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12 comments to “Rihanna Surprises Fans In London During Jay-Z And Kanye West's Watch The Throne Tour

  1. internetfavs.com says – reply to this


    great surprise!

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  2. Umm says – reply to this


    Her forehead is as big as both Jay-Z & Kanye's egos.

  3. 90210 says – reply to this


    At the same time this was happening, Chris Brown was lip syncing and dancing like a "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant on Billboard Music Awards. Rihanna's people should put out this surprise performance everywhere, that will crush Brown's bad lip syncing strip dancing fiasco

  4. 4

    I wouldn't cross my toilet to see any of the three. Jay-Z is almost as ugly as you are, Mario(n), Kanya is nothing but ego, and Rihanna is a dirty whore. They're three darkies who are short on talent yet long on money … right place at the right time. Disgusting.

  5. 5

    Babes, drop this "type in" advertisement, please. I'm starting to skip over your site because I'm getting sick of typing their requested crap. I'm sure you can find better.

  6. 6

    As much I love Rihanna and her music vids, she has gone too far. She needs help for her drinking, smoking and drugs and get herself together and go into rehab, because she is totally out of control.

  7. Keisha says – reply to this


    @Becky76 if u were a true fan you'll know she's been drinking and smoking weed for years now!!!! You're late and now it's only being a big deal cuz she's being public abt it and the media wants something to talk about. Smoking a little weed is OK, lots of singers/rapper do it for motivation. Helloooo she's from the islands what do you expect (not saying they all do) but from we come from (a local jamaican) it's OK to smoke a joint every now of then. My parents used to say it's good for the heart, we used to drink Ganja tea to clean out your system occassional. It wasn't till we came to the good US of A and was told it was bad thing. Ppl here really make a big deal of it but I guess its always being imported and dipped w/ all sorts of chemical I would think the same way. But at home it was grown all over the island and used for some many reasons beside smoking.

  8. hgg says – reply to this


    i dont like how she potrays her self as a snobby bitch

  9. monkey says – reply to this


    What Kanye West doesn't know, is that Kim K is just using him for publicity, she don't want him, same goes for Lamar and his B* Chloe #thatisall

  10. hgg says – reply to this


    i hatr how she comes out like she is like a whole new level she is too snobby

  11. 11

    fantastic fun i hope she bitch slaps kim k can be only one diva in this show…

  12. 12

    Re: perez posse member 777 – Kim K is more important than Rihtard. She makes news for doing nothing but sittin on her big, beautiful ass. This bitch has to do something desperate and extreme like write Thug life on herself to get attention. Kim k is the H.B.I.C. after Beyonce.