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Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Getting Back Together!?!

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demi moore ashton kutcher could be getting back together

OoOoOo Shiiz! We didn't see this one coming!

Despite their dreadful split last year over Ashton Kutcher's cheating, the two are reported to have shown early signs of reconciliation at a recent birthday party!

Apparently Ash and Demi Moore went to celebrate the birth of the man who officiated their marriage. And before ya knew it, the two were reportedly seen "locked in a 60-second embrace!"

When it came time for Ashton to toast the birthday boy, he supposedly said "I've made so many horrendous mistakes this year" before breaking down into tears. Meanwhile, onlookers say Demi was frozen in emotions.

Later, they were spotted in intimate conversation!

The source says:

They started to chat and were extremely affectionate. She was staring at him like a love-sick puppy They are still desperately in love and could be on for a reconciliation. The divorce isn’t being processed right now.


We're not sure we'd bet on them really getting back together, but if all of this is true, it could definitely happen!! Especially if the break-up acted as a catalyst for MAJOR growth on both sides!

We haven't seen too much evidence of that, but hey… it could be happening!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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30 comments to “Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Getting Back Together!?!”

  1. harobed says – reply to this


    once a cheater always a cheater

  2. 2

    So Ashton made the guys birthday about him. Typical of the attention whore personality.

  3. 3

    Whatever. He's a sick pig. She should move on. They all feel sorry and sappy and try to come back. Be strong, Demi. He needs to learn the lesson of losing something great after acting like an ass.

  4. 4

    you can still care without going back he humiliated her in front of the world…

  5. 5

    isn't he wearing the same blazer that miley made a dress out of?

  6. 6

    Probably just making peace.

  7. 7

    just trying to keep their names in the press… they won't get back togther unless they each want a bucket of heartache.

  8. BE-Atch says – reply to this


    Demi Whore was likely scroung'n round for drugs, and asking for the names of good plastic surgeons, as she has noticed she is starting to fdall apart, again ! Her chin is com'n loose, and the flab under her arms is forming, again ! Pathetic, sad critter ……

  9. 9

    Ashton was a major hero to all of us who wondered if a May/December relationship could ever win, especially when the "May" in the relationship was such a tremendously handsome specimen like Ashton. And then he committed the ultimate violation by cheater with a younger woman. Can Romeo be trusted?

  10. 10

    Re: BE-Atch – You and your loved ones are going to regret your callousness.

  11. Prel says – reply to this


    They broke up for a reason. Demi is weak if she goes back to this tool bag. He made his bed now he must lie in it. Move on Demi, you're just in a vulnerable state.

  12. 12

    They have a lot of history together. They're not getting back together. They're just probably happy to see each other.

  13. buzzcut says – reply to this


    These repellent people deserve each other.

  14. 14

    Her face wasn't frozen with emotion…it was frozen because of the Botox!!!

  15. nina says – reply to this


    Wow, nothing like going to someone's b-day party, then toasting them by talking about yourself. Ashton has got to be one of the biggest, most untalented tools of all time.

  16. 16

    None of us knows what exactly happened or why; none of us is in that relationship. Appearances are what they are, but anyone with half a brain knows that things are too often not what they seem. Add to that how often celebrity gossip is wrong or made up (both are especially true on THIS site because Perez is a lazy hack), and you end up with a bunch of uninformed fools giving opinions about things they know zip.

  17. 17

    When will this be debunked ? In an hour ? Two ?

  18. Apple says – reply to this


    People do make mistakes! I have!

  19. darie says – reply to this


    who the fuck toasts someone by talking about your mistakes this year? Classic ahole behavior, I bet that guy's never inviting him to his b-day again

  20. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Chambo baby/PotatoHead -SHADDAP ! Yer mother is a pathetic looser who would lick the alcohol outa a SCOPE bottle !

  21. 21

    Oh, they'll be back together. She's obsessed with youth and was all butt-hurt when this broke up. She's got issues and probably thinks this will help. But it won't. He's a cheater and will cheat again.

  22. lemondrop says – reply to this


    The age difference thing won't just go away. It will only get worse, as time marches on! I guess " Lovesick puppy" will just have to learn the hard way. The writing is on the wall with the former couple. - The next time he humiliates her, it will be much more devastating. Everyone is hoping she can find the strength to cut him loose and move on with the next stage of her life, but, as with any addict, we all know that Ms.Demi is not going to make the right move.

  23. 23

    I hope Demi is healty. Thats more valuable than money, man or fame.

  24. geb910 says – reply to this


    No Demi — Don't do it! Once he cheats he WILL do it again (and again and again) — proven fact. He's a scuzzbag and she can do so much better.

  25. 25

    They are not getting back together……..end of story

  26. 26

    Ashton had to give Demi her monthly allowance check; that's why he was crying….

  27. 27

    1. I don't believe this.

    2. If anything; it's a booty call.

  28. Andy says – reply to this


    He was banging kunis and rihanna like last week, my guess is just making peace

  29. FirehouseMike says – reply to this


    Ashton is just feeling all emotional on their mutual friend's birthday. He "acted out," because he wants out of the relationship, whether he knows it or not. He's young and rightfully so, will want a family of his own before it's too late for that option. Demi thinks that their Kaballah faith will save everything, but that's just using Ashton's emotions to try to reign him back in. Might work for a booty call, but in the long run, it's won't work out.

  30. 30

    i'm sorry but i'm rooting for this to work. it's unconventional. however, it's obvious that both ashton and demi have to take care of their individual demons first before making any serious decisions. at the very least, i hope they become friends like bruce and demi are.