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Justin Bieber Attacks! Assaults A Paparazzo While Out With Selena!

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Oh! Baby, baby, baby NO!

Seems Justin Bieber is in a lot of trouble this Memorial Day weekend.

Yesterday afternoon, The Biebs decided to do a little shopping with his girlfriend Selena Gomez at an outdoor mall in Calabasas. While the exact details of the fight have yet to be released, SEVERAL sources have confirmed that Justin got into a physical altercation with a paparazzo, who was trying to snap the winning pic of the darling pair.

One witness told sources that the photog blocked Justin's car in so that he and Selena couldn't leave, thus giving him a better opportunity to snap a photo. Justin got out of his car, got into the guy's face and a fight broke out.

Cops were called to the scene, allegedly by the paparazzo, but by that time, Justin was already long gone. We're told law enforcement officials will be looking into the matter and it is likely that Justin could be facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

Tsk, tsk Justin! You know better than this! Violence is never the answer. We're just glad neither you or this guy got seriously hurt.

[Image via GSI Media.]

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80 comments to “Justin Bieber Attacks! Assaults A Paparazzo While Out With Selena!”

  1. 1

    The pap got what he deserved they need to learn to get the hell out of peoples faces !
    I'm pretty sure this entire thing is exaggerated ! I hope Justin doesn't get into too much trouble ! hopefully he can still perform at the MMVA's

  2. 2

    He didint ATTACK jeez how exaggerated !

  3. 3

    wow i didnt know gomez was a lesbian

  4. Victoria says – reply to this


    He punched the pap because he was rude to Selena. He joked about her having Herpes, and that is when Justin lost it.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    really funny, like this little girl is gonna put a whoopen on ANYONE. my 20 YO granddaughter is tougher than this girly man.

  7. Cassidy Johnson says – reply to this


    well if i were justin i would of still fought because paparazzzi is rude!

  8. Cassidy says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – what fuck dont be rude like dat

  9. Jamie says – reply to this


    Don't give a hang about Bieber, but I cheer anytime one of these obnoxious paps gets a well deserved punch in the kisser. We love the celebrity pictures, but a little decent courtesy and respect for private space please.

  10. Ftard says – reply to this


    He could afford a freakin security team, like gaga, like rob dyderyk's (sic) BB. wtf doesn't his mgmt/label provide him with such basic protection?

  11. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    Perez, i hate how you always say violence is never the answer, yes, sometimes it freaking is…..what if someone started assaulting your mom?? would you stand beside them and ask them kindly to stop, or would you knock the shit out of them…….the phrase violence is never the answer is just effing stupid!

  12. 12

    When are famous people gonna realize that when they start getting millions and millions of dollars for doing nothing on this planet, they become public property!!!!

  13. 13

    Oftentimes violence IS the answer, pansy boy, because nothing else gets through. You're a great example of an individual who needs and deserves an ass kicking a minimum of once per day because you're too fucking stupid to understand anything else. So STFU about violence never being the answer.

  14. kyria says – reply to this


    ill do that same if i was if justin

  15. Fwdrmore says – reply to this


    HAha if I was going To be attacked by any celeb i wish it was him, my toy poodle could beat me up more

  16. 16

    if he gets charged with assault the pap should get charged with harassment.

  17. 17

    Nice pants Beiber. Enough said hahahaha

  18. Fwermore says – reply to this


    This guy has one of two options:
    1- sue Beiber because Justin's fucking rich
    2- or do not sue and save the some dignity you have left by not telling people Justin fucking 10 year old beiber beat you up

  19. 19

    this kid dresses like a 14 year old asian dancer..

  20. The Truth says – reply to this


    The dork photographer started it. He should be arrested for obstructing traffic and harassment. He's just upset that a skinny teen half his age and size kicked his coward ass. Go Justin!

  21. 21

    Re: raypearson – The fact that you have a 20 year old granddaughter and on here commenting about Justin says a whole lot about you.

    And yes, this paparazzi deserved an ass whoopin, Perez. You can't stalk someone, be rude to someone, and even restrain them because you are stopping them from leaving, and then call the police because you feel your rights have been violated.

  22. 22

    You should also post the follow ups from tee-emmze.ee where they said a lawyer approached the victim after and told him to file a police report and call an ambulance because he could get a lot of money. And violence is always the answer when it comes to paps and photographers.

  23. 23

    Re: raypearson – hahaha!!

  24. 24

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – perez knockin the shit out of someone? hahahaha

  25. Bonnie Collins says – reply to this


    the pap should be held for kidnapping…holding JB against his will. He blocked JB's car, therefore not allowing JB to exit on his own free will. I would've hit the pap too! They go too far to get a shot.

  26. Erica says – reply to this


    Leave bieber and gomez alone there just a couple who want to walk down the street and enjoy the day like the rest of us. No matter the amount of money or fame that previleage which is a basic RIGHT should not be difficult to have no matter who you are. whereever he's shoe was I hope it was in the paparazzes asshole cuz if I was in that position it would be there! Love you justin&Selena:)

  27. 27

    seems that pap is the guy who was assaulting. holding someone hostage would freak me out and want to beat the sht out of someone. The pap deserved it. Tired of their asses being protected and getting screen time for it. hope justine charges him for assault and kidnapping or SOMEthing

  28. 28

    rayperson your older daughter if stronger than a teenage boy.. ok but that doesn't say much about your genetics

  29. Dov says – reply to this


    Justin bieber actually beat somebody up? All 110 lbs of him?

  30. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex – im not assuming he can actually do it, but im guessing he'd try, was trying to make a point about his dumb ass "violence is never the answer" bullshit, it's annoying, some people just need to get fucking punched….and some people need a high five….in the face….with a chair……just saying…..

  31. chrissy says – reply to this


    Well then.maybe they should leave them alone. The press doesnt need pictures of every single little thing celebrities do. Smh

  32. chrissy says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – and youre so fuckin old and decrepit id love to see you try to fight anyone. Why dont old.people keep with their times and we'll keep.with.ours

  33. 33

    Isn't "Calabasas" the neighbourhood where the Kardashian family wh*res live? Didn't he move to that same neighbourhood as well? I'm sorry, but you don't move or go shopping near the KKK family's residence and expect to get any privacy. The paps live/camp around that neighbourhood, I'm sure.

    Move out of LA, or deal with the cons of being "famous". There are many celebs who manage to not get "stalked" by the paps on a daily basis, because they don't go to the "hot spots" where the paps expect to catch fame wh*res. As low as they may seem, that is their job. They complain now, but the second people stop giving them attention and their spotlight fades, they don't know what to do with themselves.

  34. ABCD says – reply to this


    This pap had every right to get his ass kicked. These people go too far in order to get a picture of celebrities. If Someone blocked my car in, I'd do the same thing!

  35. 35

    I don't care how the incident was spun, here is the breakdown:
    As a photographer, I know the laws; a public venue is permitted.
    As an accomplished Martial Artist, I notice Beiber was in an aggressive stance. I have the feeling he wanted to test it out and send a message.
    My conclusion: Justin shouldn't have been striking a Photographer in any way. Especially on a date. He sends the wrong message and for that, should be subject to the laws as they apply. The laws are there to protect against restriction of Journalism. If he has something to prove, then prove it in a ring, where people punch back.

  36. LittleMissDissapear says – reply to this


    Re: HILRAY
    Be quiet. You must know nothing. They are decidedly immature, like most young grown-ups, but they are responsible and don't do the stupid things a lot of other young celeb couples do. Justin is a handsome young man, and Selena is a beautiful young woman. There's nothing lesbian about it.Re: HILRAY

  37. LittleMissDissapear says – reply to this


    Re: Fwdrmore – You're being pretty rude.

  38. Trialnterror says – reply to this


    Anyone celeb or not , someone getting in your face not letting u leave, deserves a fist in the mouth!

  39. Zach Swan says – reply to this


    Tsk tsk. Violence is USUALLY not the answer, Perez. It was however, the BEST answer when you were shooting your mouth off in Toronto and got an attitude adjustment right in your grill. In the case of this lowlife paparazzi, it was also likely well deserved. The worst thing for that poor sucker is that he'll have to live the rest of his life as the guy who got his a$s handed to him by the Biebs!! Talk about humiliating.

  40. Jade says – reply to this


    No hate, because i'm a Belieber but what happened to the Justin we loved. The one that is down-to-earth and so sweet. I wonder what happened to him… I wish he can come back to his original attitude.
    Concerned belieber

  41. Marissa says – reply to this


    The pap got what he deserved. He was talking crap bout hos girlfriend right in front of his face. They pushed hi to his limits. They need to leave them alone. All celebrities. They are all just humans. And it is not cool.

  42. Nick Jonas says – reply to this


    I hope that brat gets arrested because you're not untouchable and what you do has consequences. But he won't he took a cop hat before and didn't get locked up. This proves there no justice in the world

  43. Judge-and-Jury says – reply to this


    Regardless of what the pap said or did, Justin can't go around hitting people. If he can't behave in the USA, he should be deported back to Canada where he was born.

  44. nat says – reply to this


    where's the other shoe?

  45. MRSMOMA says – reply to this


    WOW! So the paz have more rights then a regular citizen? Seriously! How about Justin and Selena pressing charges for false imprisonment by the paz. Since when is stalking legal?

  46. Darnley says – reply to this


    Forget the attack! What is job wearing?

  47. Kayla says – reply to this


    This is so exaggerated. justin didn't attack anyone. When Justin got out of his car , he tried to calmly talk to pap about getting out of the way. Thats when Selena got out off the car because she saw Justin was clearly aggitated. The pap continued to stand in front of the car and was talking about Selena saying she had herpes and all of that bullshit. Justin did what any normal boyfriend would do and defended his girl. Justin did PUSH the pap but he didnt punch anyone in the face. The pap is trying to get a little money out of Justin thats all. And I know people who was actually at the scene when this happen. Don't believe all the bullcrap, Justin is a good guy and a good boyfriend. (And could probably kick anyone's ass if he wanted to since his dad was a boxer. its in his genes :D )

  48. Zip says – reply to this


    No, actually, if what the witness has alledged is true, Justin and Selena are the victims of a form of kidnapping. A person does not have the right to block your path or detain you without permission, as it is considered to be kidnapping under the law. He, Justin, therefore had the right to confront and stop the assailant, as this would be considered self-defense.

  49. Harry says – reply to this


    Why do I not feel pity for the Pap? You say violence is not the answer. Define violence! In my opinion pap shit behaviour is a good definition of it. One day one will be dead on the street and i will be as indifferent as they usually are with the stars privacy. A herd of uncultivated rude mannered wannabe fotografs,trying to make big mones with nothing.

  50. 50

    Re: chrissy – haven't killed anyone since 1972, old does not equal weak.

  51. Michel your ass says – reply to this


    Wow, that finger pointing looks real life threatening! People should really understand what's going on before they say anything. Smfhh 3-|

  52. 52

    Wow, that finger pointing looks real life threatening. People shouldn't say anything until they really know what's going on! Smfhh 3-|

  53. skank says – reply to this


    Re: Jade

    You're an idiot.

  54. 54

    Wow, that finger pointing looks real life threatening. People shouldnt say anything until they really know whats going on. Smfhh 3-|

  55. 55

    They should pass a law in LA County (and city as well) that paps cannot get closer than 3 feet to a celeb and 5-6 feet would be better.

  56. Abbey says – reply to this


    This whole thing was staged so people would buy into his new "bad boy" stage… I don't buy it. Where are the videos?

  57. 57

    So this cameraman wants to be known as the guy Justin Bieber beat up? He should turn in his mancard immediately.

  58. 58

    There would be no gossip blogs or most of the shitty gossip magazine's you pay your hard earned money for if paps didn't exist, so anyone who is feeling sorry for these celebrities are hypocrites. We are the ones who are interested in seeing these kind of photo's and altercations. People want to see what people are wearing while they are out running errands, who they are with, what new plastic surgery procedures they got done now, signs of baby bumps, where they are going, what kind of mood they are in, any sort of drama, etc.

    He is no different than any other asshole celebrity who has beat up a pap prior to this incident but yet everyone has always called out others saying they are assholes, etc. Justin should have called the police on the guy, plain and simple.

  59. 59

    he looks like he could flog justin hes just backing down so he gets the $$$

  60. 60

    justins next performance at the local county jail…

  61. Gladys says – reply to this


    I’m not a fan but I so agree with what he did
    They should get a really job so that these picture don’t define whether they starving or having a good dinner that day.. And if the cops are good at their job they will see that this was that dumb ass fault …you don’t have the right to block anyone for a fucken picture.

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  63. 63

    Re: xoxcrybabyxox – I Agree

  64. KidrauhlUniverse says – reply to this


    He didnt ATTACK .. he shoved the paparazzi because he was blocking Justin & Selena from leaving.

  65. KidrauhlUniverse says – reply to this


    & he does have security guards .. They didnt go with him because obviously he wanted time w/ Selena. That didnt go too wellll …

  66. isabel says – reply to this



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  69. xx says – reply to this


    I'm seriously not a fan of Bieber but this paparazzi guy should be ashamed of himself.

  70. discover hipster music says – reply to this


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