down to it, this is an issue of an invasion of privacy, and that simply does not warrant jail time.
    And this is coming from a gay man. The world is not black and white, gay vs straight. And until we stop trying to see it that way, people will NEVER be able to take us seriously and see things through our perspective.

  30. 30

    He shouldn't have been sent to prison at all. It's not like he pushed the guy over the bridge (I would have)

  31. ant says – reply to this


    way too severe for a kids prank. that kid killed himself because he wanted to. if this hadn't happened i'm certain something else would tipped him over.

  32. nunya says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – AND YOU SHOULD BE HUNG!

  33. Butterfly says – reply to this


    He should not have to go to jail. What he did was wrong and an invasion of privacy but he didn't push that kid off the bridge. It's obvious the kid had problems prior to the incident and CHOSE to kill himself. Sad? Yes. A waste? Yes. But this guy should not go to jail for it.

  34. 34

    Ha ha ha ha ha! A slap on the hand for him and a slap in the face for the gays. Too bad they didn't throw Perez in jail for outing people.

  35. 35

    Re: dryan1971 – And you deny you're a bad person….

  36. 36

    Re: HAWTSTUFFRe: Lady Who?Re: dryan1971Re: Mad Dog
    day in and day out, the same old boring comments from you guys. so desperate for any kind of attention you all try your best to say "shockingly immature" things just for a reply. doesn't it ever get tiring being constantly hateful and negative, or is it possible your lives really are that empty? sad, sad little trolls.

  37. kyra says – reply to this


    far too harsh of a sentance. bullying a terrible thing, but at the present moment is happening in every town and city. how can we pick and choose who goes to jail, and who doesn't even get noticed? for someone to commit suicide, there had to be a whole lot of things wrong in their life for them to take such an extreme step..i think clementi's parents should be prosecuted too then, for raising their child in such a hostile and clearly homophobic household. i feel ravi, although astonishingly immature and idiotic, did not hate gays or lesbians. and in actuality, stories of gays, lesbians and transgenders are actually quite common in historical india, which he is a decendant of. Also there is no religious based bias against gays and lesbains and transgenders in the Hindu religion, which is interpreted as so in other religious text, which is the basis for justification of homophobia in the west. in totality, this sentance is absurd. his time whould be much more better spent lecturing other kids in colleges about how certain actions, even based in idiocity, can lead to unfortunate results.

  38. 38

    And so when it came time for Ravi to say something – anything — he sat. He didn't want to apologize for causing Clementi’s death.
    "He doesn’t wish to address, your honor," Altman said.
    But again that’s only part of it.
    There was much more Dharun Ravi could have apologized for. Make that should have. Setting up the webcam. Tweeting to his friends about what he saw. Then again, about a potential second show. Trying to cover his tracks. Mostly, for the embarrassment and humiliation he caused Clementi, his suicide aside. But he didn’t. Not to the Clementi’s mother and father or brothers. Not to the court. Instead, he played right into the prosecution’s assertion that he "showed no remorse."
    This especially seemed to irritate Berman, who opened his remarks to Ravi like this: "I heard this jury say 'guilty' 288 times … and I haven’t heard you apologize once."
    Not in court anyway. He did apologize in this paper, two days after the verdict.

  39. 39

    30 Days is fair…its not like he's going to prison. The guy made a bad juddgement call, in College we take risks and we learn…he was just being a kid.

  40. 40

    Tyler was surrounded by awful people. His parents will have to live the rest of their life for not suipporting their son and his room mate is a idiot. Some stupid college idiot dying for attention. He should be deported and Tylers parents should join him.