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Bruce Willis Says Mitt Romney Is An Embarrassing, Wannabe Obama

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Bruce Willis On The Set Of A Good Day To Die Hard

Oooh! Some pulpy friction!

In an intriguing interview with Esquire, Bruce Willis vocalized his disdain for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

“Yeah, Romney. He's just such a disappointment, an embarrassment.”


Certainly Bruce isn’t the only Hollywood celeb who won’t check Mitt's box this November, but this is noteworthy because the huge action star was until recently an avid Republican supporter.

He continued his anti-Romney rant:

“Chin up, hair up. [Romney is] just one of those guys, one of those guys who says he's going to change everything. And he'll get in there, and they'll smile at him and introduce themselves: 'We're Congress, we make sure nothing changes.' He won't do it. He can't. Everybody wants to be Barack Obama. And what did he change?"

So he’s an embarrassment who wants to be just like Perezident Obama??

Yikes!! With friends like these, Romney doesn’t need enemies!

[Image via WENN.]

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125 comments to “Bruce Willis Says Mitt Romney Is An Embarrassing, Wannabe Obama”

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  1. Perezhilted says – reply to this


    marriage is between one man and one woman just like Carrie Prejean said, aint the right Perez???

  2. KMann says – reply to this


    bruce is a good actor, but he sucks at picking sides in political fights. obama is evil and this moron willis is right up there with eva brawn for leg humping the wrong leader.

  3. Burt says – reply to this


    Don't forget Blago Gate
    $6Trillion Debt Gate
    Stimulus with nothing to show for it except stagflation and high unemployment Gate
    Where did the money go Gate?
    GM and Chrysler Coo de Tah Gate
    "Cash for Clunkers" Gate
    ObamaGimmickCare Gate (over 2700 pages) of which we will find out what is in it after it is voted into law Gate!
    Backroom sweetheart deals Gate
    Scubbing the Space Program and Shuttle Gate
    Paying the Russians $50Million a pop for our astronauts to hitch a ride on their space shuttle to our space station using our technology Gate! Com'on America! Wake Up!
    No passed budgets in 3 years with a Democrat Congress and Senate Gate
    Gulf oil burst bungling and oil drilling moratorium Gate
    Job Killing Gate
    Stagflation and prolong recession Gate
    Broken Promised Transparency Gate

    Are a few more of the many of the Gates in the Obama cluster bang Presidency!

  4. Sue says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – You mean, screwed the Americans with GM bail outs and opened a GM plant over seas. What the heck is the government doing in the automotive business anyways. Maybe he should work at his real job.

    Repealed the dont ask,don't tell making it less safe for the straight people fighting in the military.I shouldn't need to have to explain this to you.

    Prevented the collapse of the econmy,Wow,have you actually looked at the charts and who was in office when the USA was downgraded?

    Troops home from Iraq and on their way to another Country to fight. Big win there.

    OBL killed. They had to drag obama off the golf corse to attend the viewing and even that picture of him watching is in question.

    Higher rate of Jon Growth? Right. If you mean the USA is more in the toilet since obama took office,I will agree with you.

    Health Care Reform was passed at last minute,back room deals,in the wee hours of the morning and has less support from the people than week old milk.

    Anymore,'Easy Ones' glen? Check Mate

  5. Sue says – reply to this


    Actors are good at acting. They went to school for it. Yep,they have freedom of speech,just like you and me but it is up to the reader, not to be swayed by their words while speaking about anything that's not spoken for entertainment.

  6. Scott says – reply to this


    I'm so glad these Hollyweird intellectuals are on the liberals' side. Dumb as dirt.

  7. JoJo says – reply to this


    LOL who cares what this ignorant jerk has to say. If asked for SPECIFIC facts to back up his statement, like all other liberals, he won't be able to cite a single one. They all have their little talking points and like lemmings they repeat what they've been told to say.

  8. anthony says – reply to this


    troops arnt home from iraq. there just out of iraq.

    health care is not reformed still broken just with higher cost then before.
    Dont ask dont tell being repealed (who cares doesnt change the economy stinking just his will mandated over the military.)
    Osama bin lama killed dispite him and by the US troops. which he gave 0 credit and took all of it for himself

    Prevented the collapse of the us auto industry - debatable should of let them go bankrupt help get out of some of the union salaries and burdeons. The government should never own a private company.
    Prevented the collapse of the economy - uncheck our economy wasnt any worse off then during the 70s or other periods, he over panic the issues and we are still no better off. Our economy in the next 4 years under obama will be at the same point to today or worse. we will not be better in 4 years.

    Higher rate of Jon growth than both terms Bush was in office and his father as well - check
    job rate is horrible still less jobs then before he became president dispite spending billions of dollars to create 0 jobs.

    Our country is even more divided than it was 4 years ago and especially 8 -12 years ago. Their is no more hope and change just divide and conquer and mean spiritness. I hate both candidates and sad that with the amount of brilliant people in the country this is the best we can do. I wish hillary would of won 4 years ago we wouldnt be going off the cliff with grandma as the democrats state so well.

  9. shredder says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton? I thought I was on Rosie Perez's blog. Boy, am I embarassed.

  10. bob onnit says – reply to this


    Someone should slap the balls off of Perez Hilton's chin. The most telling line is when Willis says, in regards to Obama "and what did he change ?" Obviously Willis is unaware of the mess that Obama made of the economy. At least Romney has a record of accomplishment that qualifies him for the office. Obama had nothing, and the taxpayers are paying for it.
    The 49% of deadbeats that suck off of the government teat will of course vote for Obama again, but the rest of us are going to take care of him at the polls in November.

  11. Carlos says – reply to this


    and bruce willis is a ball headed Ashton Kutscher want a be …

  12. warzone says – reply to this


    Walter has becom an embarrassing badlt-aging wannabe Jason Statham.

  13. LMAO_AT_LIBS says – reply to this


    Re: Glen
    Lol. You are the last true believer, it seems. :-)

  14. Skabeet says – reply to this


    Good Try Glen!
    "Prevented the collapse of the us auto industry ?"
    - Huge Tax payer funded payouts to auto industry delayed the restructuring GM should have experienced through a normal Chapter 11, which every other failed business must go through. Through Obama's nationalisation, the government robbed bond holders of their company owbership.
    "Prevented the collapse of the economy? "
    -Last I checked the published unemployment was over 8%, higher than when Obama came into office. The national debt is a catastrophe.

    -"Troops home from Iraq?" Thank you Chair of Joint Chiefs for the surge,
    - " Osama Bin Laden killed?" - Thank you Special Forces.

    No more room for the rest

  15. vietnavyvet1 says – reply to this


    Brucie….even our military men and women have disdain for the loser emporer with no clothes and your too far outta touch with the average man or woman….Obobo is an empty suit with no skills whatsoever short of running his mouth with non-stop pyscobbable…give us a break bruce, you must have landed on that knucklehead of yours after attempting all those stunts on ur own.

  16. 116

    Let's be honest here:
    Destroyed the economy. CHECK
    Destroyed any initiatives small businesses have.CHECK
    Rammed a disastrous health care down the American's throat when most people don't want it. CHECK
    Promised to get out of Afghanistan but instead has escalated the war. CHECK
    3 1/2 years after his election, doesn't have the balls to admit he is as bad as Jimmy Carter and is no closer to solving the economic woes of this country than he is to being an Olympic high jumper. CHECK
    Spent us into oblivion to the point we are the second coming of the Roman empire….AT THE END OF THE EMPIRE! There is no turning back.CHECK
    Is as phony as a $2 bill. Hypocrite when he talks about spending and Republican cronism…as he has OVER a billion dollars for his relection campaign.CHECK
    Wants health care for ALL Americans..then gives waivers to all the big companies but leaves the little companies to have to swallow his puke program. CHECK
    Claims not to be Muslim when he is as Muslim as Louis Farrakan.CHECK
    WOW…I guess I need to stop here..the list can go on and on….and its time to go listen to something important like Paris Hilton talk politics with Nancy Pelosi.

  17. edwaeducated says – reply to this


    BRUCE who? Oh the wannabe actor from Funnywood. Hey Bruce get a life .

  18. Roger says – reply to this


    Re: Glen
    Prevented the collapse of the unions (auto workers jobs).
    Killed thousands of innocent civilians with his bombings.
    Outspent Bush, only taking him 3 years.
    Gave money to his Solyndra friends and lost it all.
    Shoved unwanted Obama Care down our throats that will cost us more.
    Divided our country by race, age, sex, economic class.
    Created no jobs/ didn't decrease the unemployment rate.
    Does not support Israel.
    Is a bone head.

  19. paloma says – reply to this


    And we care about Bruce Willis's opinion because……? Did he make these statements while high on cocaine or was he "low". Might make a difference.

  20. Paloma says – reply to this


    Re: Irvinegirl – Thank you!!!!! Well said. As long as he sounds sincere, his record of nonperformance doesn't matter.

  21. Paloma says – reply to this


    Re: Glen – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Health care reform? Is that what we got?! I guess you read the headlines and nothing else because that is NOT what we got. Prevented the economy from collapsing? Don't' look behind the smoke and mirrors but continue to read those headlines lest you become disenfranchised by the truth.

  22. Paloma says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – The projected job LOSSES because we are creating temporary jobs in wind energy are around 193,000. Projected increases in your monthly energy costs (electricity) are 37% because of "wind". The idea is to make things expensive so people will stop over-consumption. Of course we will be forced to do more with less, but the people bringing us this devastation will not be so encumbered. Obama is carrying their torch - he makes no decisions but only implements policy's determined by others to be "necessary" over a decade ago.

  23. Paloma says – reply to this


    Re: smithygirl – You are fabulous, Smithygirl! Love the analogy, horse, jockey….. I have concerns that it may be too highbrow for Glen. You might need to dumb it down a bit.

  24. Paloma says – reply to this


    Re: matusadona – Are you kidding me?! Obama didn't stand up to the banisters, he gave them a swerve and has done absolutely nothing but funnel more money to them via a number of initiatives. Follow the money in most wind energy developments and you will find that your tax dollars (billions) are going to underwrite European debt and are siphoning money to the same Wall Street firms that looted the housing bubble.

  25. j856 says – reply to this


    Hey speaking of wannabees, isn't that what you do for a living, Bruce or John or… ?

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