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New Jersey Man Repeatedly Stabs Himself And Throws His Bloody Entrails At Police!

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New jersey man throws guts at police officers during self mutilation

What's going on with this crazy world!?

First a Miami man turned into the closest thing to a real-life zombie that the world has ever seen and now we've heard that a New Jersey man stabbed himself repeatedly, then threw pieces of his bloody body at police officers!

We're seriously starting to consider that the world has entered a Resident Evil scenario and the T-virus has been unleashed upon us all.

Okay, we don't actually think that (okay, yes we do), but this story is just insane!

Officers in Hackensack, New Jersey responded to a 911 call on Sunday night and discovered 43-year-old Wayne Carter barricaded in his bedroom with a 12-inch kitchen knife in hand. He started yelling at the cops and stabbing himself all over his body when they entered, then went as far as to throw pieces of his skin and intestines at them,


The deranged man reportedly swung the knife toward the po-po and was met with two full cans of pepper spray WHICH HAD NO EFFECT ON HIM!

You'd think a body full of open wounds would be especially vulnerable to the painful sting of pepper spray, but he just kept on coming. In fact, this guy was so hopped up that the SWAT Team had to be called in to subdue him!

Amazingly enough, this guy survived self-inflicted wounds that were so deep his intestines were hanging out and is currently undergoing some serious psychiatric evaluation.

We don't want to scare anybody in New Jersey but DON'T DRINK THE WATER! If life imitates art than the town's water supply is probably contaminated with that toxin in The Crazies that turned everyone into blood thirsty killers.

It's probably not actually, but that movie really freaked us out and a still from the 2010 remake is the only picture that seemed appropriate for this post.

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11 comments to “New Jersey Man Repeatedly Stabs Himself And Throws His Bloody Entrails At Police!”

  1. 1

    no its because all the lunatics used to be in institutions but some kind person decided they were better off on the streets with all of us

  2. cm63783 says – reply to this


    also, there was a Maryland guy that ate his roommate's heart and brain. so yep, time to head to redneck country and stock up on ammo
    here's the story

  3. at the ward says – reply to this


    It was not kindness that decided they should be in the community, it was all those people who don't want the government to spend money on secure facilities like mental hospitals and closed most of them and released far too many into the community and now there are very few places to send very sick dangerous individuals like this. After evaluation and a brief temporary hospitalization, most of them are released back to live with you and me.

  4. 4

    If life imitiates art? Well more like untreated mental illness and horribly psychotic drugs, but if you want to equate real life tragedy and horror to movies and pretend it is something to gossip about… less power to you.

  5. 5

    bath salts is a hell of a drug. lol

  6. lisa says – reply to this


    Re: cm63783 – really..when..or is that these crazy things have always occurred its not until now with today's social media and the ability to spread news quickly worldwide that we r just better informed of said craziness

  7. 7

    Re: perez posse member 777 – That "some kind person" was Ronald Reagan.

  8. jen says – reply to this


    did you hear about the homeless lady in la who unstrapped a baby from its stroller, picked the baby up by its leg, and tried eating its arm? zombie apocalypse is happening people!

  9. Lindsay Hamilton says – reply to this


    I really have felt like the world is going crazy lately! The miami thing, the ottawa "body parts" being mailed to the government offices and now this! Geesh! You should really post about that crazy guy from the killing in Canada so we can get him caught!!

  10. 10

    Re: ViewFromHere – WRONG,,, please read your history, the dems decided that it was more humane to remove these people from segregation and let them out in society. THESE ARE FACTS

  11. 11

    Re: jen
    That story about the baby happened at least a year ago. I specifically remember reading about it that time ago with a co-worker. I guess the media needs more "zombie attack" stories and decided to run it again. I wonder why Perez hasn't posted anything about the Canadian porn star who killed and dismembered another guy. Too unflattering about gays, I guess.