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Beyonce SHINES At Revel! WERKS Single Ladies & Halo! Watch!!

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Sparkle it up, gurl!! Let us see that seXXy shine!!

Still thrilled from Beyonce's intimate behind-the-scenes video, we're ready to DANCE after watching this Single Ladies performance!!

The crowd was WILD for Bey when she made her first stage debut since giving birth to beautiful Blue Ivy. And from the looks of this performance, she gave 'em their money's worth and then some!

But don't even get us started on Halo (below)! She even tributes Whitney Houston with her own styling of I Will Always Love You!!! Pure magic!!

Jay-Z has to burn so many calories every time he jumps up and down for knowin' THAT'S his Queen Boo!

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19 comments to “Beyonce SHINES At Revel! WERKS Single Ladies & Halo! Watch!!”

  1. 1

    she is THE best performer in the WORLD! hardest working entertainer. just had a baby and bounced right back! that's pure dedication and talent!

  2. 2

    Re: il1k31th0t18 – I agree. She is a very hard working entertainer. So many women only wish they could afford to spend more time with their babies, but Beyonce knows that her career is way more important. I would have so much more respect for her if she would have taken some time off to be with her kid. Why have a kid if you are just going to pay someone else to raise it for you?

  3. 3

    She looks great because she wasn't pregnant. She had a surroagate. Her body is exactly the same.

  4. MusicExpert says – reply to this


    Greatest Performer in the WORLD point blank period!

  5. 5

    Ok no doubt she is a great performer but can someone please explain these outfits to me?? I just don't get it, she is a bit bottom heavy, why not wear something more flattering to her figure?

  6. 6

    she's back!

  7. Ris says – reply to this


    U know what I have noticed after repeatedly watching her perform? She doesn't lip synch BECAUSE she doesn't sing at all during the dance heavy parts. I find that quite cool. She only sings when she isn't really dancing bc we all know that is extremely difficult to pull off without sounding horrible and off. But now I see why she does it. She stands around and signs and when it comes to dancing she doesn't really sing AT ALL. very unique way of performing

  8. zaja says – reply to this


    Re: il1k31th0t18 – beyonce is the greatest

  9. Mark says – reply to this


    EPIC! She is amazing. I will see her on Monday….I cannot wait… :)

  10. 10

    Re: il1k31th0t18 – when did she have a baby?? lol!!!!

  11. 11

    Re: Ris – i agree totally with u.

  12. 12

    Perez your videos are the fucking worst on phones (I'm using a HTC Desire). It's not as annoying when you can find the video on youtube. But when nothings been uploaded and you have to put up with a media format that streams the advert perfectly but struggles with the actual footage (to the point where you are just getting audio) it takes the piss! - Sort it out!

  13. 13

    Beyonce is a fucking phenomenal performer, the revel show was breathtaking.. i'm not even the biggest fan of her music but there is no doubt in my mind that she's one of the greatest entertainers of this generation. love her!

  14. 14

    I love beyonce but she needs a different dancing style.She bounces around like she is possessed in every performance.She is good at it though!lol

  15. 15

    shes a true star and i like her even more keeping kk out of her inner circle

  16. crogues says – reply to this


    The dancers beside her are terrible. It was like a train wreck - Beyonce looks gorgeous though

  17. 17

    Re: celeb2012 – lol!! so true… bitch bounces too much and she's a dyke.

  18. 18

    Ingrid Jackson is a damn good surrogate because I would've been sold my story by now for millions, doing interviews with Matt Lauer and ish getting paid! Everybody knows Beyonce's cooca couldn't handle Blue Ivy.

  19. Cindery says – reply to this


    I watched the video of her getting ready for the concert at I think she deserves all the spot light after the hard work.