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24 comments to “Selena Gomez Survives GIANT Earthquake In Bulgaria!”

  1. VB says – reply to this


    The earthqiake in BG was 5.9 and we had two other aftershocks. Pls pray for us in BG tonight when new aftershocks are expected.

  2. OS says – reply to this


    I'm from Bulgaria and it's really scary, you don't know what's gonna happen next :(

  3. 3

    7 billion people in the world. And she feels that important?

  4. Zip says – reply to this


    A 5.6 earthquake is not huge, however, in other countries building standards are not as great as in the U.S. because our buildings are made with earthquakes in mind, hence, in other countries that don't take the threat seriously, their buildings often become deathtraps based upon poor structural conditions of public buildings and houses, etc.

  5. J says – reply to this


    In later news, the earthquake has been caused by Gomez accidentally dropping her ego out of a 10 story highrise hotel room.

  6. becky says – reply to this


    this post is just disgusting 'selena survives giant earthquake.. thank gawd'
    what about everyone else?!

  7. Ivan says – reply to this


    Your incorrect. The earthquake was around 6.0! And I'm from Bulgaria nad know for sure. ;)

  8. 8

    Okay, but what about the other people? Aren't they alright? She really isn't that important. Just because she's a celebrity, doesn't mean the attention has to be on her. Ugh, sometimes, I hate the media.

  9. DR says – reply to this


    praying for italy (i know what happened ) ? when she is in bulgaria while an earthquake hits the country ?

  10. CB says – reply to this


    THANK GOD THE PEOPLE of Bulgaria are OK…… not just a single celebrity………..

  11. 11

    Fuck off with your thank "Gawd" you fucking queer.

  12. AM says – reply to this


    Stop attacking the poor girl!!!! Im bulgarian too and trust me there is nothing tragic happening over here, no victims, just some damaged houses and learn to read, she sais it herself that everyone here is just fine!!! However the situation in Italy is much worst because there are deaths over there so there is no comparison!!! So stop judging, she did nothing wrong!!!

  13. 13

    THANK GAWD, YOU ARE OK SELENA! *rolls eyes*

  14. Marcus says – reply to this


    Girl's had a heck of week… Justin dumps her and now this…

  15. SL says – reply to this


    Well, first off, I am glad everyone over in Bulgaria in fine and nobody died or got seriously injured (as far as I know). But, Selena has no bigger ego than most people in the world.. All she did was tweet that she was okay (and, honestly, who wouldn't?). PLUS, she DID say that everyone else was okay, aswell. The media is what's blowing this out of proportion, not Selena. She probably had no idea what's going on, over here, at all. So, stop hating. All of your arguments are completely invalid.

  16. 16

    Re: Marcus – Lol

  17. AR says – reply to this


    OK , it was 5,9 - shaky but no serious damage

  18. fgfdgf says – reply to this


    well,let me finally reveal why this earthquake happened hoping all speculations will stop. The reason the ground was shaking was because I was doing Selena Gomez that night.but instead of saying it straight-forward she is faking it a bit like it was 30 miles away and so on…thats normal.the truth is different ;) so shut up!

  19. gina says – reply to this


    People just shut up selena gomez did NOTHING wrong. stop it because it is wrong to blame someone that didn't do anything. Just because u hate selen gomez that doesn't mean u have to be MEAN duh

  20. Mia says – reply to this


    Dear all,

    Thanks God, we are all fine here, 1 day later.
    It was not the most wonderful thing we have éxperienced over here, but we are tough enough, and Zip, be advised that our buildings are happily tough as much as we are here. ;) No one is down, after almost 6, as the eqarthquake wasnt planned, unlike toughness. ;)

  21. Martin Nikolov says – reply to this


    You are FUCKIN' RETARDS !!! You are worried for some stupid teenage lesbian, and not for the people in bulgaria… holy crap, the whriter of the article is a Fuckin' TWAT !!!! Two paragraphs about some dumb bitch and what, two lines about everyone else … eat shit and DIE !

  22. Sielo says – reply to this


    Yes, it was scary but I doubt that she's staying in an unsafe building. Most buildings from the 80s are built in to withstand 7.2 on the Richter scale and newer ones are even better. Hotels and other public buildings have more requirements and are generally safer. And the American embassy is recently built so it should be one of the safest buildings in the country. Also, it was a massive earthquake for the region, but it didn't have a much devastating effects. In the villages and towns nearest to the origin the situation is most critical, but people can generally sleep in their own houses and national leaving exams were held by plan yesterday, just a little bit over 24 hours after the earthquake.

  23. 23

    Thank god shes o.k because i was so worried :) Not.

  24. Kathie says – reply to this


    I am fan of Selena since 2008 and I never expected that she would act like a total freak, who didn't have any fans. She and her guard almost hit 2 children just to escape a small group of fans(maybe 10 or 20). She seemed do cute and nice. I was so excited when I heard she's coming in Bulgaria but now I'm disgusted of her. SHAME ON YOU SELENA!