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Bruce Willis Says Mitt Romney Is An Embarrassing, Wannabe Obama

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Bruce Willis On The Set Of A Good Day To Die Hard

Oooh! Some pulpy friction!

In an intriguing interview with Esquire, Bruce Willis vocalized his disdain for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

“Yeah, Romney. He's just such a disappointment, an embarrassment.”


Certainly Bruce isn’t the only Hollywood celeb who won’t check Mitt's box this November, but this is noteworthy because the huge action star was until recently an avid Republican supporter.

He continued his anti-Romney rant:

“Chin up, hair up. [Romney is] just one of those guys, one of those guys who says he's going to change everything. And he'll get in there, and they'll smile at him and introduce themselves: 'We're Congress, we make sure nothing changes.' He won't do it. He can't. Everybody wants to be Barack Obama. And what did he change?"

So he’s an embarrassment who wants to be just like Perezident Obama??

Yikes!! With friends like these, Romney doesn’t need enemies!

[Image via WENN.]

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125 comments to “Bruce Willis Says Mitt Romney Is An Embarrassing, Wannabe Obama”

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  1. 1

    Yet you ignore any celeb who talks smack about Obama? Way to be biased.

  2. GaGabby says – reply to this


    This type of reporting is laced with bias and innacuracies. You state that Bruce willis was "until recently an avid Republican supporter". He is still a republican perez, he even states in that quote that Barack Obama did not do a damn thing during his presidency. Come election time he would take Mitt Romney over Barack Obama guaranteed. Or he won't vote. Unfortunately Barack Obama was not the president that the country needed in these past four years, and the sooner he gets out the better. His policies are absolutely devastating healthcare and causing our country to go into a great recession. He's a nice man, not a great president.

  3. 3

    He is so right about Congress. It doesn't matter who is President, each party's main objective is to destroy the other party, not support the president for the benefit of the country.

  4. 4

    So, Bruce,
    Forget about Romney.
    In your own words. Please articulate, why does Captain Peace Prize deserve reelection?
    Name three things you love best that has been accomplished by the Obama Regime?
    Okay, two two things?
    Let's make it easy.
    Name me one thing why America is in a better place since he took office?
    Go right ahead. Don't hesitate to tell all of us out here, what the Preezie is doing about jobs and the economy.
    Distraction isn't going to work, asshole.

  5. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – 100% correct.

  6. 6

    Traffic congestion dropped 30% last year, in 100 largest metropolitan areas, driven largely by higher gas prices and a non-existent economic recovery.

  7. 7

    Mitt Romney will represent the uber wealthy 1% just like he made money for the group of wealthy Bain investors.
    The Republican party has become the part of the wealthy, not the average working man or small business owner.
    Obama needs to step up and do better. He was a disappointment.

  8. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – Lets see -

    Prevented the collapse of the us auto industry - check
    Repealed Don't ask Don't Tell - check
    Prevented the collapse of the economy - check
    Troops home from Iraq - check
    Osama Bin Laden killed - check
    Higher rate of Jon growth than both terms Bush was in office and his father as well - check
    Health Care Reform - check

    That is just the easy to remember ones - don't believe fox news and tea party bullshit.

  9. Jake says – reply to this


    Very true, Romney is the white Obama. Every policy they agree on 100% if you listen, they just pretend they have different views. No matter who wins, we are stuck with one of the worst presidents in history, paid for by the banks and working for the banks.

  10. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – if you are seriously suggesting obama is worse then bush you are fucking crazy. the ton of shit america is in right now is because of stuff that went down in bush's time, and then everyone expects obama to wave a wand and fix it all in a few years. that amount of mess doesn't just disappear. yea obama hasn't managed to drag us out of the shit just yet, but bush might as well have dropped a nuke bomb on america and you can't just sweep it under the rug and pretend like everythings gonna be fine and dandy.

  11. 11

    It's the American Dream and in our DNA, for any one and every one, to make money and be proud of it…not to be singled out like a robber…this is not the American way that made us great.
    Upper management gets financially rewarded along with the janitor who gets a job, along with the secretaries and workerbees.
    JOBS. JOBS. JOBS. It's how it's done.
    It's how Mitt has done it and will do it again.
    The 99% and 1% is total crap. Just class warfare.
    We all benefit from Capitalism.
    You just tried Communism and it's not working out so well for most of us. It never does.
    Time to get America back on track with a real businessman as our leader and ditch all these regulations, that's strangling the small business owners and corporate America.

  12. 12

    Re: Glen
    Prevented the collapse of the economy? Who you fooling?

  13. 13

    Re: Glen
    Prevented the collapse of the us auto industry - check
    Repealed Don't ask Don't Tell - check
    Prevented the collapse of the economy - check
    Troops home from Iraq - check
    Osama Bin Laden killed - check
    Higher rate of Jon growth than both terms Bush was in office and his father as well - check
    Health Care Reform - check
    Let's see Glen. You forgot to put on the 10 million jobs he saved this month. heh
    With all those wonderful things you listed, tell me again why every single Democrat up for reelection refuse to be on the same stage as Obama and are distancing themselves, so Obama's record doesn't take them out of a job as well?
    You could have 100 things ot your list, but if the economy is shit and people are losing their houses, it doesn't matter much.
    It's the economy and always will be.

  14. 14

    Romney still thinking that the earth is flat … that's how retarded he is. Next!

  15. Jake says – reply to this


    Re: jakeyplay

    Here is a comparison:
    1. Obama spent more on bailouts than Bush. Bush bad, Obama worse.
    2. Unemployment under Obama worse.
    3. Middle class disappearing.
    4. Bush signed Patriot Act (Bad), Obama promised to repeal it, but renewed it (Bad).
    5. Obama started illegal wars in Libya and Egypt. Obama will start war with Iran.
    6. Obama signed NDAA, right before New Years, so that media would not cover it as he knew there would be backlash.
    7. Obama wants to keep prisoners forever, without being convicted of a crime, because they may potentially commit a crime. Minority Report kind of deal.
    8. Obama backed CISPA, even though he said the wouldn't.

    In his 4 years, Obama did more damage to this country and our individual rights than any other president I can think of. Bush started a policy, and Obama simply continued it.

  16. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – lol who are you rush limbaugh? Did you expect the economy to magically rebound from the pile of shit bush and the republicans turned it into - You realize the collapse is still having effects globally (look at greece). Obama saved the US economy it is growing, not in double digits but given the shitter it was in any growth is exponentially better than what he had. No one is denying anyone make a profit, but the difference between ceo compensation and the regular person is insane. I got at 1% raise last year, and I was one of the top performers. Our CEO got a 34 million dollar bonus, a 12 million dollar pay out to his pension, 17 million in option grants and his salary. My raise amounted to 850 bucks and for the third year in a row no bonus. Our CEO got 12x his salary in a bonus…Not to mention if he quits he gets a golden parachute payout of almost 16 million. You know what I get if I quit? Nothing.

    So you tell me - does that sound right?

  17. 17

    Oh my God you people are fucking stupid. Read something other than this website to get the real news about what's going on in our country. Obama is the Evita President — handing out dollar bills to the masses to make them believe he is wonderful — until they realize he has done absolutely nothing at all to help them or their country.

  18. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – ah I get it now tea party nut job what this pop up on a google alert lol?

  19. 19

    I'm in favor of those that aren't trying to take my few liberties in life. I will not vote for obama who wants to take my hard earned dollars and give them to a failing company. Responsible companies don't need bailouts, they figure it out themselves just like we would have to. No ones gonna come bailout your failing business, you're on your own. So I would uphold that to GMC, if your business isn't working… time to find a new one. Obama threatens everything that I've worked for, if you're trying to own a home, work in the private sector, unless you work for the government, under obama you are SCREWED! And he wants to tell me what kind of health care I can get, HELL NO! I refuse to give my vote to someone you believes that the government should run MY life. Sorry Mitt isn't ideal but in this case he is the lesser of two evils and doesn't pose an immediate threat to my freedoms and rights.
    As for all the issues that always SEEM it be on the forefront of election, rather than those that REALLY matter(jobs, sustainability, less government involvement in your life), like abortion, gay marriage, ect… times are different now those things are here to stay REGARDLESS of who is president and what their PERSONAL beliefs are, those things are NOT in jeopardy. What is in jeopardy is our ECONOMY!

  20. 20

    Re: Glen – After reading your posts, it is clear that you don't want to face the reality of your boosts! I'll pick the auto industry bailout: You think Obama prevented the collapse of the auto industry? It should have gone bankrupt,it will any way. The auto industry owes us, the taxpayers, BILLIONS of dollars, that's b-i-l-l-i-o-n-s Glen! What about all the thousands of car dealerships that closed due to the auto bail out, are those thousands of jobs invisible to you? And how is that auto industry doing today, not very many people able to run out and buy a shiny new car from Detroit with the record high unemployment! Let alone any banks offering great loans for these cars! So Glen, next time you want to brag about your idol Obama, get ALL the facts out and see things how they really are, not how Obama told you they are!

  21. 21

    Re: smithygirl – exactly!

  22. 22

    Re: Glen – Your rant on the CEO making more money than you is laughable Glen. Newsflash, he is more qualified, has tons more responsibility, than you ever will. If it's a publicly held company, he's first responsibility is to the shareholders (those are his bosses). Any CEO that can guild a company through this economy and make a profit is a star! See Glen, it's about making money(so the company can grow) not catering to your hourly salary which I'm sure has a pre-determined range. In free interprise markets, it is always a gamble if a CEO will be able to deliver. Compare it to hiring a jockey, for a horse race. There is no guaranty your horse(company) will win(profit), but you still have to pay the jockey(CEO) top dollar to have someone guild the horse(company) through the race(economy). I know this is a big idea for your little head to get, but please try!

  23. 23

    A college drop out and a long time liberal. What did you expect?

  24. Ron says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – Do your muscles get in the way when Obamas balls are hitting you in the chin?

  25. 25

    Re: smithygirl

    Thank you smithygirl.
    I was too tired to pick out each thing on the glen list.
    It's not like facts make a difference to these Obamabots.
    Captain Downgrade, is going to run on anti-capitalism, class envy and gay marriage?
    Good plan!

  26. Ron says – reply to this


    Re: Jake
    I see you like BIG muscles
    Do they get in the way when Obamas balls are bouncing off your chin?

  27. 27

    Didn't know Bruce wished to unleash more Obama on us while he flies to Aspen and Gstaad while he benefited from the joys of capitalism and became wealthy.
    Typical Oprah Liberal. That's all we need to know about Bruce Fucking Willis.

  28. 28

    Perez - do the world a favor… you have a great celebrity blog, BUT TRY to give equal time IF YOU are going to get political.
    If this country is smart, they move past Obama and elect someone else, ANYONE else.

    These barely High School educated celebs telling the population who to vote for is a joke. These celebs aren't smart enough to keep thier mouth shut.. starting with Streisand, the former porn actress… look it up.

    How about you list the college educated (2 years or more) celebs that are pro Obama… I bet the list is short… REAL SHORT.

  29. 29

    I was stupid enough to vote for him last time, not this year. I can handle Mitt (although I would prefer Ron Paul) but if the Repubs put up a stupid Tea Party candidate then the Liberterian party is getting my vote.

  30. 30

    Bruce quote "Everybody wants to be Barack Obama. And what did he change?" Umm doesn't sound like Bruce likes Obama in that context. Sounds he is as disappointed in barry as a lot of Americans

  31. 31

    Re: maixner5000 – He's a republican. It says right there in the article. Maybe you should check up on your reading comprehension

  32. 32

    He didn't say he's not going to vote for Romney, he just said he's a disappointment. The good news is that he's better than Obama. The bad news is that he's not Ron Paul. RON PAUL 2012!!!

  33. 33

    Re: teeter totter – I hate to tell you, but Ron Paul is about as Tea Party as they come. I am a Tea Party member, and I'm voting for him…as are most Tea Party members I know.

  34. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    first, Bruce Willis is clearly indicating in his comment that he thinks Obama changed nothing..and second….lmfao at all these comments lol was a good laugh!!! Glen you are just an idiot! Obama cares nothing for the economy and jobs, the pipeline issue should be a clear indication of that.

  35. 35

    Re: luvs2hustle – Honestly you sound like a sad Republican troll..

  36. 36

    Its a shame Bruce Willis is a republican, he's one of my fav actors. I'm glad he has the sense to ADMIT Romney is nothing more than an empty suit, beholden to mere men like the koch suckers, old grover, rush limpoo, and that bhut plugger rove. At least Obama stood up against the banks and other 1% bullies. Mittens has NO integrity or character, and will be controlled by corporate america, the good of the nation be damned. And you boneheads are either woefully ignorant or deliberately unwilling to admit this major character flaw with your mormon god…

  37. 37

    Re: luvs2hustle – Even a burnt piece of toast has enough IQ to know that Mittens didn't create JOBS at bain, he created WEALTH for his shareholders. for all the dumb ar.ses out there, (including you hustle) I'll repeat this just for you, its not a VC's job to create jobs, but get a return on his investment for himself, his shareholders and his company. So all this koolaid you're drinking about mittens being a 'job creator' is just that, KOOL-AID! Put down the koolaid, idiots, and brush up on your research. Thousands of people lost their jobs after bain took their profits, and made the companies go bankrupt — and here's the best part.. guess who bailed them out/paid their pensions? Yep, that's right, the taxpayer! Fox won't tell you this though…. look it up, fools.

  38. Lufty Wiranda says – reply to this


    head to

  39. Velyna says – reply to this


    Listen everyone, it's not about Obama and Romney because lets face it they're basically the same candidate, and they don't have you in mind they have the weathly in mind. Their biggest supporter is JPMorgan Chase, both of them are getting funded by that company and do you really think by being given that much money that they're going to do things for the good of the people. No they're going to do it for the good of themselves and the companies. They don't give a fuck about you. Now despite what you might have been told Ron Paul is still in the race, he has won a large majority of delegates in every state so far, he is technically the #1 peoples choice. He get's funded by the people not by large investment corperations. He has been blacked out by the media. Please before you make this decision and completely destroy the last chance you have to change your country look him up. Go and read everything you can about Ron Paul and I can garentee even if there is the odd thing you don't like you will agree he has the people in mind over all else and wants to make America a better place. It's not fokr the money for him it's for the people. Also he's a doctor so I can actually believe he cares about the well being of others. He's served in the military and is a hard working man. Unlike the two that are trying to make you believe that it's just them.

  40. hea789 says – reply to this


    as Eddie implied I'm blown away that a person able to profit $7977 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this site NuttyRich.com

  41. 41

    Make money on your look

  42. David says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis is a wannabe actor.

  43. 848484 says – reply to this


    Re: jakeyplay – I'M WITH YOU BROTHER.

  44. 848484 says – reply to this



  45. aj says – reply to this


    Re: jakeyplay – Well, I'm sure anything that's named will be dismissed somehow, but you asked so here goes. Car industry, Ben Laden, DADT.

  46. PatTheRat says – reply to this


    Re: Jake

    I think it is much more accurate to say that Obama is a black Romney. After all, Obama took Obamacare directly from Romney.

  47. nolimits says – reply to this



  48. Dorris says – reply to this





  49. GD Stroud says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis; it must be hard without a script to follow; Obama, like you, is also on a short leash. What are you afraid of; progress..??

  50. Mojorisin says – reply to this


    Ironically, Bruce Willis is also a liar and a poor politician because during the George W. and Dick Cheney presidency; Willis stated he would give $1,000,000 to the soldier or soldiers who would take down Saddam Hussain….he said this on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno…and then it happened….and where was BRUC WILLIS? No where to be found….I NEVER forgot that because I thought Bruce Willis's politics were just insane….He is just a pot on a range and calling the kettle (Romney) 'Black' - y'all dig?

    Blog this….and call the Tonight Show and ask them to do a fact check…

  51. Pat says – reply to this


    Who cares what Bruce Willis says??? He can't even keep a wife as gorgeous as Demi Moore!!! Obama will go down in history as "The Worst Mistake America EVER Made." OMG= Obama Must Go!!! Obama will destroy this country if we give hima chance.

  52. SFCUSARMYRET says – reply to this


    Lets see, it's been THREE AND A HALF YEARS. Don't you think it's time that Obama starts accepting what has happened under HIS WATCH!!?? No, things in the Bush era were not perfect but they are sure a lot better than they are these days! Who's presidency is perfect?? None. Bush didn't blame other like Obama does!
    1. Bush started bail[outs, Obama for the first ones and heavily expanded the rest of them.
    2. Bush had two war fronts to contend with. So does Obama except Obama VOWED in his campaign to stop the wars, bring troops home and close GTMO. NONE of which have happened.
    3. Bush's birth certificate, college transcripts and military records were DEMANDED by the Democrats, they were provided. Obama has forged a birth certificate, sealed his college transcripts and has NO military experience OR civilian work experience.\
    4. Bush didn't back down from foreign dictators/kings. Obama BOWED to them then apologized to the world for America's intrusions, arrogance and military. Worst of all, it was a SLAP in the face to EVERY veteran who has ever fought and or died helping to bring peace or democracy or stability to a country or region.
    5. Bush took vacations at Camp David and at home in Texas. Obama has has more vacations on the tax payer dime than ANY three presidents combined! Not to mention the seperate flights for Michele and her entorage'. (Let's not forget Pelosi's complaints of receiving OLD planes and wanted new one for her to fly around in.)

  53. Pat says – reply to this


    Re: Mojorisin – Hats off to you for rememberiing a statement like that. Very similar to that other Hollywood arsehole, Alec Baldwin, who said and I quote " If George Bush gets re-elected I am moving out of America". George got re-elected and that blowhard did NOT move out. Then he goes and curses out his daughter. TOTALLY mistreats his wife and evrybody loves him on 30 Rock. He is a MORON. Please move out of the country, not even a good actor, although I really would not know, I will not watch anything he is in.

  54. 54

    Bruce Willis is some what of a brain damaged person from all of his so called action movies from hitting his head and from all of the lead in the make up he used to make himself look the part,Thats why when he is asked about political questions ,you can smell rubber burning ,because his brain is in over load and the wheels are spinning ,but the only thing that is going is his mouth. What needs to be done with this whole government is they all need to be thrown out of office stripped of all the perks and or be shot exiled to devils island shipped to north korea or to afganistan or Iran ,im sure they would find these vacation spots just wonderful .Because that what they have been doing to the american people for years.

  55. Ricky Right says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle

    President Obama has accomplished much in the face of the "bought and paid for" Repos in Congress, who have blocked most reforms that the President has presented. President Obama did manage to save our Auto Industry, force through a Healthcare Plan that all Americans can afford to participate in, end the war in Iraq, establish a ending for the Afgan 'war', and (let's not forget the last President's failures) manage the elimination of Osama ben Laden! Then there is the approval of the (all Democrats) Dodd-Frank re-regulation of the banks and securities' industry. Ofcourse the Repos have blocked the full implementation of its protections of investors and the average American bank account holder.

    Let's not forget 22 months of job growth which added 3 million "private sector" jobs to our economy.

    Too many Repos think that Americans are stupid and don't remember all that President Obama has accomplished after being handed the worse economy since the Great Depression. That's what the Repos do. They run up huge debts by lowering taxes for their wealthy benefactors and then hand over the terrible results to the Democrats to repair the damage.

    We will remember in November and Presendent Obama will get another 4 years to repair more of the damage that the Repos have created!

  56. Ricky Right says – reply to this


    Re: smithygirl

    Who are you kidding? CEOs making 500 times than the average income in America, working harder? Let's see - they have drivers, plush offices, meals and trips paid for by the company, and even housing supplied by the stockholders - who mostly don't know any of this is going on.

    CEO's aren't responsible to the stockholders! Time and time again they have gotten, undeserved raises while the companies they are supposed to be running are losing money and their stock prices have colapsed! Compare the CEOs in America with any other first world country, even Germany, and you will see that they are ripping off their investors and American families.

  57. lou says – reply to this


    Re: Jake
    Destroying our country checked
    Destroying our dollar checked
    jacking up fuel prices checked
    jacking up grocery prices checked
    Stealing tax payer money for the green scam checked
    Stealing tax payer money for unions to take control of auto industry checked
    Still bambozing idiots with whoppers checked

  58. Marc says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis, who's he, oh yeah a line reader who reads other people's thoughts and acts like a trained seal when when a useless human being, the director says action, he also knows how to make facial expressions during their make- believe lives, such as you what's your name, it's not Perez Hilton phony boy,

  59. Andy says – reply to this


    What an idiot hollywood, out of touch knucklehead.

  60. Bruce says – reply to this


    You are so ignorant you don't even deserve a response except….wake up and smell the economy. We are headed into bankruptcy, and running out of money under this fool of a wanna be leader.

  61. ginster25 says – reply to this

  62. ginster25 says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – Killed bin Laden - the most wanted man in the world and who killed over 3000 innocent americans
    saved the economy from a depression in his FIRST THREE MONTHS IN OFFICE
    saved the auto industry so much so that it has made millions for the taxpayers through loan interest, saved thousands of jobs and thereby revitalized detroit whereas willard said "Let Detroit go bankrupt" and now with utmost humility (NOT) and a straight face takes credit for it. That's 3. Let me know if u want more. BTW, Bruce Willis thinks he's an idiot; so do most republicans.

  63. sandstress says – reply to this


    Re: jakeyplay – A few misnomers there! The Democratic party had control of the house and senate the last two years of Bush's presidency, so where were their heads? Up their A–! And Obama had both house and senate for two years, so no more blaming Bush. That four years plus the two more his has had. How many more years does he need to destroy America ? And by the way all Republicans are not rich, in fact as teachers, salespeople, independent business people, farmers, etc. We (my friends and I) are defintely not rich nor Democrats.

  64. mjn says – reply to this


    Bruce, do the truly American thing, VOTE RON PAUL. This country will not survive the stupidity of anymore Obama or any of Romney. Unless you really aren't the American you claim to be.

    Ron Paul 2012

  65. mjn says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle
    What drug are you on?

  66. Mebo says – reply to this


    Re: DSummerfan
    Yeah, flat earth, completely unnatural! Kinda like two d icks!

  67. chriscarp says – reply to this


    I came across this article by accident but I will say what I always say about Hollywood's thoughts on anything that doesn't have to do with making a movie…..who really cares about what you think? Just because peopleare willing to pay to watch you act, don't assume they are interested in anything else you think. This goes for ALL members of Hollywood.

  68. CEB says – reply to this


    The day I begin relying on a B grade action figure for my political advice will be a cold day in hell.
    Poor Bruce. Like Obama he should just stick to what he knows, whatever that is. It sure is not the economy for either guy.

  69. buzzy101 says – reply to this


    The Repus have one thing in common they want the money.

  70. Birmingham, AL. says – reply to this


    The President has many positive accomplishment since he's been in office ! Mainly, he has turned the crappy economy around that Bush and the republicans had completely in the toilet and about to flush when he came into office. Where the f–k have you redneck, racist,b—–ds been ?!! And Bruce Willis is an ignorant, uneducated redneck who would probably be working on a garbage truck had he not been very lucky at acting.And that's just where his acting belongs, in a garbage truck. President Obama has earned and deserves reelection.

  71. gunny86 says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – I'll answer that !! Saved the American auto industry! Saved the world from global economic melt down and passed health reform which helps millions of fellow Americans get and keep health insurance so those of us with insurance don't have to pay higher premiums because of those who don't. Now we pay more for the greed of the health insurance industry. Removed combat troops from Iraq.Would create millions of jobs if the Republicans would do anything for America instead of obstructing him at every turn.

  72. meanodeano says – reply to this


    Obama is a con man, makes used car salesman look pretty darn good to me. What did you expect from a Chicago community organizer, what a joke of a job. If he is re-elected wxepct this country to go broke and be attacked after he guts our military and nasa. Send this bum back on vacation with tax payers money and the rest of you bums get a dam job and support yourselves. Romney will urn the economy around, its easy. quit spending more money than you have and we need tax breaks for businesses. This county is full of stupid uneducated people.

  73. meanodeano says – reply to this


    Re: Birmingham, AL. – you a full of shit you dumb bastard, Obama has fucked this country up, if you would take your head outof your ass you could see this, go cash your welfare check that i helped provide for you.

  74. chriscarp says – reply to this


    "saved the world from economic meltdown", LOL!!!! That is my favorite one yet! Heck, let's add "died on a cross for the salvation of the world", and "cured world hunger" if we just going to become downrigt delirious.

  75. Dr dbiggs says – reply to this


    Don't Re-Nig in 2012!

  76. Terry Long says – reply to this


    Hey Bruce. Why don't you take all of the politicians to the Nakatomi plaza and get rid of them too

  77. James Green says – reply to this


    Why would anyone listen to Bruce Willis, who doesn't have a clue about politics, like almost all of the Hollywood sickos. They hate Mitt because he's moral… and they're not. Romney is actually exactly what America needs… badly! And with him in the Whitehouse, we can be rid of the embarrassment we currently have there!

  78. James Green says – reply to this


    Re: Birmingham, AL. – Hardly! In fact, if Obama is re-elected the republic of the USA may cease to exist! He is systematically destroying our country.

  79. mc inley says – reply to this


    Obama has blown the opportunity for our country to have a great first black president. His policy of politics and personal interest above the best interest of our nation unpardonable and demonstrates his lack of character. We need to raise the standards for our leaders.

  80. Edrod says – reply to this


    Bruce is an over the hill actor who should go back to his retirement home and stay there.

  81. Scott 1099 says – reply to this


    Re: Glen – Yikes, big muscles have sqeezed out what brain matter you did have, which i'm sure was minnimal to begin with. Health care a good thing??? yes, for lazy non working losers. Iraq was a done deal already, took out a guy who killed a million of his own people. (remember finding out about Hitler 6 million too late moron!) More jobs?????? Where? (recession started in 2008 when nancy and Harry Reid took over, continued ever since) Fuel prices??? $1.85 with Bush, $3.85 with Go Baroke Obama. Afganastan??? watch what happens……Green energy???? One word for you…….. Solindra. Budget????? Hasnt had one in two years. Vacations and golf, vacations for his family, payoffs for supporters, blah, blah, blah……like I said, the obvious steroid use has made you stupid….I mean a democrat…..

  82. scott1099 says – reply to this


    Did I read correctly that this is all Bush's fault??????? its been 6 years!!!!!!! (yes six years you moron, Nancy and Harry took over the house and senate in 2006!!!!!!)

    He has had lots of time to "fix" things

  83. Scott 1099 says – reply to this


    Can you mindless democrats please tell me all the poor people you have ever worked for????? I have been working since I was 13 years old, all the way through college and untill today, and never, ever did I work for a poor person!!!!!! Rich people invest, take risks, start busineses and employ your dumb asses!!!! (oh wait, maybe your one of those wonderful 99%ers who dont have jobs, dont bathe, urinate in public, and generally walk around wasting perfectly good oxygen)

  84. David says – reply to this


    Go ahead and die hard,Brucie Boy,I won't be watch your movies any time soon.

  85. Buddy says – reply to this


    Let's get things in perspective. The first two years of President Clinton's presidency was similar to President Obama's first two years which both had Democrat majorities in the Senate and in the House were total blow outs. So bad that in the 1994 mid-term election the American people voted out the Democrat Senate and the Democrat House of Representatives and the Republicans took over the Congress. A Democrat President with a Republican Senate and House brought a balance budget and prosperity for the next 6 years thanks to the Republicans.
    From January 2001 to January 2007, G.W. Bush with a Republican majority in both houses the country continued with growth of over 6% in the economy and with a low unemployment of 4.5%.
    In the mid-term elections of 2006, the Democrats through smear, slander and lies, manipulated a lethargic and lazy minded electorate and the Democrats won both Houses of Congress. It has been downhill ever since. Thank goodness the Republicans took over the House of Representatives to slow down the Democrat folly of running the country into the ground. It is too bad that not enough Republicans won the Senate in 2010. The country would have prospered like it did in the Clinton-Republican years.

  86. Theaura says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis and the rest of the hollywood types who somehow believe that they are who their fictional roles project…need to get psychiatric help to re-enter the REAL world, and realize they have NONE of the answers! They are LUCKY to be living off the rest of the world's dime, LIBERALLY I might add, ergo they believe they are "qualified"to tell the REST of us what to do. The reason we are in the mess we are in is because we have someone in OFFICE who reads from a script and doesn't have a CLUE what the REST OF US are dealing with, and he DOESN'T CARE!

  87. Smettler says – reply to this


    Re: Glen – Troops are still in Iraq,
    Economy is still in the dumps
    Net jobs growth is about minus 50%
    Absolutely no reform of Health Care, anything that he thinks he accomplished will be determined as Unconstitutional
    You obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about

  88. Ram says – reply to this


    Re: jakeyplayRe: luvs2hustle – Don't you read anything. do you live in a cave?

  89. Ram says – reply to this


    Re: Smettler – No reform in healthcare. Try speaking to the 25 years old graduate who is unemployed and can now insured under his parents health policy? What about removing pre-exisiting health condition. Shall I continue? Stop watching FOX all day long.

  90. Albert Monroe usa says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks at anyone. He needs to keep his mouth shut and stick to his medioce acting. Mitt Romney is a sincere christian and has done more for those less fortantute It is not talked about,because he doesn"t do it for fame or fortune,but because he sees a need and acts on it. He has given more to charity organizations and tithes to his church than most people will ever make in their lifetime. I got news for you all Mitt Romney is a strong man and will not be pushed around. When he says frog you better jump or there will be a new frog in your place and you can go to the bank on that.

  91. ebl says – reply to this


    Re: Dr dbiggs – Unbelievable….somehow I doubt you are a doctor.

  92. Joe says – reply to this


    Some things in life you take for granted…..the sun rises in the morning….it gets wet when it rains….and Bruce Willis is NOT another Hollywood limo-liberal…but, I'm still waiting for (his) ideas for the country. SHUT UP AND SING, WILLIS.

  93. Albert Monroe usa says – reply to this


    Obama is welcomed to hollywood with open arms as he is just like them,just a bunch of driftwood on an ocean of make believe. He and they need to wake up and smell the coffee while there still is some left to smell. I don"t worry about what Obama tells us,it"s what he is hiding that scares the hell out of me. Hollywood actors are like the overpaid ball players they are slowly picking the feathers out of the golden goose and soon he will be naked,and He will freeze and die and take the greedy a==ss holes with him to the bottomless pit and it will not be too muck longer. People have maxed out their credit cards trying to go to the movies and ball games, and now the bill for it all is coming due speedly. Its like P.T. Barnium said long ago you an"t seen nothing yet.

  94. Professor2 says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis is a great actor and should stick to the only thing he know.. acting. As a political advisor, Bruce Willis is an IDIOT. It is he, Bruce Willis, who is an EMBARRASSMENT. I can assure you that Mitt Romney does NOT "wannabe an Obama!" - GOD FORBIT… 4 years of a totally incompentent BOOB like Obummer, is MORE that this nation ought to have to endure! What this country needs is a good, qualified man like Mitt Romney, for a change.

  95. Brad says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – we are not in a depression, which is where the economists say we would be without the bailouts.

  96. Albert Monroe usa says – reply to this


    Obama is a trained entitlement provide, and all he did before he came to Washington was stand on the stree corner on Wensday, and hand out outdated food and cheese. He think the USA is a big foodbank and we shoild all sign up and stand in line for 25lbs of stale food. Bruce Willis and the rest of the Hollywood fruits and nuts can help him hand our weekly ration of gruel. Sound like fun you all just step up to the line in Nov and vote for Mr Obama your mamma and endure 4 more years of his hot air. Don"t you just love how he can leap up on the platform in a single bound taking the stairs three at a time whopee look at me.

  97. tommyt says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – Sorry to tell ya… Ron Paul is for the most part a tea partier!

  98. curtiscrab says – reply to this


    willis has said alot of stupid things in the past but i think this tops the list.
    first, no reasonable, rational human would want to be like "yo-momma" for any reason.
    second, "yo-momma" is nothing more that a puppet and isn't smart enough to know it.
    third, more than likely "yo-momma" will never see heaven and dear friends is the worst of his problems.
    nope willis is wrong, he may want to be like "yo-momma" but i doubt there many/any others.

  99. Debbie says – reply to this


    Re: Glen – - You want the people on this blog to read/research something…you have to be kidding!

  100. Dilligaffudems says – reply to this


    XRe: Jake – that is all of the list and half or more goes to bush for credit and by the way health care reform is looked at negatively by 75 percent of Americans

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