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Jessica Sanchez STUNS At Idol Finale!

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Where's the love for the ladies?!

While we definitely send our congratz to Phillip Phillips for his season 11 win, we can't help but wonder why Jessica didn't — especially with that PHENOMENAL voice of hers!

Had 16 year old Jessica Sanchez won American Idol last night, she would've been the FIRST girl to take the crown since Jordin Sparks did in 2007, at age 17!

If you haven't been keeping up this season, then you HAVE to check out the video (above) from last night's finale, of Jessica singing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going with Jennifer Holliday! JENNIFER HOLLIDAY! We're blown away!!

Gurl can SANG!!!! What a powerhouse!

We wish the best for both Phil and Jessica's careers!!

Now, for Season 12 — let's get a girl winner!

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63 comments to “Jessica Sanchez STUNS At Idol Finale!”

  1. whatever822 says – reply to this


    that lady scared me! haha

  2. 2

    I'm glad Philip won. Jessica has a great voice, but she's so boring. It's just ballad after ballad with her. At least Philip can sing ballads and uptempo songs.

  3. ladysilverhawk says – reply to this


    Jessica can perform, but I don't care for the robotic sound of her voice. Many female performers tend to try for the current poppy sound of the current 'stars'. If there was a female with chops like Janis Joplin, or even Lisa Marie Presley's latest album, that would work better.
    I liked Philip a lot better.
    Perez, talent is not dictated by gender. At least this contest should be about what people like instead of PC quotas of male - vs- female.

  4. internetfavs.com says – reply to this


    yes she can sing!

    (Add all your favorite url's in one place: internetfavs.com)

  5. ladysilverhawk says – reply to this


    Just listened to the feed.
    Jen sounded great, her pitch doesn't do it for me tho.

  6. 6

    Re: ChristikRe: ladysilverhawk – I agree. Maybe if she would have waited until she was a little older, she might get some soul in her voice. Phillip is so much more comfortable and relaxing to listen to.

  7. 7

    it's because she is BOOO–RRIINGGGG. her voice is great but she's just so boring.

  8. 8

    Is it just me or have the last 4 idol winners basically been the same dude with a different name…

  9. sunflowersarles says – reply to this


    American Idol's new name next season: America's WGWG: No girls and people of color allowed.

  10. lindsayn says – reply to this


    Phillip is fun but jessica is way more talented- it is a singing competition! Its not even the fact that phillip is guy that beat jessica but he is a white guy with a guitar. They have constantly won the past couple of seasons (kris, lee, scottie, david cook). Its like no one else has a chance because of their demographic of young girl voters. I think if this continues AI will become irrevlevant because no one else has a chance of winning! All of the boys (and any male winner from american idol) has underperformed compared to the female winners.

    I did really love phillips finale song "home." it was great and geared towards his genre and the radio. Jessicas song was lackluster and not good. It seemed like AI writers definetely gave philiip an advantage in taking the prize. It's just unfair.

  11. 11

    Sunflowersarles, what are you talking about? A phenomenal black singer, Joshua Ledet, made it to 3rd place. Why does race have to be dragged into every discussion? America voted. A white guy won. A black guy won The Voice. He beat a white girl. I'm not bitter about it. As far as AI goes, I am so glad Phillip won. Phillip is more of an artist. Jessica is a great singer but only if you are into Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera power ballads. A Jessica CD would put me to sleep.

  12. 12

    finals should have been Ledet and Phillips…saving her cost Ledet his chance and while she is good, she is very pitchy on some vocals and she is not nearly as good as Ledet or Phillips.

  13. Wow says – reply to this


    Don't people realize that the only reason why the men win is because of 12 year old teenage girls fan girl over them so much? No doubt Jessica should of won, it's a shame. It would of been nice to see a female win, Phillip is the same boring rock sound we've heard for the past seasons.

  14. Ambi says – reply to this


    Re: sunflowersarles – Amen to that. I truly believe now that colored people will have a way better chance of winning with the "Voice"

  15. Ambi says – reply to this


    Re: kristin marie – It makes me wonder why you waste your most precious time listening to her. You must be then pretty bored eh!

  16. Steven says – reply to this


    The difference is that Phillip is an artist and musician, Jessica is just a singer. She is young and hopefully will develope a personality, some emotion and some stage presence. Personally, I just don't like the tone of her voice anyway and find her extremely boreing. I mean, really, would you listen to a whole album of power ballads (because that is her wheelhouse and she was horrible on anything else, even duets and group songs)? Or watch her just stand in the middle of the stage in concert for 1 1/2 hours? For now, the better contestant won. As far as next season…..how about lets find the "best" one whether it is a girl or boy.

  17. 17

    I will say… I don't think it has anything to do with race but it definitely has something to do with gender. I am confident a female will never win American Idol again… the demographic just doesn't lean that way. If Jessica with he STELLAR voice couldn't do it, I am pretty sure no female can… For the person who said that maybe if she was like Janis Joplin and LMP maybe it would have been different… then tell me… why didn't Crystal Bowersox win AI her season? It will always be the cute boy who underperforms and isn't the best singer but melts all the teenyboppers' hearts. Boring and predictable. (BTW, I don't think when Jessica was waling out those fantastic vocals, that she was boring AT ALL!)

  18. 18

    The thing that is overlooked here is that while Phillip is 21, and his voice will continue to mature, Jessica is ONLY 16. She hasn't even PEAKED yet.
    Whitney was still singing in church at 16 & didn't release her 1st album until she was almost 24.
    Christina was 18 (almost 19) when her first album was released.
    Mariah was 20 when her first album was released…
    See the pattern here? Jessica still has to complete HIGH SCHOOL.
    Phillip Phillips is this years Taylor Hicks/Casey Abrahms.

  19. 19

    Re: Steven – Umm…I think that market has been proven time and time again with Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion.
    Whitney wasn't known for too much other than singing her powersongs, before The Bodyguard. And even then "and I…will always….love you…." is what everyone remembers from that movie. A power ballad.
    I rest my case.

  20. 20

    i haven't watched american idol since kelly clarkson but I know that that right there is the best performance ever on AI and not only that but the best version of I am telling you.

  21. john says – reply to this


    Listen Jessica is 16 yrs old… She can already sing like Whitney, Mariah, Celine, etc. Phillip is not going to do anything more than any of the past 4 guy winners. They're all the same guy! Jessica who i have just read is going to have her first album produce by Tommy Mottola..which in my opinion was a blessing she didnt win AI. The 2 artist phillip and Jess aren't even comparable because she has a god gifted talent that only happens very few amount of people in lfe. Phillip has his own style which is great but is no different then any other young attractive guy already in music. I wish him the best but Jessica if handled correctly will be a Mega star singing and that you can olny say about a handful of people and thats the truth on all of this! Amen :)

  22. JR says – reply to this


    I don't like both of them in the finals. I prefer Joshua vs Holly. I watched the finale for curiosity and I really like Jessica's performances. Her performances were a thousand miles better than the ordinary Philip. If you have a music and theatrical background you know what I meant. Philip has a lot of flaw….not good for Amercian Idol…it will hurt their rating in the next few years. I heard that Sonny records signed Jessica right away…hmmmm what happened to the newly crowned American Idol..when is he getting signed?

  23. 23

    How much you wanna bet that this Phillip guy is gonna flop, when was the last time AI actually produced a star, Other than Kelly and Carrie, and maybe Fantasia the rest have been forgettable.

  24. 24

    Jessica kind of scream-sings. Not a fan. I wouldn't buy a CD of a screaming banshee, personally

  25. Aussie says – reply to this


    Jessica didn't win because it's a popularity contest. Phillip got more votes because he got all the chick votes. He has an OK voice but really it's not that great. If he were not good looking he would not have even got close to winning.

  26. QB says – reply to this


    Jessica is not good. She has no style or personality of her own. She idolizes Beyonce, and tries to mimic her voice, her wardrobe, and her movement. Every single song she performed, if it wasn't actually a Beyonce song, was in the style of Beyonce. That's why she's boring. We've already been hearing Beyonce for 15 years.

  27. muffin says – reply to this


    american idol voters are too racist for a non-white/non-black winner. phillip is just another cute white guy with a guitar that will get dropped by his label after 1 or 2 albums..

  28. Dotty says – reply to this


    Phillip is not good. He has no style or personality of his own. He idolizes Dave Matthews, and tries to mimic his voice, his wardrobe, and his movement. Every single song he performed, if it wasn't actually a Dave Matthews song, was in the style of Dave Matthews. That's why he's boring. We've already been hearing Dave Matthews for over 15 years.

  29. 29

    I'm bored with these talent shows. I don't care if you're singing alone or singing in a choir… or dancing… or if the judges are bitchy or if their chairs spin around… or if the judges sing with the contestants… I just don't care anymore.

  30. 30

    I think Jessica Sanchez is phenomenal.

  31. 31

    I don't know who I want to shoot first. Just horrible…

  32. BobbyBoyy says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – yeah i agree cause its just a guitarist after another

  33. belle says – reply to this


    All past idol winners were all the same….white guy with guitar….same dog with a different collar. The teen vote generally forget them after the confetti came down. Next year idol will be the same. If I were an aspiring singer (who is not white, without a guitar, do not have good looks, does not come from the South) forget your dreams. Better audition in the Voice or X Factor. You will likely get noticed there.

  34. leoj says – reply to this


    I really do think shes a star? lol how would you know that people sings ballad will only produce ballad albums? lol such a stupid comment. She doesnt decide what songs will be in her album the producers does, she will release a song thats marketable, not just a power ballad. and btw she is not pitch-y, you just dont have enough knowledge to what are you talking about. Jessica is not boring, everytime she sings you can feel the power, the tenderness and the innocent that most of young teenagers doesnt have? will you really compare a 21 year old dude to a 16 year old girl? jessica is an artist not just a singer? she can manipulate and do voice acrobats. She isnt mimicking beyonce, just happens to be she has a vabrato. Like telling PP2 mimicking Dave Matthews.i AM NOT AGAINST PHILLIP AND IM REALLY GLAD HE WON CUZ HE DESERVES IT BUT ITS NOT RIGHT TO DOWNGRADE A 16 YEAR OLD.

  35. pulseras77 says – reply to this


    My theory why Jessica did not win? Because Idol does not really want to work with a 16 year old! She is still under Child Protection Law and is allowed only 8 hours work per week. Idol will always be on their guard with her for they will always be subject to the agency's scrutiny. Even if she had won AI, they will put her in the back burner until she turns 18. Jimmy had been dropping hints…."wait until she turns 18!".

  36. chiqz says – reply to this


    The results showed that American idol is a mere popularity contest, talent is not recognized. America picks the white guy to win but the 2nd placer usually fares better.

  37. Taylor says – reply to this


    Is it me or is that ladys face hilarious? I don't understand. was that a joke? never laughed so much in my life.

  38. Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: whatever822 – meeee tooooo !

  39. 39

    Jessica should have won!

  40. ryan powell says – reply to this


    Re: Esin Emko – I'm appalled reading this brainless comment. Srsly?? I could have agreed with you if you just said joshua performs better than jessica. But philips over jessica?? nah..

    You're insane.

  41. Mindy Turner says – reply to this


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  42. goshabelgosh says – reply to this


    Re: divo257 – Let's just hope all the tweens and cougars who voted for Philip support him as much as they supported David Cook, Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen and Scott McCreery. Hahahahahahaha!

  43. Phil says – reply to this


    Re: kristin marie – i bet you can't even sing stfu!

  44. broadwaykid says – reply to this


    PP is a snooze fest. He just stands there with his guitar and sings the same songs (with different titles). And he always look so constipated when he is trying to reach the higher notes. He has a 2 octave vocal range (probably less, more like 1.5 octave) and I couldn't remember any outstanding performance.

    In all honesty, drunk Broadway stars singing karaoke are miles better than Phillip. Looks better too.

    I wouldn't sit through a Phillip Phillips concert. Why pay more than $100 to fall asleep on a cushy chair in some concert hall? And I wouldn't play his songs in my car either. Why risk an accident by I falling asleep on the wheel? I prefer playing classical music and violin concertos.

    I would, however, buy Colton's, Hollie's, Elise's and Jessica's CDs. Maybe Joshua's and Skylar's as well.

  45. Matthew Allinder says – reply to this


    Omg, what a great job, because that is absolutely fabulous.

  46. Velyna says – reply to this


    I think the reason jessica lost is mainly because of her age. When watching her I didn't feel like she was really humble, she kept saying things like I've been working soo hard all my life, and I kept thinking to myself you're 16 years old, I bet you're parents didn't even have you work, they've been working hard for you but you really haven't. She has talent there is no doubt and she will make music and be relevant this is a fact. I think she just doesn't have enough life experience yet to say the things that she was saying, or wear the clothes she was wearing or sing A LOT of the songs she was singing. I feel like the audiance couldn't connect with her. I know I couldn't. Girls singing a love song or a serious break-up song and I can't believe that she's ever been through anything remotely like that. I was very happy to see phillip win. I haven't watched the show for long but I know of some of the past winners and I do think that phillip has something that the previous winners don't. He's very original and he stays true to himself. I think he will go on to write and produce some great music and I think if he didn't get the win then it would take him 5x longer to get that music produced. He has a good voice, he can't belt it out like Jess but he does. I normally don't like a lot of new music but I can actually see myself buying an album of his.

  47. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: lindsayn – Agree 100% … The should just rename the show to MALE American Idol (exclusively for whites only) …

  48. kex says – reply to this


    Re: Christik – I don't believe you.. there's a deeper reason than that.. shame on you

  49. cat says – reply to this


    Phillip is cute and his vocals is just ok but Jessica will be a STAR. She will definitely be a legend like Akon said to her and Phillip will just be on the sideline watching that happen. He going to be one of those IDOL TODAY and GONE TOMORROW Idol winner just like the past winners of IDOL.

  50. Prince says – reply to this


    Seriously P2 didn't expect that he will win against the soulful gigantic voice of Jessica. Did you see his facial expression when he ended his supposed to be winning song? He was actually bored singing the song. As with his interview he was saying its not his kind of song and he will not write that kind of song. I just wished that both were given the same song to perform just like before to see which one is the better version. Jessica didn't get winning songs to choose from. The Prayer was the best song performed in the competition. Admittedly though I already predicted even from the top 24 that Philip will win. Jessica is just 16 years old and so talented at that. They say that P2 is his own kind of artist but actually he is another WGWG. If Jessica wasn't in the competition though I will be voting for him.

  51. summer says – reply to this


    as predicted, the cute white boy won. females & gay men shouldn't even bother to audition for this show. jessica and joshua sang circles around the cute white boy to no avail.

  52. pinoynoy says – reply to this


    y she wont win?
    i think its because.. racial discrimination still exist in this new era…

  53. Rick says – reply to this


    The duet is the best I've seen and heard in my entire life…..thus far.

    It's all water under the bridge. Rigged, cheated, framed up, etc. don't matter anymore. The latest update is that Jessica had a done deal with Warner Music Group under Mottola, a far cry from the onerous if not notorious, 19 Entertainment for Phillip. Let's wait and see how the careers of these new talents flourish or go down.

  54. 54

    That was not singing; that was SCREAMING.

  55. bemjerry13 says – reply to this


    Re: divo257 – i totally agree….now i am kinda thinking if i wills till be watching the next one because it seems i can totally predict who the winner will be…i'll just look for thecute guy with th guitar…..sorry to the girls planning to joing AI…if Jessica Sanchez (who i think is one of the top three most talented contestant ever of this show) cannot win then I guess we will be seeing guys with guitars in the future of AI…totally lobe Phillip but I think Jessica deserved the title..well anyways if Phillip is the American Idol then I'd say Jessica is the world Idol because if other countries can vote we sure would've voted for her!

  56. cc258 says – reply to this


    She was truly amazing! It brought out the best in her because she was singing with someone who sincerely believed in her. The only reason that Phillip got more votes is because his voters didn't want her to win. It is not because Phillip was better. They just didn't want Jessica to win. A sad reality that we need to accept.

  57. 57

    why didn't philip join in the boys' group song unlike jessica who joined the girls? it would show his very limited voice range! did you hear how he struggle with his duet with jessica? pathetic.. can't even hit his notes right.

  58. 58

    So many people want to make it about sex, race or sexual orientation. I wasn't even attracted to P2 physically (nor was my husband) although he is a good looking boy. I'm JLo's age, old enough to be his mom, and when you get to be as old as I am, you don't envy his gf anymore, you envy his mother… I knew there was something special about this Georgia boy from the minute he opened his mouth at audition and could not stop moving around like he had electrical current coursing through his veins. Yes, Jessica is very talented… Apart from the song she did with Jennifer H, and maybe I Will Always Love You, she made me feel nothing. She is only 16 and to be honest, she does not appear to enjoy singing, although she has a phenomenal voice. Perhaps she was just nervous, or maybe she is just too young, but she has not developed into an artist who can make us FEEL the songs. I hope she does, and I have faith that she will do wonderfully. But… Phillip and Joshua were the ones who stood out to me, and I hope to hear much more of them in the future!

  59. 59

    BTW, someone down there said that P2's voters didn't want Jessica to win. That is the craziest thing I've heard yet! I loved Jessica's voice, just was not affected by her performances the way I was with Joshua's and Phillip's. Phillip and Joshua both made me cry with their performances, and I was on the edge of my seat every week waiting to see what they would perform. So, they were my 2 favorites. But, I was in awe of Jessica's voice also, and the night she sang Whitney's "I Will Always Love You," I voted for her! Had she won, I would have been ecstatic for her. I would have been satisfied with any of the top 3 as the winner, and all the Phillip and Joshua fans that I know all loved Jessica too. As a matter of fact, I never spoke with anyone who did not think she was incredible! Why on earth would we not want her to win? What could we possibly have against a sweet little 16 year old girl with the voice of an angel?

  60. tino says – reply to this


    this performance will always be remembered!

  61. lemvin says – reply to this


    Phillips is good but Jessica is better. Its a singing competition, based on their vocals either Joshua or Jessica deserves more to win the title. I am not a hater of Phillips, i like some of his songs like HOME,Volcano,You got it bad etc. I was just trying to say that his vocals cant match up Jessica's. American idol has become a popularity show. Thats the fact and proves that there are more number of girls than boys! It was like you voted for Taylor Swift than Whitney Houton or Beyonce. FACT!

  62. Cool Bear says – reply to this


    Who's been invited to sing the US national anthem during Memorial Day in Washington DC? Who's been invited to sing the US national anthem at the Pacquiao-Bradley fight in Las Vegas? Who's been invited to talk shows of big American networks? Hahahaha. You guys are just too drunk with your "winning choice." True, P2 is American but Jessica is the IDOL!

  63. iximius.minus says – reply to this


    People really thought Philip won. Lol !