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Dexter's Disappointing Season 7 Teaser

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Dexter's seventh season is approaching and Showtime's new teaser (above) is… nothing we don't already know.


The short and sweet promo for the September premiere adds nothing to the mix but a little dubstep.

But we are still pumped to see where the story goes!!

If you remember, Debra caught her brother Dexter taking down the Doomsday Killer. Ruh-roh!

As if that wasn’t mind blowing enough, the siblings confessed a deeper love for each other. You know, the kind of love that's outlawed in most parts of the world!

Of course, we aren’t surprised — Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter still seem pretty cute together in real life!

Their attraction was bound to manifest itself on the small screen eventually!

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7 comments to “Dexter's Disappointing Season 7 Teaser”

  1. tom says – reply to this


    It is just a teaser. The show is not for another 3 months. Who cares about a 15 second clip! Not sure why anyone would need to see trailers and teasers and spoil the show.

  2. 2

    can you say jump the shark..

  3. Lynz says – reply to this


    only Deb is madly inlove with dexter.. if you dont watch the show.. please lord dont make comments about it. Dexter doesn't love deb like that.. get your facts right.. :/

  4. Smurfette814 says – reply to this


    No one professed their love for each other. Deb was on her way to tell dexter when she caught him killing the doomsday killer

  5. Dexter McCabe says – reply to this


    How is it outlawed they are not blood related. Please watch the show before making a post.

  6. ed says – reply to this


    last season wasb by far the worst .. that "twist" of one of the killers been dead and just in the imagination of the other one was so lame…… plus the possibility of a "deb and dexter" seems to me very off.. they need to come up with better ideas…

  7. caffman says – reply to this


    Dexter is Debs ADOPTED brother moron!