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Chatting With… Cher Lloyd!

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We LOVE Cher Lloyd!

We recently had the British singer perform at our big SXSW party. We've interviewed her in the past. And we supported her from day 1 when she was a contestant on U.K. X Factor!

We're especially excited that she's in America now and releasing music here, because her album is soooo good!!!

We chatted with Cher about X Factor, of course, as well as Simon, Britney joining the show in the U.S., working with L.A. Reid and being signed to his label, why she loves the U.S., recording new songs for her album release here, pop music, being famous overnight - and so much more!

Read some excerpts from our chat… after the jump!

And watch our interview with Cher Lloyd in full above!


Perez: Hi everybody, it's Perez, joined by Cher Lloyd. Now you're in LA, this is where we're at. And you've been coming over to the US a lot.

Cher: Well you know I'm very unknown to –

Perez: I wouldn't say very unknown.

Cher: No, but I am able to walk the streets of LA with people just walk me by. And it's quite nice for the moment.

Perez: And the single came out here, the one you have with Astro, "Want You Back", right? And is there an album release date yet?

Cher: Not yet.

Perez: Not yet?

Cher: I need to go in the studio.

Perez: You're going to record some new music?

Cher: [Watch above.]

Perez: And are you living here now or –

Cher: No, I kind of wish I had a little nice home here. I would like that.

Perez: Well I read somewhere that our want to get a place in New York. No?

Cher: No.

Perez: LA is for you?

Cher: I'd like — I love LA.

Perez: Now actually, lets talk X-Factor because maybe you're not very well known here, but you're known, and you got your start on X-Factor in the UK, in the US, and it was just enough that Britney Spears is going to do it. You are very excited about that?

Cher: I'm excited.

Perez: Yeah?

Cher: So excited. I think, I think really good.

Perez: Are you a big Britney fan?

Cher: I have always been quite a big Britney fan. There's something about her, and I think she's going to great. I think I'm excited to see her do [watch above].

Perez: Everybody will watch that first show. The real test will be well the live shows; the first live show will be the real test, and then going after that. I just hope they prerecord. I do, because I don't think going live with Britney is going to be good anybody.

Cher: I do, which you know what, the beauty about live television is you make mistakes, and I love that. I do it all the time. I slur my words, I don't know what I'm talking about, it's great.


Perez: I can totally see that you love Britney because you made what I think is a really great pop album that has influences of dance, and influences of other elements there too. You worked with some people from all over the world on the album. You worked with Max Martin, who worked with Britney Spears too. And you wrote on the songs. What was it like working with him?

Cher: Do you know, I was very scared at first because when someone with such like an amazing background like actually says that they want to work with you, that's a huge thing. And I came off the X-Factor and I didn't expect to be working with amazing producers. So it's kind of scary for me, but then when we got into it, and we picked out a few really cool songs, it started working a lot more. And I'd really like to get back in the studio with him. That would be really cool.

Perez: Yeah, he's so good. He's timeless. And those songs are suppo — they're the first two singles, were they Max both, Max songs, both of them were first Max songs.

Cher: Both yeah. "Want You Back" is a Max song.


Perez: You know are there any ideas you already have for things that you want to express with new songs?

Cher: I wanted to get a little tiny bit more personal, but not too personal. Because I believe someone in my position should have things to themselves. You know and I don't want to write about stuff that's too out there. But I want it to be still young but maybe like a little bit mature, if you know what I mean.

Perez: Well you're only 19, right?

Cher: It helps to get to myself.

Perez: How old are you?

Cher: I'm 18.

Perez: Eighteen, oh goodness.

Cher: I will be 19 in July. July I'm 19.

Perez: Very young. What has surprised you the most about being a successful recording artist now, and being famous?

Cher: What surprised me the most? I think what surprised me is its only say ten, 20% of the time, I get to be on stage, and that really makes me sad. But I understand, I understand there's lots of different things I have to do to make sure that people come and watch me on stage. But it's kind of like a thing that I, I have a love/hate relationship with. I want to be on stage more.

Perez: You actually like touring?

Cher: Yes, I love, I love singing live. I think that's the part that the real artist comes out in me.

Perez: Do you get nervous? You don't get nervous?

Cher: Oh yes, oh yes.

Perez: You do? But you still love it?

Cher: Extremely. Like I'm too completely different people. Backstage I am a nervous wreck, I'm actually nearly crying. And then as soon as my foot goes on the stage, that's it, I'm a different person.

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    You should have told her to never wear that gay ass 80's looking stupid fucking hat again.

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    i thought i'd never say this but eat some twinkies or a hamburger or something with some calories please

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    Jesus god you're so awful at interviewing. Your voice is a grating pansy whine and your face is hideous.

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    Why the hate people??? Hate reading comments these days as it reminds me how many horrible people there are online!!:(

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    Re: RichardLewis – I Totally agree with you there mate! who takes the the time to write such crap! by the way Cher is a very talented from humble beginnings and deserves people's attention.

  6. katie says – reply to this


    I love Cher! She has such a great voice and I'm so glad she's finally dropping her single in the US :)

  7. 7

    I still don't like her. She wasn't that great on X Factor and should have gone home sooner, but the judges liked the controversy she caused (because she wasn't that good and should have gone home) so they kept her. Bleh.

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    Sorry but your video was WAY to slow to load, so I hit the Back button.

  9. 9

    i don't like her answers to these questions… but with that said, had she been more humble, like most american celebrities, i feel like it would have sounded completely transparent and contrived, so with all this said i appreciate her honesty! :) swagger jagger was such a mistake.