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What The Tabs Are Talking About!

Tabloid Cover John Travolta Cross-dresser What The Tabloids Are Talking About

This week’s lingering story is John Travolta and his masseur mishaps!

First he was a sexual predator, then he was the victim of libelous claims, and now it seems he might be a cross-dresser?


We're not sure whether that's true or if it even matters but we hope this story might soon have a happy… conclusion.

In other news, wedding bells are ring-ding-a-linging everywhere!!

Mark Zuckerberg updated his relationship status to “married,” Jessica Simpson is apparently looking to get hitched, and — of course — our FAVORITE new power couple Kimanye Kardashiwest might already be in the prenuptial planning process.

And what about Snooki’s baby bump — will it be a guido or a guidette that comes fist-pumping out of her vagina later this summer??

Speaking of bodily transformations, EVERYONE is obsessed with who looks stunning for bikini season and who looks like two quarts of cottage cheese wrapped in different colored dental floss.

But we won't judge!

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One comment to “What The Tabs Are Talking About!”

  1. 1

    What's scary about that picture of John Travolta is, I watched a BBC documentary very recently. It was about people that were in the "church's" inner circle who left. They were speaking out saying it's a cult. So anyway, my point is- they
    spoke of a person who tried to leave and the "church" threatened him with outing him as a cross dresser. Now, I must stress that the informers who did not hide their own faces or names didn't say it was a celeb OR hint at who it was it was said plain as day matter of fact. :( They film everyone's "audits" all their secrets they drag (no pun intended) everything out of them. Scary! :(