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Chatting With… Kendra Wilkinson!

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Go Kendra! Go Kendra!

We recently caught up with everyone's favorite Girl Next Door, Mz. Kendra Wilkinson!!!

We covered everything from how she stays in shape, her pregnancy AND her new show Kendra On Top, which premieres this Tuesday!!

Of course, Kendra isn't known for holding ANYTHING back — including dishing about her relationship with Hef and the other Playmates!

Read some excerpts from our chat… AFTER THE JUMP!

And watch our interview with Kendra in full (above)!

Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez joined by Kendra. And we have some very exciting news; you're coming back to television.

Kendra: I am.

Perez: Soon right?

Kendra: Yes, very soon.

Perez: When does the new show premiere? The new show — what's it's called?

Kendra: "Kendra on Top".

Perez: "Kendra on Top".

Kendra: Yeah, it's not Kendra anymore, it's "Kendra on Top".

Perez: And it's a different network.

Kendra: Yeah, on WE.

Perez: On WE. And it premieres when?

Kendra: June 5th at 10 o'clock.

Perez: So it premieres next week –

Kendra: Tuesday. Tuesday.

Perez: Tuesday. I'm like what day are we on? I still have holiday brain.

Kendra: Me too, trust me. Me too.

Perez: What did you do for the holiday?

Kendra: We just stayed at home. We finally had a good like two days of freedom, and we use our freedom time just to spend you know our son, and just relax in the sun, and drink some beer; let loose.

Perez: And it's some much needed time because I'm sure you're busy promoting the new show.

Kendra: Oh man, yes. This is actually my first day like out there promoting it, and I'm so happy that I'm with you for it.

Perez: Well I'm so — I know we go back. Kendra and I first met in 2007. And when we saw each other she was like, "You look so different", even from last time she saw me.

Kendra: I can't even — I'm like if you walked down the street, I would not even, I wouldn't even know.

Perez: I've become one of those people that love working out. I love being active.

Kendra: Yeah, that's awesome. It's a whole new lifestyle, and you just see more, you see clearly now. You just, you breathe different, you're just a whole new person all around.

Perez: Actually you in the past have very openly spoke about after you gave birth you had some difficulties getting back in shape. But you look like you're in banging shape now.

Kendra: Yeah, I gained about 60 pounds, and I gained a lot of weight.

Perez: How much is average? Is there an average?

Kendra: There — the average is probably about 30 or so.

Perez: That — 30s like average.

Kendra: I mean, that's a lot though, that's a lot. But I gained about 50, almost 60 pounds, yeah.

Perez: You had gained twice the average?

Kendra: Yeah, because I thought — you know I was very like, I was like, "I'm not going to gain that weight". And then I hit like the eighth, like eighth month, and that's when I just blew up. And then I gave birth, and then that's when I blew up even more. And it, I went in depression –

Perez: Because you were eating a lot?

Kendra: Yeah. Yeah, and I could do that before, but I, I didn't, I just blew up, and it went the opposite way I thought I was going to go.

Perez: Now for "Kendra on Top", if I was a producer on that show I –

Kendra: You would hate me, you would hate me.

Perez: No, but I would also say, I would beg, I would say, "It's such a good idea you know you should have another baby now for the show. Do it for the show."

Kendra: Yeah, you're right, you're right.

Perez: They've said that?

Kendra: No, we've said that.

Perez: You've said that? You said that? How honest, I love how honest. I love how honest we're being right now. Are you pregnant?

Kendra: We're not just going to have a baby just like, "Look it, look it, look it. Look I'm having a baby, and it's going to be TV, and that's all we had a baby for." Yeah, that doesn't really work like that. But you know yeah.

Perez: Are you trying?

Kendra: We will soon, yeah, yeah. We will very soon.


Perez: For the new show, can we expect maybe some familiar faces; some cameos from people that, people in your past?

Kendra: I love my story, I love that we represent a real family, real people, and you know I just love that. I wouldn't really like to like go into like any fakeness, you know what I'm saying. So I like to stay with the realness of life, and show that. And people have fal –

Perez: And that means that in the realness of your life, you're not really that friendly or in contacts with like you know Hugh or –

Kendra: Oh no, no, no Hef –

Perez: Hef — or with the other girls not so much?

Kendra: Hef you know he will always be my friend. Hef will always be our friend, always be there. You know Holly and Bridget, you know, they — we had our past, but we you know, we were never like best friends. But you know I'm not –

Perez: But there's not any animosity there?

Kendra: No. No. It's just people think we're — I think people think we were more friends than we were truly are. But like, you know my life today is about family, and my new current life about with my new friends and like I –

Perez: Who are your friends these days? Like main — are they –

Kendra: Moms –

Perez: Moms.

Kendra: — and you know that boring little group that you see at the park.

Perez: How do moms, moms from in the da hood, from the neighborhood that you live in respond to Kendra?

Kendra: Everybody's great. Everybody's awesome. You know, I feel like people gravitate towards me, I feel like at like parks and stuff because they like, they want to know, they want to get to know me and my ways of you know being a mom and everything. I think people — I don't know it's — I think it's cool to be a mom, and talk about something else now. You know it's a whole new chapter, and actually that's what I'm showing on my new show, "Kendra on Top", now, it's a whole new chapter, whole new ballgame. He's 2 1/2, we're about to put him in preschool, we're picking out what preschool, and you get a chance to see that.

Perez: I'm sure that's stressful.

Kendra: It's very stressful. It's like the foundation to his life. But the whole season one big upbeat feel. It's awesome. Before it was like, "Oh we're scared of life!" Now we're like on top of life, we're having fun, we're happy, we want to get drunk and be great parents at the same time.

Perez: I love it. Okay, that premieres Tuesday on WE at what time?

Kendra: At 10 o'clock.

Perez: Ten o'clock. How many episodes is it, the first season?

Kendra: Fourteen.

Perez: Fourteen, okay. So you get a lot of Kendra, and Hank, and –

Kendra: I love WE, they really — just love them, thank you.

Perez: — and tune in.

Kendra: Thank you. Bye. Thank you Perez.

Perez: Thank you. I'm excited to see it.

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10 comments to “Chatting With… Kendra Wilkinson!”

  1. Quelso says – reply to this


    I just love her. She does keep it real! She has grown up so much since her Playboy days and seems like a good Mom. Glad to know they will have another show. I'll be watching…

  2. demode says – reply to this


    I hear she is going to be in Anchorman 2. She plays the part of Smelly Pirate Hooker #2.

  3. amonavis says – reply to this


    What is the song at 2:57?

  4. 4

    You sure interview the big names. Ha!

  5. 5

    @perez are you MANorexic? You are started to look creppy. stop losing weight as fast as you can.

  6. 6

    Perez looks like a giant piece of a shit. I don't know how else to describe it. Just one giant piece of corn encrusted feces.

  7. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Gee Perez, you were EXTRA femmy during this interview with them flailing gestures and that AWFUL tonality in your voice

  8. 8

    God you are getting so OLD looking. It must be all of the drugs you do coupled with the extreme anorexia. Sickening…

  9. 9

    You have a face for radio. Stick to it.

  10. 10

    Kendra "It's OK Perez, touch my tittie…".