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Madonna's Knife Stalker Headed Back To Court!

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Madonna Stalker Trial

As we reported earlier this month, Madonna’s stalker Robert Linhart’s case had been dismissed after prosecutors failed to meet deadlines. Now, a judge has picked the case back up again!

Too bad, so sad for Robert, though — the judge decided to reinstate the charges from his arrest outside Her Madgesty’s NY apartment in 2010!

Linhart’s charges include criminal mischief, graffiti AND possession of a weapon — an ice pick!

Robert was found by police with a sign that creepily read:

"M, the Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please XXX."

Now, it looks like the judge had originally “miscalculated” the 180 days prosecutors had to bring him to trial!

This time around, prosecutors now have 15 days to bring him to trial and hopefully, are able to get him locked up for good!

It's CRAY to think that Linhart had been stalking around freely for the past two years…all because somebody couldn’t count correctly!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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10 comments to “Madonna's Knife Stalker Headed Back To Court!”

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