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194 comments to “twitter-first-time-ive-shaved-in-2012-and”

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  1. 1

    Perez is not a celeb. Stop self promoting!

  2. jess says – reply to this


    glad you're working so hard on your fitness.
    great role model to all

  3. binkle says – reply to this


    Well done!! Looking good :) x x x

  4. HiH8er says – reply to this


    Nobody wants to see your nasty ass body you hypocritical dick.

  5. 5

    Wow! You look great! VERY motivating for someone like me, I wish you would share your 'fitness' plan. How much you eat, what you eat and how often you exercise?

  6. 6

    Really, Perez? You need validation that badly? You're smart and funny…don't stoop to the level of an 18 y/o in a bikini.

  7. Rossi says – reply to this


    Narcissistic ass.

  8. Jessica says – reply to this


    Damn!!!! Your hard work is paying off :)

  9. L says – reply to this


    I love your evolution, physically and mentally.

  10. leo says – reply to this


    1. Youre not a celeb
    2. You look like Fat Bastard Austin Power 3 with the excess skin!

  11. 11

    Holy cookies P! Hot!!!!!!!!! All these negative people, what the hell are you doing on his blog??

  12. 12

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LOOKING super handsome

    as ull notice all the professional men u meet except actors and slobs musicians are actually shaved faces …eg deepak

    yes im excited about this weight loss thing too hes like the new richard simmons …

  13. Amer says – reply to this


    body is ok i suppose, shame about the face

  14. Carebear0190 says – reply to this


    Looking great! So proud of you honey! All these haters shouldn't even be on this site if you are going to say stupid comments!

  15. Megan says – reply to this


    You look great!

  16. coryk says – reply to this


    Re: leo – leo is an idiot

  17. Jessica says – reply to this


    I don't understand why people are being so negative. You look great Perez! I wish you would post a sample of what you eat in a day to help some of us who are on the same path :-)

  18. chuck says – reply to this



    You have achieved something many do not even know where to begin. That earns respect.

    People that are criticizing you for whatever reason (past) need to learn to move on. Living in the past is how you fuel stress in your life. It's toxic and should not be encouraged.

  19. Johnathon Weeks says – reply to this


    Looks disgusting.

  20. 20

    Who's body did you photo shop there Perez?

  21. 21

    Props to you for getting fit…ignore the haters:-D they're just uber jealous!

  22. 22

    You look AMAZING!!!!

    How did you do it?

  23. 23

    Here to read up on celebrities, not what your body looks like shaved thank you…

  24. 24

    Gross, oh so gross

  25. 25

    well done!

  26. Joel says – reply to this


    Wow, I'm not even a fan of you, but I will commend you on such an effort!!! I'm happy to see your hard work and dedication pay off. If more would follow your lead here…

    Nice job

  27. 27


  28. linka says – reply to this


    You look fantastic! Ignore the negative comments; you're on the right track, buddy. You glow :)

  29. Ray says – reply to this


    And with that post, I am done with your site.

  30. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Are you in junior high?? For God's sake stop acting like a 14 year old girl!!!

  31. Jordan DeJarnette says – reply to this


    You look FANTASTIC! You should be so proud of yourself - not only how you look now, but the work you did to make it to this place!!

  32. 32


  33. Real Talk Guru says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – Losing weight is so easy. People are always making it seem like there is some "secret or "magic" fitness plan. Wanna lose weight? Don't eat junkfood, we all know what that is right folks? Eat real food, nothing thats been passed through a machine with chemicals or preservatives. Eat until your not hungry anymore not "stuffed". The only drinks you should be having is water with the exception of coffee or tea once in awhile, no soft drinks..period. Diet drinks are a scam and contain additves that are bad for you. Last but not least get your ass moving! Minimum 1 hr everyday. Walk, skip, jumping jacks, jog, weight train, bike ride, yoga, pilates etc. Just moooooove. Weight loss isn't some miracle only a few people can attain. The people that lose weight are get this…NOT LAZY! Try following what I have described for 1 month. Trust me, it works. So tired of all these people I hear complain about being fat. Do something about it…..geesh. Im sure if someone told you if you ate right and jogged everyday for a month they will give you a million dollars you would do it right? Well guess what, your health is priceless so look at it like that. Sorry do be harsh but that's the truth. Peace out.

  34. 34

    AWESOME!! You look amazing and the hard work shows!! You are an inspiration!!! Ixnay on the athershay…..Focus on the Positive!!! Keep at it!!

  35. ehc says – reply to this


    felicidades mario. verdaderamente sos una inspiracion. yo tengo 30 y peleo mucho con mi peso, así ha sido toda mi vida. ver tu progreso sirve de mucha inspiración. algún consejo?

  36. Jodiana says – reply to this


    I have been reading your column for years and I never left a comment before until today. I have watched you work so hard on losing and I just want to commend you on your success. You look fantastic. I am a mother of 2year old twins and I am still trying. Have about 15 pounds to go. You really are an inspiration. Thank you.

  37. 37

    As someone who has read your site for a looonnng time, it has been really amazing to see your transformation: body, heart and soul. And its even cooler to see that it has all be genuine and lasting. I think all of the changes you worked so hard to make on the inside are showing outwardly too and even though I don't know you… Im proud of what you've accomplished! Hopefully you know well enough to ignore all the hateful, pathetic comments people leave here. : ) Happy for you, perez!

  38. 38

    Shouldn't have shaved, but your body looks amazing no lie im impressed…in previous pictures you would suck your stomach in but this looks legit. Still doesn't excuse the bitchiness and horrible soul you have some(most)times ;/

  39. 39

    wow! amazing! so happy for you!!!

  40. 40

    why dont you tell people the truth.. u got LIPO fatass!

  41. r0bz says – reply to this


    You look so gross. pls dont do this again and just draw coke on peoples noses. Stay off tv too

  42. 42

    wow I can't believe it, this is the first time I am seeing this since you first went on a diet,I never thought you would get so fit? that's amazing! did the skin just shrink too?

  43. 43

    it's weird i know i know!!! but.. oh gosh i feel bad for saying this cause i really mean no harm ,so that's why it is impossible to say my review about your body.
    but what i wanted to say is.. for some reasons i feel something fishy about the positive comments.. if you compare with your usual comments posted on your blog.. it looks.. fake. A little bit like you made fake accounts and posted great reviews or you asked ppl to do so… am i bad? well it was just a vibe maybe i'm wrong:) On a positive note.. your work and dedication for healthness is great.

  44. Mike says – reply to this


    You are so SEXY!

  45. 45

    I can tell you that I am completely NOT jealous of Perez. What is there to be jealous of? Ooooooh, he lost weight. Just because you change your physical state doesn't mean you're a better person. You think deep down he still doesn't think of Jennifer Aniston as "Maniston"? Of COURSE he does! He hasn't truly changed. He is still a catty bitch, but he's more subtle about it now. He still makes his digs and the damage over the years as been done. Why would any man want to be with him unless they were as insecure as Perez's inner self is? At least when he was that pudgy guy with pink/blue/purple/green hair, he was being true to himself.

  46. 46

    You look great! Congratulations!

  47. memememe says – reply to this


    Sick of seeing pics of you and your body…not interested…thanks!

  48. 48

    it's amazing what money can buy! quit pretending you did this all by your little lonesome, how many personal trainers and diet experts helped you on your oh so hard journey to fitness?

  49. 49

    You're looking amazing. Super well done!

  50. 50

    Gotta say I'm impressed as I remember when Perez was just a fat fcuk. It takes dedication and discipline to get to that point. I wonder, though, if drugs are involved? Hopefully not.
    Body does look good except for that disgusting belly button that is FREAKING me out. That bellybutton is disgusting and looks like Donald Trump's mouth.
    The face is HORRIFIC, sorry to say. At least fat Perez had a more proportioned face, but slim Perez has a LOOOOOONG horse face. That is one LONG face and a chin to rival Rumor Willis.
    That is one ugly chin. Can Perez get that thing shaved down?

  51. 51

    DAMN! This is the body of a man that has put in WORK! You really look good, and I'm gonna use you for motivation….after I finish eating. Lol.

  52. Diane says – reply to this


    You look fucking HOOOOT!

  53. ed says – reply to this


    you gotta pump the arms.. they still look too skinny

  54. Cathy says – reply to this


    You need to eat more.

  55. 55

    AIDS is a fucked up disease

  56. 56

    Good for you! I know that is from work and discipline. But don't become like a cheesy girl and take photos of yourself in the mirror That means you have no friends.

  57. mia says – reply to this


    You look fantastic. I am inspired to get off my butt and work it. Seriously.
    I do think you need to get over posting images of yourself. Let the media post them. It looks a bit self absorbed.

  58. yeahhhh says – reply to this


    Lose the hard on please :/

  59. 59

    Maybe if you didn't smile like an idiot, you might look less like a dweeb. Congrats on getting fit though!!!

  60. perezhater says – reply to this


    gross, just gross. i cringed when i saw this.

  61. JK says – reply to this


    I don't understand these people who take the time to come to your website just to talk shit about you. Words cannot describe how pathetic they seem. Sad.

    BTW, looking good. Agree with L.

  62. Alex says – reply to this


    Looking fabulous!! much love from montreal!

  63. 63

    Re: Real Talk Guru

    I have $12.00 to my name to last until Saturday, June 2. Any ideas on what I could purchase to eat to follow your suggestions that would last that long. You have inspired me to give it that one month but I want to start tomorrow, not wait … until June 2 and then the inspiration will likely be gone. THANKS!!! (PS I have no food in the cupboards or frig. except 3 cans of tunafish.)

  64. 64

    You could probably get a six pack if you had more muscle. Cut back a little on the cardio and up the good calories and weights . More muscle= better body and more calories burned. You are malnourished right now and its not sustainable in the long run.

  65. 65

    Great work Perez! You've come so far!! :)

  66. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Yay Mario!!
    Proud of you
    Keep shaving “` please!!!
    The haters ““` are jealous
    and need to take a good look into
    a mirror “` themselves!!

  67. Emi says – reply to this


    OMGGGG PEREZ! I've been in the Peace Corpes for the last 2 years… i LOVED this site and last time I saw you, you were fat and i come back to this!?! WORK ITTTTTT HOTTIE WITH A NAUGHTY BODY!!!

  68. 68

    Great.. you lost weight.. what else is new? Great for you! However Doesn't mean you need to post it all over the place like a total cam whore :P

  69. kellee says – reply to this


    OMG WHOO HOOO ZZEXXYYYY!!!! way 2 go perez!!! I luv it! u have really done a big transformation over the years & the right way 2, great example <3

  70. cmaria says – reply to this


    This is his site and if he wants to post pictures of his success he should be able without rude comments from people. Don't like it, don't look! I think he looks amazing! And that it does take hard work and dedication to come as far as he has in his fitness. Woot Woot Perez!!

  71. GreenAlien says – reply to this


    Don't listen to the nasty comments. Most people probably wish they had a fit body like yours! You're looking good, Perez! *thumbs up for you*
    And you're not skinny. You have a healthy body weight. Not everybody who works out, necessarily becomes bukly like a body builder. You look good, so don't let anyone convince you otherwise! :)

    Nobody forces all those haters to come and click on this website. If they don't like the things you post, then they should just simply stay away and go to another website and keep their nasty comments to themselves.

  72. aaron says – reply to this


    Is this a celebrity blog or a blog about yourself/your body/being happy/climbing a mountain/etc??

    You're killing your own site, people don't come here to see you and your shirt off

  73. Michell says – reply to this


    Keep working on bulking the muscles a bit. Looking good!

  74. 74

    Not bad at all! I wish I had your motivation to get into such awesome shape!!

  75. Lyra says – reply to this


    I know you are proud Perez, but you really shouldn't post topless pics of yourself. Sometimes I think you just need a big bear hug and some real friends who aren't "famous". I still love ya tho! But Honey, stop fishing for compliments.

  76. justina says – reply to this


    You look amazing Perez. These people with the negative, hatful comments are so idiotic. They're clearly missing the point. I'm sure this photo is meant to be as an inspiration for fitness and healthy living. We see how much Perez's body has changed in the last few years. He has truly achieved something amazing through hard work and dieting. You look great Perez. Do you baby.

  77. 77

    Does anyone know what his day to day diet consists of? He looks super good

  78. 78

    Re: Real Talk Guru – that didn't work for me. unfortunately I'm not one of those donut eaters. I have dieted forever and cannot lose weight. i eat only home cooked fresh veggies by the piles worked my ass off and I don't lose. Sadly perhaps all the chemicals and flouride and whatever the crap the country is about damages bodies forever. I can eat 800 calories a day and never lose an ounce

  79. Alex says – reply to this


    wow looking Great!!

  80. bliss says – reply to this



  81. Whitney says – reply to this


    You look amazing! You should post a before/after shot just for inspiration. Perhaps a small blog on what inspired you to get fit and how/what kept you motivated or hindered your fitness goals.

  82. long time reader says – reply to this


    honestly you do look much better than you did a few years back but i think you'd look a lot better if you gained a bit of weight! keep it up!

  83. 83

    Looking EXCELLENT!!!

  84. Justin23 says – reply to this


    Seriously enough already of your self promoting. No one cares to see or hear about you. We're on here only to read about celebrity gossip. Keep promoting yourself the way you have been in the last few months and your traffic will gradually die down. I don't check this website as often as I used to cause I don't feel like seeing your ugly face & hearing about you and your so called fabulous life. Urghhh enough!

  85. Delaney says – reply to this


    If you work hard - then you deserve to show it off. You don't go from fat to fit overnight and at the end of the day this is Perez' blog so he can post whatever the shiz he wants to. I've lost 30 kgs (60ish lbs) myself so I know how hard it is to get back to trim.

  86. 86

    not gonna lie, your body is looking great. keep up the good work, love your site but i still hate you with a passion.

  87. 87

    Gorgeous :)

  88. 88

    Looking great, P! As always! :)

  89. 89

    OK, i'll agree to this. Now you're looking toned instead of overly skinny. Much better! Just don't get too bulky, thats gross looking! :)

  90. asdfasdf says – reply to this


    a a a

  91. RotationAxle says – reply to this


    Good job! Don't listen to the jealous people posting hateful things.

  92. 92

    this is not celebrity gossip. post on ur personal fb or twiiter, not here

  93. 93

    booboo, lol this IS his personal website. read the title.. that's his pseudoname. It's not a company name. you people really need to go somewhere else than troll a personal blog. If it was about cooking he could still post his family pics and it would be no ones biz but his

  94. 94

    bod looks great. too bad about the face tho :/
    Some things money just can't fix.

    I'm sure all your victims you've called ugly like Rumer Willis are having a good laugh right now

  95. Toto says – reply to this


    Your face is still insufferable. So awful in fact that i can't believe how you aren't universally known as That hideous self promoting Perez Hilton who was just mean to celebs because he really wanted to be one.
    Do you think anybody really cares how you're doing?
    The reason people visit this site is to read up on celeb gossip, not how much weight you've lost.
    Seriously though, every time I accidentally look at your face I think "WOAH ugly." I can't stress that enough.
    Go back to being a walking, talking joke.

  96. Alan says – reply to this


    Well done perez, you reached your goals. i could believe when I saw the new you on Glee, I had to check it out ;)

  97. 97

    If it weren't for your crass personality and attitude, you might be attractive.

  98. Sabrina says – reply to this


    Either you had bariatric surgery or don't eat. Honestly, way too skinny! You're so into setting a good example but you are not doing it now.

  99. percy says – reply to this


    You have done some fab work on both your body and your personality/persona and for that - kudos! Try not to lose too much weight because your head is of size large and the proportions dont add up ;)

  100. lazzari_1@hotmail.com says – reply to this


    well done for loosing all the fat man but now you just looke like a genereic gay boy

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