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Madonna's Music Video For Turn Up The Radio Will Begin Shooting…

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madonna turn up the radio

Are you ready for Madonna's summery perfection!?!

Because Turn Up the Radio is gonna be blastin through EVERYONE'S windows after the video gets out!!

So you better prepare those butts to groove soon, because we hear she's gonna start shooting the official music video JUNE 10!!

Speculated to be set in Instanbul, Turkey, and Rome, this is gonna be an exotic delight!!

Lookin' forward to her jewel of the summer!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Madonna's Music Video For Turn Up The Radio Will Begin Shooting…”

  1. 1

    It's a great track but as has been proven in the past and the present, your "endorsement" means shit. Look at Kat Graham, slimey, IM%, matty B..everything you touch turns to posion….Madonna needs to cut her loses and realises your publicity means jack shit…No wonder Lady gagq got of you…You are the kiss of death to any act.

  2. 2

    Ugly old nasty kunt. Why does she always were those stupid fucking gloves, she needs to grow the fuck up. Plus, she sucks ass, there are only so many sheepish gay men in the world that can support this wench.

  3. HERA says – reply to this


    Re: Shaniqua Jones – GET REAL! All gaga got was ZERO press on her bored this way tour and a cancellation from people calling her satan, who went on to pledge their lives to see to it that gaga did not perform in their country…OUCH! and YOU will NEVER be anywhere near Madonna's league in this lifetime or ETERNITY.. talk about poison, whahahahaaha.

  4. HERA says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – i think you're the bitter little girl who needs to grow up.. you're suppose to twirl around the pole, not have it shoved that far up your arse… and have your mama teach you some manners or did she die of disgust and embarrassment, either way, GET A LIFE!

  5. 5

    Finally a great single after 2 weak ones. Turn Up the Radio should have been the 1st, not 3rd. Unfortunately radio is ageist and overplays the shit out of Katy Perry garbage and will prob ignore a great track like this

  6. MATT says – reply to this



  7. isak says – reply to this


    this is a great track , this is cassic madonna , cant wait for the video !!!!!

  8. PH says – reply to this


    Re: HERA
    Can you be any more stupid? Obviously you didn't read a single word Shaniqua wrote. All you saw was "Madonna this…GaGa that." Perez really needs to filter out all these 12 year-olds that come to his site.

  9. zaisim says – reply to this


    any idea why it took forever to release the 3rd single?

  10. 10

    Seriously, Perez, how much does her publicist pay you ? Her latest CD was number one for what, 3 hours and then completely tanked. I haven't heard ONE of her tracks on the radio. Not ONE. So, what am I gonna be blastin ?

  11. 11

    so she's shooting the vid on tour … hope it's more than the teaser vid we saw on YouTube … miss the quality & style of her old videos … where she doesn't just stand in front of a wall dancing … but she's still a better performer than Ga … even her renditon of BTW was way better … :D

  12. 12

    the aging Modonna looks all nipped and tucked

  13. GetWithIt says – reply to this


    Re: jp1988
    Radio play is determined by listeners. Sorry but no one is requesting to hear "Girl Gone Wild" or that one wretched track with M.I.A and that sorry big ass rapper. Madonna had several big hits in her 40s, so the age thing is not the excuse. If she releases something good, people will want to hear it. She's only selling to her fanbase these days.

  14. JILL says – reply to this


    Nipped and tucked? well i hope so! she needs to look her best for us all. I wouldn't want to see some one like your mom with her saggy boobs and crows feet up here singing!

  15. MATT says – reply to this


    I hated girl gone wild as well. I dont agree that she is making music for the fans. girl gone wild was a total stab at a younger generation. its something kesha should be singing not madonna. my fav tracks are turn up the radio, gang bang, sinner, and Masterpiece. Im a fan and have been since the 80, well late 80s and if it was for the fans a nice house beat would be nice. non of this ero trash, its just Honorable! and will go down in history like "pump up the jam" not a classic.

  16. jim says – reply to this


    Great summer song, one of my favs from mdna…cant wait nov charlotte nc….by far one of the best performers of all time…..

  17. Stephen Anson says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – I believe you were born with a coat hanger in your ear.

  18. 18

    Love Turn Up The Radio!! I love the album, but now that I have had months to let it sink in….this one is one of the best.

  19. 19

    Re: HERA – Haha idiot! Gaga's tour just started internationally(she will do 110 shows before its over) and the backwards country that didn't want her to perform her SOLD OUT show got their wish. Madonna is a dried up old hag that lip syncs and does not write her own lyrics. Gaga is doing just fine. Madonna needs to go away.