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Every GLEE-Tail: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

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It started well over three years ago: a little show no one really knew anything about premiere on FOX and a quintet of misfits weaseled their way into our hearts with an atrocious rendition of a Guys and Dolls classic. None of them belonged in their world; none of them knew anything of love or loyalty, of courage or of triumphant. Yet here we are now, after the finale of Glee’s third season, and our favorite underdogs have risen above, have grown leaps and bounds from when they started … and have so much more to go.

With the pending fourth season still a mystery to most, fans tuned in last night to see if they could figure out just a fraction of what they might be in for next year. Being the uber Gleek that we are, we were right there with ya, but most of our predictions ended up being WAY off mark … and we’re not ashamed to tell you that we cried about it a little.

Seeing as this was a graduation episode, we thought we’d approach our recap a little differently. After that jump, find how which class superlative we gave your favorite characters – and how they earned such titles in this finale episode!


Most Changed Since Freshman Year

Very early on in the episode, we were reminded just how much Kurt Hummel has grown in three seasons, physically and emotionally. He was such a baby when he first stepped out in a black leotard to slay Beyoncé’s Single Ladies and now, he’s turned into a fine man, out and proud, who inspires others to be just who they want to be. Since his NYADA audition, it seemed like his future was set and ready to roll on to midtown New York, but it turns out that Kurt won’t be going after all. He’s actually been rejected from the school of his dreams and now his future plans are TBD. Luckily, he has that boyfriend of his to help him figure out his next step. Remember Kurt: COURAGE!

Most Dramatic

Sorry, we’ll be getting to Rachel Berry in just a hot second, but this title actually belongs to Finn. For a whole season, Finnchel fans have endured a whirlwind of emotions on their favorite ship, from the pair’s first time to getting hitched … and now breaking up. Yes, we are SUPER sad to report that Finn also was rejected from his New York school of choice and decides what he needs to do now is fix the past before moving into the future. In one of the most heart wrenching scenes EVER, Finn calls off their wedding, so Rachel can be set free and go live her dreams. In turn, Fill will go to the one place she can’t follow him – the army. Sgt. Hudson is off to Georgia now, broken heart in hand, to serve our country and clear his father’s smeared name, leaving Finnchel fans to cry themselves to sleep. All jokes aside, there was some stellar acting in that last scene. We really felt his pain of letting her go.

Most Likely to Succeed

We suppose it goes without saying at this point that Rachel Berry is Manhattan bound, as she is the only one of the three to be accepted to NYADA. At first, she resigns to put off her acceptance for a year so she can help Finn and Kurt with their applications again, but Finn intervenes at the last minute to drive her personally to her destiny. Again, watching Finnchel part ways, perhaps forever, was mind-numbingly upsetting. (Seriously, we went dull from the pain. We couldn’t handle it. FINNCHEL FOR LIFE.) But then, seeing Rachel walk down 42nd street and straight into her Broadway dream was something to behold. (So was that pillbox hat! Divine!) Since Lea Michele is signed on for next season, we imagine her life will pick up where it left off … but what will her life be like sans her main men Kurt and Finn? And how will Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker fit into all this?! So many questions with no answers. MADDENING!

Biggest Ego

No surprise here, as Santana Lopez herself once announced proudly, “I’m a bitch you all love to hate.”

Indeed, we did struggle over the two emotions last night as we loved to watch Santana take control of her life, force herself away from cheerleading and consider a future outside her comfort zone – but we hated how much screen time she got with her “Mom,” Gloria Estefan. No, no, we kid. We don’t hate. We’re just insanely jealous. We hope this means we get to see more of Gloria … perhaps when she visits her daughter in New York? The idea was thrown around that Santana would be chasing some pavement in the Big Apple to find her own way of being a star. We’d be interested to see how that pans out … and if she ends up on Rachel Berry’s doorstep!

Worst Case of Senioritis

Long story short, Brittany isn’t graduating. Seems having a 0.0 grade point average doesn’t bode well with colleges … or imply that she has learned ANYTHING in the last four years. So, we get more Brit-Brit in season four, we reckon. (Good thing too! There’s another Britney Spears episode coming up!!!) It was kind of sad to see her with all the other “juniors” though. Here’s hoping she pulls it together next year. (Or not. Stay in Lima FOREVER, GIRL!)

Most Likely to be Heard On The Radio

That would be Mercedes Jones, and we hope you all took a good look at her, because we think this is going to be the last you are going to see of her in a long time. L.A. bound, Mercedes has been “discovered” via her viral performance on YouTube and has signed a deal to be a backup singer for an indie label. Translation: her storyline doesn’t align with anyone else’s, so she’s out. We will miss you Amber, but we know there are great things to come from you – like your first album! Watch out – we’re going to be first in line for that!

Best Smile

This one was a tie between us and all the Quick fans out there. While some of the other seniors dominated the storyline of this episode, time was given to Quinn and Puck, who are as cute together now as they ever were. The new and improved Quinn takes matters into her own hands to help Puck graduate by reminding him with her lips just how much of a stud he is. With renewed self-confidence, he gets a C- (A Puckerman A+) on this final high school exam and finally graduates. Off he goes now to California to start his pool cleaning business (another one gone for good), but there might be some hope in seeing Quinn again. Blondie did give Rachel that Metro Card to visit her up in New Haven and she has one for herself in reverse. Yale really isn’t that far from NYC. Perhaps there is hope for Dianna Agron yet!

And now, we close the book on 2012. Our Glee kids are all grown up and now, we’re on to a new chapter. What that will mean, exactly, we still don’t know.

But we’re ready to take ride! Bring it on, Ryan Murphy!


See ya’ll next season!

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12 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

  1. 1

    I loved the ending actually. I especially liked how Finn went into something respectable like the army instead of just trying to be an actor.

  2. 2

    Thank God it's over, too bad not permanently.

  3. 3

    The final was the most stupid thing I've ever seen in mi life. Good luck season 4, I'm not going to watch that shit again!!!

  4. 4

    Jesus Christ, did Ryan Murphy write your intro for you and send it over for you to use. Other than that, one look at that above picture and you will never have to guess whiich star is actually gay on the show.

  5. Kel says – reply to this


    As far as I'm concerned last nights episode was the glee version of jumping shark. What happened last night was the end of Finn and Rachel. IRL you don't part ways like that and then reconcile later. In one scene they compleatly ruined that relationship for me, and for a lot of other viewers as well I am sure. It sucks because the show was a nice escape for me each week it was fun and something I looked forward to. I feel like I am in mourning today over the loss of Glee and finchel.

    Btw I am sure that RIB will throw Finn and Rachel back together next season but it will be forced. I am not going to be rooting for that relationship the way I did before.

  6. Gee says – reply to this


    Thank you for finally acknoweldging the awesome Cory Monteith (instead of just as you go on and on about Darren Criss, but do you think you could just for once include the actor's name in your comments not just his characters name.

  7. 7

    Jesus Christ, is this dribble over yet? This show has fizzled entirely.

  8. yeah acting says – reply to this


    not a finchel fan here but the scene with cory and lea was fantastic, really well done

  9. 9

    Very anti-climatic overall. Also, storyline jumped all over the place and felt rushed. 90 minutes was necessary to pace the story correctly. (Puck gets a passing grade and THE VERY NEXT SCENE they are all accepting their diplomas?) Too rushed.
    Season 4 will be the beginning of the end…

  10. 10

    This episode was sooo bad. Such a let down after the two awesome episodes last week. Season 4 is for sure going to be the end of Glee. It's a shame they couldn't have ended on a high note.

  11. lizzie says – reply to this


    what happens to tike. :(

  12. really says – reply to this


    I am getting really tired of the people who comment on your blog… If they don't like the show, why in the world do they watch it??????