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RHOBH: Brandi & Taylor LOVE Getting SeXXy With Other Women!!

| Filed under: Tacky & TrueReal Housewives

real housewives beverly hills taylor armstrong brandi glanville dirty dancing girl on girl

Oh we just LOVE this!!

Apparently Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong are really practicing their own meaning of gurl power these days!!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been rumored to make a habit of dancing dirty with other women whenever they chug back the cosmos now!

Of course, this kind of behavior isn't as scandalous at a younger age, but clearly their peers are raising a brow or too because one source says:

It's very embarrassing to watch [them being extremely provocatively with other women] because it's so obvious that it's only being done by both women to get attention.

It's sad to think that the only way they feel they can get attention is to behave in such a brazen manner. They both need to grow up already. They are both mothers and aren't college co-eds.

Ha!! Yeah, sounds about right. Reality stars addicted to attention, what a shocker! ;)

Obviously we don't think there's anything wrong with gettin' a lil' freaky on the dance floor, but if these women are doing it every time they go out, they should just take it to the bedroom and get it over with, ha!!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “RHOBH: Brandi & Taylor LOVE Getting SeXXy With Other Women!!”

  1. 1

    Reality ”stars” trying to stay ”relevant” - how shocking!

  2. 2

    Nasty whores. Neither are housewives, let alone wives. But hey, never let the facts get in the way. Other than that, that weird looking bitch who's husband killed himself, should kill herself for that horrible fucked up lip she has goin. Nasty skanks, only bravo and the gays could tolerate this shit.

  3. 3

    Brandi is cute AND hawt!!!! Don't you know it!

  4. 4

    ugh… uglyness on a whole new level, inside and out. The chick on the right always looks like she just had a stroke, when she tries to pose "sexy"

  5. 5

    Younger women do this all the time and I find it really sickening. They just do it to turn on the guys and get attention. It is so sad to see the next generation of women so willing to demean and objectify themselves for the pleasure of men.

  6. 6

    Re: rosebud99 – Oh my, that is so right… well said!

  7. someonehad2 says – reply to this


    What natural beauties. (gag). I hope young girls don't aspire to look like these plastic surgerized skanks without souls.

  8. 8

    Lame. I hate it when girls act lezzie just for attention. It's so obvious to everyone in the room and they always look so pathetic. lol

  9. socks says – reply to this


    Getting SeXXy??? More like looking gross and pathetic. How could women their age think that's attractive?! It's gross enough when 21 year olds do it on spring break. Way to be a great role model for your kids!

  10. 10

    Brandi looks sexy in this pic; Shana looks constipated.

  11. 11

    Is Taylor trying to look sexy and pouty? She looks like she has a wad of Red Man tabacco stuffed in the right side of her mouth.

  12. jennifer says – reply to this


    They are both low lives, for a abused woman like Taylor she sure got over her trauma fast. Most woman dont

  13. lonestar says – reply to this


    That fucking Taylor sure got over her so-called abuse really fast. I feel bad for her daughter, when she grows up and realizes what a pathetic liar her mother is. Also contibuted to his death is what I think, she drove him to it. She nneds to take her fuckin lips and go hide in shame