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Homophobic DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional!

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gay marriage washington

Just another victory on the road of LGBT equality!!

By unanimous vote, a Federal Appeals Court in Boston has found the Defense of Marriage Act, which basically shuns gay marriage, to be completely unconstitutional.

Those who support DOMA insist Congress should adhere to the "traditional" definition of marriage and define the terms necessary for the federal hand-outs that come with it.

But the court ruled that to define marriage "as a union between man and woman" would deprive same-sex couples the same rights granted to heterosexual partners.

And clearly, that's an equality no-no! Discrimination is NOT what America stands for!

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley states:

Today’s landmark ruling makes clear once again that DOMA is a discriminatory law for which there is no justification.

It is unconstitutional for the federal government to create a system of first-and second-class marriages, and it does harm to families in Massachusetts every day.

All Massachusetts couples should be afforded the same rights and protections under the law, and we hope that this decision will be the final step toward ensuring that equality for all.

Brava, Martha!! Brava!!

It DOES get better! And it IS getting better!!

We can't wait to see the day when this great country recognizes marriages between consenting, gay adults just like those between consenting, adult heterosexuals!

[Image via AP Images.]

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7 comments to “Homophobic DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional!”

  1. 1

    You're wasting your time… when Romney gets back into office and banns same sex marriage across the board you will have just wasted your breath. Why don't you post the real news that is happening in gay community? Like how that gay porn star murdered, dismembered, and filmed it all.

  2. 2

    massachusetts rocks! if it weren't for the fucking curfew!

  3. 3

    @kiks32…first of all, Romney has never been in office (as the President) but I'm sure that was a typo and secondly, since DOMA has been deemed unconstitutional, and If Romney is elected and tries to ban Same sex marriage on a federal level, it will be much harder for it to actually pass and considering many out there approve of same sex marriage, I seriously doubt there will ever be a federal amendment/law that will ban gay marriage.

    Also, the fact that someone murdered someone else is not just news for the gay community, its news for everyone, wether the guy was gay or straight, he murdered someone, bottom line. The ruling of DOMA as Unconstitutional is real news for the gay community.

  4. 4

    Finally, something that makes sense! Now let's work on fighting all the crazy anti-women's health bills!

  5. 5

    THIS should be up to the states, not the federal goverment

  6. 6

    Re: teeter totter – Spoken like a true racist in the 1960's.

  7. Cate says – reply to this


    There's a little caveat in this whole ruling that seems to be overlooked… and by little caveat I mean the whole freakin' ruling. The provision that was ruled unconstitutional, was stated by the judges to infringe on STATE rights to define marriage. While that means amazing things for the FEW states that have legalize gay marriage(and fall into this courts jurisdiction), it also protects states that have gay marriage bans and allows that ban to continue. While I understand it's the first step of many, I can't help but also be disappointed that it's being touted as a monumental victory when sadly it isn't. Maybe I'm just so over the legalized bigotry and discrimination that I'm ready for it to be overturned. When the human right to equality and fair treatment under the law take the cake and states are no longer allowed to legally discriminate based on sexual orientation, in this case specifically where marriage is concerned, I'll celebrate, until then I'm waiting impatiently.