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Quote Of The Day

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Conan O'Brien quote of the day

"The odds are we will both leave this Earth without speaking to each other, which is fine. There's really nothing to say. We both know the deal. He knows; I know. I'd rather just forget."

- Conan O'Brien on his Tonight Show feud with Jay Leno

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8 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. 1

    Conan got totally fucked in that situation, and it was Leno's and NBC's fault. We were promised a great show from Leno, and all he did was do a bad clone of the fucking Tonight Show. There was nothing "exciting" or "different" about it, and it's no wonder no one tuned in, which hurt Conan's lead-in. Leno is a boring, two-faced asshole, and I have refused to watch the Tonight Show since that whole fiasco.

  2. 2

    Actually, I put more of the blame on NBC. It was obvious as the "transition" was approaching, that Leno did NOT want to go. (Unlike Carson, who never looked back.)
    However, no one would listen, and so like Kim Kardashian's wedding, it happened anyway.
    I disagree that Conan's ratings were due to Leno's 10pm show. That's like blaming your poor batting average on the guy who hits right before you. The reality is that Conan's humor and Letterman's humor are similar; before the move, fans would watch Letterman, & then watch Conan. After the move, they had to choose, Letterman won out, and Conan's ratings began to fall.
    Oh and one more thing…poor Conan got 45 MILLION dollars when he was fired from NBC, so I wouldn't say he got screwed.

  3. Allison says – reply to this


    Had Conan brought in the ratings, he wouldn't have gotten screwed. Fact is he wasn't up to the task and NBC executives only care about ratings. Not Jay's fault that he does a better job. Conan needs to grow up and admit his failings. His demographic isn't NBC and ultimately, he's better where he is.

  4. 4

    Leno was forced to give up his show for Conan and he did. I'm sure he was pissed about it, but NBC made him go. Conan sucked. He has a young audience - that work and go to bed early, so his show failed. Thank goodness Jay is back. At least HE is FUNNY! Conan, go suck a grape.

  5. 5

    "He has a young audience - that work and go to bed early, so his show failed."

    um, completely wrong on that one.

    who in their teens and 20s go to bed early? they stay up later than lenos aging babyboomers. and he is incredibly boring.

  6. 6

    I love you Conan, but you should never have taken Jay's job in the first place. NBC lost their minds on that deal. Since, the switch from Jack Paar, the tradition began for the host to retire. No host was ever given walking papers until Jay…

  7. 7

    What an ASS! Conan, you're not funny! And you should not have been guaranteed a TV show, when you didn't earn it or deserve it! Did I mention that you're not funny? Jay Leno had a #1 show, and they took him off the air for you, you whiney spoiled brat! And you're still crying over this, get a life! Didn't they compensate you to the tune of 45 million dollars? Go cry in your money you baby!

  8. 8

    STILL talking about this, Conan?! Such a pathetic ungrateful guy. Conan's show always was and always will be boring…look at the ratings. Why NBC promised him the tonight show and why NBC asked Jay to leave when he had the highest ratings is anyone's guess…probably why they fired the guy who made this all happen in the first place. Jay did the best he could with the situation and Conan didn't…he failed and is getting crap ratings at TBS even to this day, so if those who "refuse to watch Leno" bc of this are so offended…then why are they not watching Conan each night and helping his ratings? Who thinks Conan is funny? Not many people, which is evident in the ratings. Conan, can you and Andy cry about something else now?