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Nobody puts on a show quite like Madonna! No one even comes close! With a career spanning 30 years, she is still the undisputed Queen of Pop! An entertai… Read more…

70 comments to “Madonna Kicks Off MDNA Tour! Perez Reviews!”

  1. 1

    This sucks balls, horrible songs, she looks old and tired. Damn. What happened?

  2. 2

    Jeesh…how can you review this tour and then already be speaking about her NEXT tour being better….sorta rude no? oh well, what i do know. Good for her for still being able to put on such a long show with so many aspects, can't wait to see it.

  3. Chris says – reply to this


    I think for what Madonna is charging fans, she should add a few more classic hits to the setlist. Loyal fans are furious. The show is too short, and nothing from three of her three biggest albums "Madonna" "Music" and "Ray of Light." MDNA was a bomb, so why fill a short show with mostly songs from MDNA?! She should be ashamed with more than 50 hits to have a short setlist like this. Hate to say it - but she is going to ruin her reputation as a great live performer. Very disappointed.

  4. Dan says – reply to this


    sounds awful and dark… and awful, she is full of negativity now

  5. 5

    "Poppa Don't Preach"? Get it right. Whoever wrote this "article" should be fired or go back to school, or get a better fact checker.

    Where you there Perez, or were you just watching all the youtube clips everyone else is?

    What happened between you and Lady Xerox? I don't think I have seen one post about her trashy tour.

    Anyway, I am a huge Madonna fan, but this setlist SUCKS.

  6. San says – reply to this


    Ummm. Since when is 1:50 a short show. Delusional idiots.

    And this is NOT a greatest hits tour. If you're a 'fan' of her work, then perhaps actually listening to her current work is a wise move. People need to wake up and step out of the 80s…M has moved on and so should you.

  7. CeeBee says – reply to this


    This sounds awful, I'm glad she never tours here. She's so horribly self-indulgent, who gives a shit about her "new" material? It's rubbish. She's only good for the classics. Perez, if violence isn't the answer, "we'd" have thought you'd be a little less impressed with the vicious overtones of the concert.

  8. 8

    Been a fan of Madonna since the beginning. Now I am really pumped that we got floor seats to see her when in town - it will be my first Madonna concert! I love how it seems to be a darker themed show dealing with love and loss. Perfect.

  9. lala says – reply to this


    Guy moved on with a new chapter in his life. Success with his movies. A young girlfriend and their infant son. Doubt Guy is sitting around reflecting on his ex wife

  10. 10

    …and in her next tour she'll come out in a walker and then the next one a wheel chair and then the next one a coffin and then the next one….

  11. Scott says – reply to this


    Must not been at the concert the Reuters reviewer was. They didn't care for it. The new album is horrible and she is too old to be doing that type of a show. She looks like a fool. She needs to go chat with Cher on how to be a a fine wine diva that gets better with age.

  12. Ashton says – reply to this


    Have u heard of BEYONCE motherfucker! she makes madonna look like a side show! Aint nobody can compare to Queen B shes above it all! #AMEN

  13. 13


    your AIDS infected brain is showing its damage. IDIOT

  14. Cecilia says – reply to this


    Her worst tour ever. And I'm a hardcore fan. Sorry Madonna, you just lost touch.

  15. 15

    Well… Drowned World Tour sucked. Too dark. Confessions - beautiful. This tour MDNA should have been upbeat and colorful reflecting on her self titled name and FUN career. Instead its some dark "deep" violent crock. She needs to get back to FUN and colorful. No one wants gloom doom and politics. Yes. Cher is a class act. She does not try to prove anything - Madonna tries too hard when she does not have to.

  16. MAURICIO says – reply to this


    Open Your Heart and Like a Virgin: we want THE ORIGINAL versions!

    This is the WORST set list that Madonna had on tour! NEXT!

  17. 17

    i was going to get multiple tickets to see this show… but after seeing the setlist, seeing the costumes, seeing her lame entrance and the horrific botching she gave to like a virgin… I think once will be enough… :(

  18. Jason says – reply to this


    Re: Ashton – lmfao Beyonce? Boy please. She is mediocre at best. Janet Jackson, Whitney, Madonna make Beyonce's tours look like a kindergarten talent show

  19. 19

    In other words, a good show that didn't *quite* quench a fan's thirst. Much like the album, the show seems to be too much warmed up, warmed over Madonna, and nothing that really makes you stop and go "Ahhhhhhhh". The next tour will not be better; Madonna will be 3-4 years older which, to a dancer, is major aging. She won't be able to do some of what she's able to do now. Just ask any other professional dancer. There comes a time when the body simply *can't* do certain movements and combinations any more. And unless Madonna is incubating some really *great* and cutting edge music, I can't imagine the next album will be much better than MDNA.

  20. 20

    Re: ParisIsBurning – fuck you hater madonna is huge and the best tour ever

  21. 21

    I LOVE MADONNA …….always will…..but girlfriend needs to hang it up……I watched a bit and it was embarrassing…..sorry Madge…:(

  22. CMBPALM says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurningRe: ParisIsBurning – Maybe you are just reflecting, which is perfectly OK? Perhaps you are the one who has gotten old and tired? Just sayin'.

  23. 23

    Im so excited!!! I loved the set list!
    If people wanna hear the same old songs, go to youtube and watch the old tours!

    MDNA Tour is to promote MDNA album!

  24. 24

    Re: Branditto – no you are not stop the shit you hate madonna and dont try to act like you are a fan because you are not you are a litte monster

  25. 25

    Nobody puts on a better show then MADONNA NOBODY

  26. 26

    I see Madonna is still wearing her daughter's 7-12 year old girl's clothing line & pretending she's a virgin…….

  27. Q says – reply to this


    Re: San
    With nearly half a dozen costume changes and interludes, I too would think I would have been short-changed if the concert only clocked in at 1:50. But what the hell do I know? You're the expert, not us..Preach on!

  28. leo says – reply to this


    im only 18 years old and im a huge madonna fan .confessions and her sticky and sweet tour were both of my favorites. i know i wasnt alive around the time her biggest hits were very popular but i know alot of her songs from that time and i wish she would of did more of those. i love you madonna but i feel like this MDNA tour wont be that good.im not really feeling any of these songs on her album. hope she has fun on her tour though.this might be her last tour,hopefully..shes getting quite old .

  29. 29

    well done perez securing ur spot on tour with madonna u lucky bastard … i love madonna shes a amazing woman and inspiration . tell her i said hi :)

  30. 30

    The new album is about her breakup with Guy? Can someone tell her she's not a 14 year old girl? And besides, since she's a man-eating ho-bag, it's fairly obvious what broke them up.

  31. DEPECHE says – reply to this


    "Then, the shirt comes off for a very revealing (in many ways) version of Like A Virgin. With just a piano accompanying her, this was the heart of the show! It's as if Guy Ritchie was standing in front of her and she was singing directly to him. "
    Gag! Really, Perez…that's the best analysis you could come up with?

  32. matt says – reply to this


    Re: Dan – oh for fuck's sake SHUT UP!!!! you are all over every board with the same whining bullshit. seriously get the fuck over it! the show is just as long as any other she has done…2 hours. the same amount of songs. the same mix of old and new songs. do you seriously expect a 4 hour show with 40 songs? only whiny bitchy "fans" like you are furious. i've been with her from the start and i'll continue to be with her. she puts on one hell of a show, always has and always will. maybe you should go put in your ROL cd or maybe choose a new artist to be a fan of

  33. Killbilly says – reply to this


    FU HATERS & FU Perez! Some fans don't want a greatest hits show also Dark Madonna is and more daring and artistic Madonna!

  34. HelloStranger says – reply to this


    That's quite an objective review, even for you, Perez. It still hasn't convinced me to go see it, though.

  35. New Perez Fan! says – reply to this


    Perez, I've always lurked reading your thoughts and delicious snark at celebrities, and how you bring it all back to earth no nonsense. I love your review of the MDNA show and it makes me wish I were there in Israel to see it. You really put the audience in the front seats with your great descriptions - I can practically feel the sweat and hear the music! Count me as your new fan. And now of course here come the envious little monsters.

    Fuck em :)

  36. SimplyBlue says – reply to this


    Never seen her live, and I'm sure she does put on a good show, but where's the spontaneity? Everything seems so well-choreographed and executed. The same show you see here will be the same one you'll see somewhere else. What does she do if something goes wrong? And it's just not her; it seems like every act is like this today. Give me someone who actually plays live music with a real band, with interesting in-between-numbers banter and audience interaction. Sorry, not a diss on Madonna.

  37. 37

    Re: ParisIsBurning – look what happened to you! Considering your picture you are dead and you don't know it…. and u dare to say it suck balls? I'm laughing at you right now, u must be totally oblivious. Jealous bitch.

  38. 38

    Perez, your review is so good it made me feel the sweat and hear the music. Your words really put us right there in the audience. Madonna is the best, and I love her. This is your best review ever, so good it brought me out of lurking at your site for three years to make my first post. Your first two sentences sum it all up. Nobody puts on a show quite like Madonna! No one even comes close! I wish I were in Israel to cheer her on. Madonna inspires me. She is and will forever be the Queen of Pop. Thanks for the review - you have in me a new Perez Hilton fan, and you inspire me, too.

  39. isak says – reply to this


    THIS is the first show !! and from the look of things madonna can still put on a great show, she is about the future the dance and theater , this tour hs it all , cant wait to see you in nyc , luv madonna

  40. Scandalman says – reply to this


    Re: AshtonRe: Q – Maybe because SHE CAN! Have you ever think about it?

  41. 41

    Re: Snookietoes – Oh my god! You are so clever!! It would be a travesty if you weren't writing for NBC sitcoms.

  42. 42

    Re: windrider2 – gee, you could be talkin' about your kike nosed leader gaga and her btw album. just sayin' ;-)

  43. Mess says – reply to this


    Madonna is an artist. Her concert is a reflection of what she has gone through. I' m thrilled to be able to see Madonna perform her current work. Why are so many people interested in the past? It seems as though people just want to re live what has passed. It's funny in 3 years everyone is going to say how MDNA tour was amazing and the current show she is putting on is awful. People ur all predictable.

  44. Brad says – reply to this


    Re: Louie G – I hate to say it but I agree. Candy shop and human nature again. Disappointing considering how many great songs she has to choose from.

  45. 45

    this woman is a genius. after 30 years and 53 years old shes the best incredible

  46. 46

    Well that's a bummer that she'll be singing more songs off her new album than her classic hits. Her new album is awful. It's a good thing I'm not watching. My all time fave Madonna albums are still Like A Prayer, and Ray of Light, Confessions on a Dance Floor!

  47. doron says – reply to this


    i was there last night in tel aviv - one of her worst tours by far. Don't spend your money on it. i really hope that she'll cancel it and get back to work on the next album/tour. it's almost as worst as Drowned World tour, and i'm a huge madonna fan. i have been to many of her concerts in the past years in paris,london,TLV and NYC.

  48. Rodrigo says – reply to this


    What? I'm a loyal fan and I'm delighted with the show…I still have to see it myself, but looks incredible, like nothing ever done before, and the songs are pretty cool! The only one I'm gonna miss is 'Music' …the rest is perfect. We're nobody to decide the artistic representation Madonna has to put out in HER own show!

    Queen of Pop forever! :)

  49. Fruzhen says – reply to this


    If you are a casual fan, and by that I mean that you know the words to every one of her hits up until this album, you should stay home with your iPod. The show is actually disturbing, not just dark. Her voice was synthesized in many songs, which, because of the awful sound system in ramat Gan stadium, was like screeching. She's a great performer, but there was nothing to dance to. In my entire section, nobody even got out of their chairs, except for like a prayer. Her peace / lose your ego speech fell flat considering this is perhaps her most introspective (read: egotistical) album. Stay home

  50. 50

    Re: ParisIsBurning – shut up-… watch the videos and take some notes…. the show was surreal. everybody was wow…. tired?lol she has more energy than all young stars. its incredible.this woman is a genius. AMAZING SHOW… best show in years….. like superbowl madonna surprised us again. and there are videos that proves it… dont go for the pics… AMAZING AMAZING…


  51. 51

    MDNA best opening act ever EPIC….this is the new blond ambition… awesome.what a presence.. she is full of energy

  52. KC says – reply to this


    Re: oopsimawesome10
    Let me guess. Based on your "cleverness," you're the one who writes for Perez! :)

  53. gagacopycat says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning

    Way better than Bored This Way Ball.

  54. 54

    You have no taste and you're an idiot. So why would I see any "review" you do as credible? I wouldn't. You are just too much of an asshole. You're like one of those phony wine enthusiasts who, no matter how long you're around those who understand it, never get it and talks out of your ass, pretending you're in the know. The problem with that is that those who DO know better also know what a loser you are. You have become the butt of the joke, Perez.

  55. 55

    Re: SimplyBlue – Go see Keith Urban. I do not listen to country radio and do not like country music in general, but he is Fantastic!

  56. RainMan says – reply to this


    Re: lington
    Whatever, bitch! You weren't even there!

  57. joe says – reply to this


    have been with Madge since True Blue album. All that bullshit written over here is meaningless. One thing that you haters should understand…she does not need to follow what you say, or expect. Madonna has gone a long very long way in this business and has a very solid base of her fans. Being on the top for such a long time and supported by her fans for everything she has gone through and done is the way to go. I only wanna know if any of these young so called stars of today will last at least half of her time. Madonna does what she wants and when she wants. She as much as Elton John, Cher, Tina or some others has done it from point zero and made her way up to the stardom. She will deserves to be treated as an icon or legend. Get along with it or leave…she is Madonna and she does what she wants…Love the show!

  58. DeutschTeufel says – reply to this


    Re: joe
    She's a pop star. I usually reserve my respect for people a little bit important or meaningful in my life. As far as the haters go, she is a public figure. She's not immune to criticism. No one is telling her what she needs to do, but hey, if I were to pay an enormous amount to see her live, and after seeing these clips, I would think my opinion about what I'm paying good money to see is just as valid.

  59. Terence says – reply to this


    Re: San – haha you call out Perez for mis-spelling Papa Don't Preach and someone needs to go back to school, then you say "Where you there Perez or watching on youtube" I think its HIGH LARI US when someone critiques someones spelling and knocking them and then MIS-SPELLS a WORD!!!! tragic and priceless.

  60. japes01 says – reply to this


    I can't believe people diss Drowned World, I think it was my very favorite Madonna tour….I love dark Madonna as well, and I loved the setlist…with the only exception being Candy Shop, but I just don't like that album, not the biggest Timbalan fan. I thought her Babyface R&B stint was much stronger and sounded more like her than her producers. I love the rest of the songs though and I love the new album with the exception of I don't give a *** and Superstar. All the other songs are so good. I **** Up is my all time new favorite. Anyway hail Dark Madonna…that stage is an industrial designers wet dream as well certainly better than the Midevil Manor……jousting anyone, maybe a turkey leg or a boot of beer with that GaGa concert?

  61. Theotherqueen says – reply to this


    I grew up with the Queen, same age, never missed a tour. This didn't work. Her dance moves are wooden, with the exception of the black outfit, she looked like mutton dressed as lamb,especially when next to the gal dancers half her age. I look good for my age but if I wore the same clothes as my 23 year old daughter and tried to imitate her dance moves, the result is this. Embarresing. No when to stop Queen. I want to remember you as you were.

  62. Dan says – reply to this


    I was at the concert and I can tell you it was awesome!
    You should wait to see it before you pass judgement.

    The dark part was quite dramatic, in a good way. The version of Like a Virgin was incredible, very touching. The public was like in trance.
    The new songs sound really good live.

    The concert was different. You shouldn't expect everything to be like the one you liked.
    You should see it with an open mind. It was really, really good.

  63. Sanddancer says – reply to this


    I have a friend texting me from the Abu dhabi show. Awful. She was 75 minutes late. Heat over 110 deg. People booing, leaving venue. She got on stage and dropped mic, crowd saw she was lip sync. Show still on but not good so far.

  64. richard says – reply to this


    Re: Dan – I've seen all the old hits, I want to see the new material, that is what Madonna is about, moving forward, if you want to see someone who just pedals out old hits, go watch Elton John…

  65. koolcat says – reply to this


    Hands down the worst Madonna tour ever 55 year old cheerleader etc madge seems to just dont care anymore or just lost touch

  66. Kew_Mum says – reply to this


    I went to her second show in Abu Dhabi a few nights ago.
    Being June, it is still hot - even at night. As I write this it is almost 10pm and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Madonna had the audience wait until 10:45 before she went on stage….for both her nights here. She was waiting in her air conditioned dressing room while everyone else was crowded together hoping for a breeze. Quite a few people were stretched out for fainting in the heat - I know several who didn't stay for the whole thing (hot and late). I'm not sure if there was a real reason for the delay, but I suspect that, as both shows started at the same time, it was making people wait to 'build up excitement', etc.
    I know she and her dancers were having a rough time in the heat - but they should have had some empathy for their fans - doors opened at 7pm….that is asking people to be standing around for about 3:45 before she ever comes out on stage (assuming they show up early to get a good spot). I've seen comments on some Abu Dhabi concert clips mentioning that the audience didn't seem to be getting 'into' it, perhaps if she started around 9:30 the audience would have been a bit happier.

  67. Ariel says – reply to this


    for what i've seen i LOVE this tour, it's fucking amazing, i LOVED MDNA and this setlist it's great. i LOVED this like a virgin Verison so dramatic, i couldn't expect less from madonna. it's not a greatest hits tour it's the MDNA tour the name says it all.

  68. Ariel says – reply to this


    Re: Sanddancer – i heard all the contrary of your story, madonna singing live expet for celebration. how crazy, i would never leave any show after i paid all that money.

  69. LEROY says – reply to this



  70. MADrilyn says – reply to this


    Re: San – This tour is trashy and cheap.