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Kristen Stewart Labeled As Irresponsible, Indecent By Conservatives!

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Kristen Stewart Gainor On the Road

Oh shiz!

Sounds like Kristen Stewart’s upcoming flick On The Road is ALREADY causing quite the stir amongst conservatives!

Her sexcapades on screen have really upset some critics, who think her role sets a horrible example for a younger Twilight audience.

One conservative critic, Dan Gainor said:

“The movie industry has a twisted affection for making raunchy films that use and abuse former child stars. In the film On The Road, Kristen Stewart engages in a threesome and masturbates two male characters according to reports. How will parents who took their daughters to see the Twilight movies explain this?”

But a film is just a film, right??? All in the name of art? Ha!

Not according to Gainor, who goes on to say:

“It is irresponsible of Stewart and manipulative of Hollywood bosses to deliberately try to destroy any sense of decency these actresses might have taught young people.”

We don’t know about you, but role model or not, it’s not really these actresses’ responsibility to teach your kids about decency, LOLz!

The right-wing columnist even cited how Disney has destroyed “any wholesome image” stars like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan have had, and that KStew’s latest flick is no different.

Um…did he expect for them to stay 13 year old teenyboppers playing high schoolers and singing bubblegum pop forever?

Gainor concluded his argument by stating:

“All we've learned here is that parents should tell their children that the time when most in Hollywood are truly acting is when they are acting decently.”

What the what??? So if an actress (note: he didn’t even mention any male stars…) takes on a risqué role, that’s not REALLY considered acting?

Sounds a bit cray cray to us!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Kristen Stewart Labeled As Irresponsible, Indecent By Conservatives!”

  1. 1

    Absolutely ridiculous!!! Nothing else to say! Also she got this part BEFORE she was even cast in f**ing Twilight!

  2. HUGOKING says – reply to this


    love this sexy,crazy french pop star.

  3. 3

    In all seriousness this girl wears mini dresses and sheer dresses all the time. If people really had an issue with her there are plenty of other reasons to fault her for not being a role model prior to this movie. I don;t think she is doing anything wrong. I just think it's funny that she did a movie like Welcome to the Riley's wear her ass id hanging out and walks down the red carpet (twilight events included) where she is nearly naked. Why now are people criticizing her when they had years of amp beforehand. Thanks my point.

    Once again I'm not saying she did anything wrong by dressing a certain way or acting a certain way. My point is simply that if this dude wants to criticize her why is he only zeroing in on one acting job and not that other "non role model" things she has done.

  4. 4

    Re: this is it

    sorry for the typos***

  5. 5

    The shocking thing is that they consider her character in Twilight to be a role model. Bella was a very weak character who even threatened to kill herself if she lost her boyfriend. I guess for conservatives it is ok for a woman to be submissive, but not ok to be sexual.

  6. 6

    …why do people think that kristin and rihanna have to raise their kids?…these women are beautiful and sexy….raise your own damn kids…..

  7. 7

    "What the what??? So if an actress (note: he didn’t even mention any male stars…) takes on a risqué role, that’s not REALLY considered acting?"

    It's not often that I agree with Perez, but in this case he makes a valid point about the sexism in this group's agenda. Robert Pattinson's film Cosmopolis is just as raunchy, of not more, than On the Road and yet there is no mention of him. Since they want to bring up Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, weren't Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling also former Disney employees because of their time as mouseketeers, yet no mention of them either. So apparently, you only have to be a "role model" of you have a vagina!

  8. 8

    How will parents explain this? Well, they should start making the kids watch movies appropriate for their ages, simple as that.

  9. 9

    OR…the parents can monitor their children like they SHOULD and if they find it indecent, keep their child from watching it?

  10. Cor007 says – reply to this


    OH god , another uptight parent, these people need to travel back to 1950. First of all, they are ACTING, just because an actress takes on a role that is targeted to a younger audience does not jusitity that she cannot take on any other more grown up roles, that is the point of acting and wanting to ACT, to take on different type of roles, challange yourself, experiment with different roles, I cant believe anyone would take an actors role so serious that they expect them to always play the same character for the remainder of their career. These are the people who take hollywood way to serious, its the parents responsibility to raise their children not hollywoods.

    Only idiots look at an actress and say I want to be just like her , my parents raised me to know my worth , i had favorite actressed growing up but I was not dumb enough to beleive these roles were actual representation of who they were, AND not to mention i wasnt allowed to watch any "rated R"movies until my teens, why are these parents so worried, so long as their kids only watch what is appropiate for them and understand they shouldnt be worried, so wtF is he complaining as if his kids are going to go watch this movie. He must be a failure as a parent if his kids are that disobidient and feels the need to blame others.

  11. 11

    Which was the group that can't stand women again? Oh yeah….If it's not gay bashing, it's women bashing. Maybe they'll grow out of it.

  12. 12

    I don't even like Kristen Stewart but this is ridiculous. It'd be one thing if she was a child star and still was and making raunchy movies…but she's in her 20s. If she wants to go from making a movie targeted to teens (not kids, teens) to a movie targeted to adults, that's her right. And its not exactly like Twilight teaches the best lessons ever either so it makes no sense. Parents teach their kids right from wrong, not movies.

  13. 13

    what an asshole

  14. 14

    I'm not a Twilight basher, but Twilight never seemed so child-appropriate to me anyways. Sure she stayed a virgin until marriage, but she wasn't exactly a role model. Maybe it was suppose to be romantic but Edward would straight up ban her from doing things and say it was because he knew what was best. And she was like suicidal after he left her. She was a character that couldn't handle being without him. Like, cant function without her man. Give me Hermione any day.

  15. primkat says – reply to this


    this is not about being conservative or liberal. it is about simply being ridiculously dumb. actresses get paid the amount of money they do because they have "talent" and can play a multitude of roles. i think that is shameful to put an actress into a box where they can only play a certain kind of roles. really dude it is called not taking them to the movie theater to watch the movie and not renting the movie. what he is pretty much saying is a ton of actresses have not "truly acted," because most actresses have played risque roles one time or another.

  16. 16

    They forgot "stupid" and "untalented"

  17. 17

    my god when will this girl fall off the earth. so sick of looking at this fugly biotch

  18. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: ToriLyn – Your mother probably says the same thing about you! Why else would you go out of your way to hate on Kristen. Judging by the time Perez posted the story, it's been here since yesterday afternoon so that means you came looking for it by scrolling Kristen's name, yet you're tire of her?! Yeah right! Keep telling yourself that, loser!

  19. 19

    Irresponsible? Indecent?
    I don't think so. She's just not likable.

  20. 20

    If a movie has that kind of content then it is going to say so in the films rating. Also as mentioned in other comments, in the books as well as the movies Bella is at times suicidal, she tries time and time again to get her boyfriend/fiancee/husband to sleep with her and even resorts to crying and manipulating her way into his pants. So if the "good character" she plays is Bella then obviously these parents have a double standard.

  21. Lisa says – reply to this


    I think there's a difference between acting like a ho in real life and taking on movie roles that challenge you…… Kristen is NOTHING like those Disney stars, wanting to get out of their kiddy shells =S And she's played these sort of characters before - Welcome to the Rileys, anyone?

  22. 22

    "How will parents who took their daughters to see the Twilight movies explain this?” How do you explain taking your daughter to see such mind-numbing trash?

    "Her sexcapades on screen have really upset some critics, who think her role sets a horrible example for a younger Twilight audience." Twilight sets a horrible example for anyone with an above 30 IQ. Scratch that, it should read ..anyone with an IQ.

  23. Lyndal says – reply to this


    God. I'm so sick of people judging women constantly. First and foremost they get judged by their appearance. She's either to fat or too skinny. Now they get judged not on their own character but that of a character they are portraying. It's called acting peeps. And guess what. Women like SEX. Yes we do. But if we act like we like it than we are bad role models. Pahleeese.

  24. Google says – reply to this


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  25. Google says – reply to this


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  26. Louis says – reply to this


    Kristen stewart never was a good example for kids. Her role in twilight isn't really "child-friendly." she is in fact also a bad actress, because in every movie she plays in shes like bella from twilight.