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Will Smith Fires Extra For Shooting His Bad Side!

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Will Smith Fired MIB3 Extra

At least he didn’t b*tch slap him!!

According to a Men in Black III co-star bit-player, Will Smith will gladly get you kicked off set for taking unauthorized pictures of him with your cell phone.

Just ask the MIB extra who Big Willie got fired for trying to snap a pic of him on Instagram!!

We understand it’s annoying, Will, but as one of the biggest stars in the world you should be somewhat used to random photography by now and we aren’t sure you need more headlines about your hot temper!

Combine this with the reports that he demanded a double decker trailer in-between takes and, well, the Fresh Prince is starting to sound like a diva from Bel Air.

Maybe he should change his name to Will GetYa@ssFired, LOLz!!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Will Smith Fires Extra For Shooting His Bad Side!”

  1. 1

    i was just saying on another post what a great guy he was i do think they need firing for taking shots of him on set yes why do u need a double decker trailer…

  2. 2

    Will Smith has always been this way, how he got this nice guy image is beyond me. He's no actor, just a very efficient business man who also happens to be incredibly insufferable and not particularly talented.

  3. 3

    Wilma is a DIVA

  4. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    He is well known for being a good guy, he is intense sometimes because he works hard and expects a lot from himself and those around him. You can criticise him for that if you want, but it sounds pretty fair to me. The guy probably got fired for 1) invading someone's privacy (will is very private and that should be respected no matter who you are) and 2) taking pictures on set. There are no headlines about his 'hot temper' other then the ones you write, so please don't act like Will is some huge douche who strangles kittens and kicks puppies. Who gives a shit what he asks for? There are people who ask for way more extreme stuff, and he is successful enough to do it. Asking for a bit of luxury in your contract is not a big deal. Sounds like people over at Perez headquarters aka Mario's basement are just jealous they are not in his position.

  5. 5

    So he came out the closet FINALLY. yes!

  6. saff says – reply to this


    I doubt this, mainly because he can't fire people. That is down to the producers.

  7. Robbie says – reply to this


    Oh please! I bet if Perez was important or talented enough to be in a big film he would be demanding all sorts of stupid shit!

  8. bloop says – reply to this


    I worked as an extra for MIB3 and every time I ran into him he was friendly and professional. On set, you are not allowed to take photo's especially on your cell phone ( we were supposed to be in 1969 ) so you can get fired just for that alone

  9. Kiddle says – reply to this


    He might be a pretentious ass but everyone knows you aren't allowed to take photographs on set. That is more likely why the dude got fired.

  10. 10

    I agree with Will and not with you. His set area should be a DMZ for photos unless he is authorizing them. You know those extras and admins will snap photos for $$. And that should not be encouraged on a set. If the extra wanted a photo with Will or of Will they can ask through the proper channels.

  11. ooo0ni says – reply to this


    Re: saff – I think A-List Celebs have that power nowadays. People kiss their asses so much that their humanity and sense of reality is gone.

  12. tom says – reply to this


    If you work on a set of a movie you should not be taking photos of the stars and putting them on the internet. That is not you business to do and of course you should be fired. That should be the case in any job no matter who you are.

  13. demode says – reply to this


    Extras are not allowed to take cameras on film sets. Ever. Everybody in the business knows that this will get you fired. Any member of the production staff could have him removed for this infraction. If Will complained, it was within his right, because the extras are told that photgraphs are not allowed.

  14. bahbah says – reply to this


    Re: ooo0ni – I worked as an assistant set designer when I was doing a work programme a few years back and although i don't claim to be an expert I think this is just a myth. Lots of actors would like to be able to fire people, and i'm sure lots of actors have blackmailed producers (either he goes or I go type thing) but generally speaking actors cannot fire people, at least not without the producers say. It is just one of those things that isn't true but widely believed and perpetuated by gossip magazines and sites like this.

  15. BreezyB*tch says – reply to this


    OH PLEASE! Ever since Will slapped that rude journalist for trying to kiss him on the lips, Perez has been hell bent on making Will look bad. FUCK YOU HILTON.

  16. just another shooter says – reply to this


    As a Professional Photographer who shoots Television Shows and Features, Will and the Production were in the right to fire the Extra shooting cell phone images on set. There is always soo many things happening on set that it is difficult to have the show photographer do his job let alone trying to deal with others trying to take souvenir pics.

    Plus the production company is investing tens of millions of dollars in the feature film and having unapproved and unauthorized images of talent and set design and plot points out in the world is not good for them, the film and the hundreds of employees working on the production.

    Will is a happy, cheerful and approachable person who is extremely professional on set and expects that same professionalism in return just as I or most anyone else would.

  17. Zip says – reply to this


    With the internet media as it is, you now have people violating the privacy of celebrities by sneaking shots of them for sale on the internet and via tabloids…and on a set like Men In Black 3, given that they, the studios, like preventing spoilers, etc., the industry frowns on secreted photo taking. This isn't about ego, it is about security and guarding your privacy and intellectual property until such time as a release date and promotions are authorized for the film…and official publicity photos are released to the press. You can imagine, this happens to a film and its cast and crew hundreds of times, the taking of these stealth tabloid generated "gotcha" photos, so when they catch someone doing it, they are fired, and I am sure extras these days are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements on secretive sets where they are asked not to do what this extra did.

  18. 6one9 says – reply to this


    HE HAS ALL ““““` BAD “` SIDES

  19. Tiggy says – reply to this


    Re: just another shooter – As an actress, you're 100% right JAS. Most extras (and even co-stars) know and are often EXPLICITLY TOLD not to shoot any pictures on set.

    This extra was a moron and deserved to get booted. No $75 for you!

  20. Danni says – reply to this


    Re: Robbie – Producers can't be bothered to fire extras. They didn't hire them. The 2nd Assistant Director runs the background.

    And yes in response to everyone who said if this extra got fired it was because it was against the rules. You are corrrect. On a big budget shoot like that, its really improper to randomly take pictures on set. Completely legit to fire someone for that! And they should be, it's rude and unprofessional. Will was there to WORK it's his JOB. Extras are there to WORK it's their JOB, sometimes people forget that.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    no wonder his kids are cocky dbags.

  23. Ed Paul says – reply to this


    Will Smith is nothing but a has-been rapper and a bitch !!!!!!!!!!!! How he reached this level of wealth and fame is why there are so many no-talent rappers trying to sell out.