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14 comments to “Deadmau5 Says Pauly D Has 'No Talent'”

  1. 1

    He also stated that he himself has no talent, either. There was nothing insulting about what he stated.

  2. 2

    How did "DJ's" get so big? O'yeah, from the homo eltriconica/house/trance bullshit crowd. How fucking hard is it to press play on your ipad. Real musicians play instruments, not synthisized noise.

  3. boomTicBoom says – reply to this


    two things: 1. deadmau5 is NOT a DJ, he is a music producer and performer. He is not mixing other peoples music, he is mixing and tweaking his own music in real time (also known as live) and a sysnth is a musical instrument, so is a drum machine, and all music is noise, the rest is simply taste and perspective. (but I am the fool looking for perspective on this site)
    2. there is a world that separates are real DJ, who does not just press play, anyone who thinks otherwise is willfully ignorant, a real DJ does play other peoples music, but blends in and out and in-between tunes to make a unique off the cuff unrepeatable performance. The poser (jack monkey from NJ) does indeed just press play, he also waves his fist, let us not discount the value that adds.
    And to Mr. never had hooch-pit, EDM was started by big mean looking guys in Detroit, there is a flavor that appeals to the gay circuit, but it is only a fraction of the music made these days.

  4. KP says – reply to this


    Deadmau5 does not consider himself a DJ. He's mentioned this many times before.

  5. marcel says – reply to this


    I thought Deadmau5 wasn't a DJ just a music producer who mixes live?

  6. 6

    Go deadmau5! He's not u Perez. He doesn't have to jump on the dick of every fad bandwagon for his bread and butter like u do. He can speak his mind. And he's speaking the truth. Pauly d has no talent whatsoever. He's a glorified iPod shuffler. Deadmau5 at least composes music

  7. 7

    Says the retard who wears a big ass Micky mouse mask and likes to hate on anyone who has more success then him.

  8. 8

    Re: boomTicBoom – Welllllllllllllll said! amazing even

  9. 9

    Re: justtospeaktruth – i read your reply in the voice of snagglepuss

  10. 10

    Deadmau5 is very quickly becoming more known for the ridiculous feuds he attempts to start rather than his music. I'm a fan, but even I know more about his big mouth than his last single. What the hell happened to him, he used to be cool and all about the music, but lately he just seems so pointlessly hateful, and towards the most random people at that. I miss the old Deadmau5 that used to be above all this nonsense and the life of the party, instead of the guy i'm watching for the moment he says something to make people uncomfortable.

  11. 11

    Re: Pedrito79 – Lmfao is that an insult???………i love snagglepuss

  12. 12

    Never heard of deadmau5, but hes right.

  13. 13

    Fuck pauly d. His 'music' sucks anyway, and deadmau5 was only giving him advice since he asked the world what they thought about his shitty song. Pauly d went full retard and cried like a whiny bitch about criticism that HE ASKED FOR. Djs only mix songs that are premade, deadmau5 actually makes a LOT of his own music. I'm so tired of this re-hashed trashy house music… There needs to be a light on actual GOOD deserving electronica artists, not this ear-wrenching crap that pauly d shits out.
    Comparing this to biggie/tupac is just completely insulting insinuating that paulyd is even close to how biggie or tupac were to rap.

  14. Justin says – reply to this


    First you fucking hack, Deadmau5 is a producer not a DJ…giant difference. When Pauly D learns to make his own music and sounds, he can start saying he has talent. With today's technology in DJ equipment it takes no more than a well timed play button to "DJ". It's not like the old days that it actually took some musical intuition. @Hoochpit…Hey Fucktard…You try and make electronica music and while your on the computer making it, you can use spellcheck, douche-nozzle.