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Chatting With… Brooke Burke!

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One of the funniest interviews we've ever done!

The Dancing With The Stars finale is upon us and we sat down with co-host Brooke Burke to talk about everything from the show to Donna Summer to… meth! Ha

We also talk about how she keeps her bangin' bikini body, how she keeps her marriage to hunkalicious hubby David Charvet hot and spicy, plus why her Wikipedia needs updating! Double ha!

Read some excerpts from our interview…. after the jump.

And watch our interview with Brooke in full (above)!

P.S. We will likely never be on Dancing With The Stars after this interview! Ha


Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez, joined by Brooke Burke. And I am not dressed like a clown because I normally dress like this. I only sometimes dress like this.

Brooke Burke: I didn't know. When I showed up, I was like, "Wow, where are we going?"

Perez: But I figured I've been listening to a lot of Donna Summer after the news of her passing, and I thought I'd wear my disco outfit in her honor. And you were a big Donna fan?

Brooke Burke: I was a big Donna fan. And had I have known, I would have been disco'd out too. I remember — and I'm going to really date myself right now. But back in the day my sisters, the triple fold out album cover with Donna in her badass police cap, right from the "Bad Girls" album. I was a huge fan. I had older sisters, but so sad. And I didn't know she was sick.

Perez: Well I think if I were to get sick with something like that, I wouldn't want people to know. That's something really private, and I'm glad that we found out how we did instead of having paparazzi like waiting outside the hospital like they did with Farrah Fawcett, and things like that.

Brooke Burke: Yeah, yeah, yeah, really tough.

Perez: So disco will never die, and I love to dance, and you love to dance. And you won "Dancing with the Stars".

Brooke Burke: Somehow I won. I also love to dance; I'm not a dancer. But they're going to have to bust out with some Donna disco fever.

Perez: The finale is coming up.

Brooke Burke: A little tribute to Donna would be kind of cool.

Perez: Have you been watching? Are you familiar with the contestants this season?

Brooke Burke: Yeah. Well I'm —

Perez: What? I went on Wikipedia. You still are.

Brooke Burke: No, I'm hosting the show.

Perez: Well I don't really watch. Well I knew you won, and you hosted it. Wikipedia said you only hosted it for one season.

Brooke Burke: No I'm still there.

Perez: Go fix that. We got fix that.

Brooke Burke: Air that. Run that, because that's some funny shit right there. I love — I don't watch TV either. When I want news, I go onto their site. I'm like — I feel like I live in a bubble, I have no idea what's going on.

Perez: Well I knew you, I knew you won that, and I knew you were on.

Brooke Burke: I'm still stuck there. I know everything, I know too much. And yeah –

Perez: Don't run that, then I'm like a pop culture idiot.

Brooke Burke: Come on.

Perez: Okay, fine, fine.

Brooke Burke: I know everything.

Perez: We'll run that, we'll run all of this because Perez can laugh at himself.

Brooke Burke: That's right, I'm like –


Perez: I'm loving this interview. You know why? Because [watch above]

Brooke Burke: Why?

Perez: They don't want me on the show.

Brooke Burke: No way.

Perez: I have [watch above].

Brooke Burke: Well we're going to have to work on that.

Perez: For some reason — well my friend Stephen Grossman who does TV stuff with me, and all sorts of people talked to that Donna lady who does casting, and they just don't want me.

Brooke Burke: Really?

Perez: And I'm like, I get it, I might be D-list.

Brooke Burke: That's not so –

Perez: I might be D-list,

Brooke Burke: What's not to love? Who cares?

Perez: — but they have F listers on there as well too.

Brooke Burke: Okay.

Perez: You know they have all —

Brooke Burke: From online.

Perez: Stars from A, and B, to C –

Brooke Burke: All right, we're going to work on that.

Perez: — to D, and F. There have been F listers on there. I'm like, who is that person?

Brooke Burke: I know what you mean. All right, we're going to work on that.

Perez: You know live television is not for everybody. It was just announced that Britney Spears is going to be joining the "X-Factor" as a judge. Actually — what are your thoughts on Britney doing that?

Brooke Burke: I think it's smart; I think it's a brilliant –

Perez: Smart on the TV show ends or smart on her end?

Brooke Burke: Smart on the TV show. I would tune in, I like the show. I think if she could pull it together. I think she has a lot of potential to make a huge visual comeback. I think it's a good move. I get it. We don't get a chance to hear from her that much, so it will be interesting to see how she puts it all together.

Perez: Yeah. Now one of the things that people definitely associate you with is having a banging body. We've seen you in bikini's many of many of time.

Brooke Burke: Thank you.

Perez: How does one — well one can get a Brooke bikini body now because you have a fitness DVD?

Brooke Burke: I do. I have two.

Perez: Two?

Brooke Burke: It's so much fun working on that, it serious hardcore. You should try it because you're in crazy shape now.

Perez: I'd try it. Yeah. Well you keep changing things up, that's the important thing.

Brooke Burke: I'm going to give it to you. It's 55 minutes –

Perez: Okay.

Brooke Burke: — it's head to toe; you can do it at home. It's like burn, tone, sculpt, I do it with my crazy, busy schedule.

Perez: Well what I love about — you know some people may make fun of the fitness DVDs. But what I love about people that do them is whatever helps somebody get to a point of wanting to be healthy is a good thing. And also, folks often times are afraid of going to a gym.

Brooke Burke: I think so.

Perez: They're intimidated, they're –

Brooke Burke: There's always excuses.

Perez: Yeah.

Brooke Burke: This is sort of the no BS. You can pop it in, it's like $9.99, you can do it at home.

Perez: $9.99?

Brooke Burke: I'm working you out in the living room. It's from Amazon.

Perez: Can you download it online? Oh on Amazon.

Brooke Burke: No, but you can get it online. I think it's like nine, ten, $12.00, something like that. But it's really hardcore, and it works, and it's sort of a collection of all my favorite moves over time. Really focus lots of booty, lots of legs, abs, everything. All from the good days.

Perez: I've heard some really good stories about Tara Reid when she was hosting "Wild On". Did you hear any of those stories from that cool —

Brooke Burke: Not that many because it didn’t last that long.

Perez: Well it was one season, but I heard some really good stories, like she –

Brooke Burke: Yeah, there was some good stuff. I'm not sure the alcohol budget was as great as it needed to be. That's terrible.

Perez: Well I heard, they got a lot of it on tape, and they never even aired it.

Brooke Burke: I'm sure of that.

Perez: Like they E –

Brooke Burke: I heard it came to a crashing end on location but –

Perez: E should release some of that like "Tara Uncensored".

Brooke Burke: Gone bad, "Wild On Gone Bad".

Perez: Tara really wild. Do you have any aspirations now? You know you've been doing "Dancing with the Stars" for a while. To do anything different or else on television?

Brooke Burke: I love working on television. Maybe — I did a short film recently for Claritin, I teamed up with them and we did a short film that's on –

Perez: Claritin, the anti-allergy medication?

Brooke Burke: Yes. Yes. But bear with me.

Perez: And what did you do with, for it? You directed it?

Brooke Burke: I did everything — no I starred in it, and we did like 22 comedic scenes, which was crazy. And it's a completely over the top look at a woman's life who's juggling family, kids, life, marriage, blah, blah, blah. And everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong on a bad allergy day. And then it's the opposite side on this like dreamy day where I'm making pancakes in the shape of the Taj Mahal. But after doing that, I was like, this comedy, I kind of got the bug, and it was way over the top, silly ridiculous, but super fun.

Perez: I had allergies recently, and I went to the pharmacy, and every allergy medication was sold out.

Brooke Burke: No!

Perez: Claritin was gone. There was no Claritin.

Brooke Burke: Call me next time. No way, see. It's spring season, it's allergy season.

Perez: Although then I also found out that a lot of — but then I found — like I don't often get allergies –

Brooke Burke: Do you get allergies?

Perez: No, not often. But then I found out that they were keeping a lot of the allergy medication behind the counter.

Brooke Burke: Behind the counter.

Perez: Because people use it to make meth.

Brooke Burke: I have heard that. I have heard that. You have to sign it, and then give them your license.

Perez: Don't make meth with Claritin people.

Brooke Burke: Don't make meth. But it's behind the counter because it's good stuff, and it really works.

Perez: Good stuff.

Brooke Burke: It's that non-drowsy component.

Perez: It's good stuff!! Well thank you Brooke Burke.

Brooke Burke: Thank you.

Perez: Bye.

Brooke Burke: Bye.

*Please Note: Non-drowsy Claritin is available in the allergy aisle. Non-drowsy Claritin-D relieves nasal congestion and sinus congestion and pressure and can be found behind the pharmacy counter without a prescription (in most states).

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    No one cares, lmao. It's like your Glee episode and radio show all rolled into one. It must sting knowing how karma has bit you in the ass.

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    "We will likely never be on Dancing With The Stars after this interview! Ha"

    yeah right,,, like you ever had a chance to begin with. It will take the YEARS to get down to your Z-list celebrity

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    How do you even consider yourself to be a D-lister? LOL
    And wow, the beginning of this was embarrassing…

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