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Miami Cannibal Attended Bible Study Days Before His Horrible Attack!

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Rudy Eugene bible study

Bad things really do happen to good people. It's just a sad fact of life.

Rudy Eugene, a man who is more famously known as the Miami "Cannibal" or "Zombie", wasn't always interested in eating human flesh. In fact, he was very spiritual and attended bible study just TWO DAYS before stripping down and viscously attacking Ronald Edward Poppo.

His friends described him as a devout Christian who would frequently send inspirational religious messages through texts or social networking sites.

Unfortunately, his faith couldn't stop whatever powerful drug took over his mind once it entered his system and Poppo is now fighting for his life as a result.

We don't know for sure yet, but it sounds like Eugene was a victim of a bad drug or perhaps ultimately, a bad decision. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Poppo, the man who will have to live with the consequences of Eugene's actions, but our hearts also feel for the family of the attacker as well.

Nobody wants to see their friend or family member turn into that kind of monster.

In other related weird news, an unnamed girlfriend of Eugene's has hired Gloria Allred to represent her during this difficult time. Unlike her strategy with the masseurs suing John Travolta, the lawyer hasn't released a statement on the matter and doesn't plan on doing so either.

We have no idea why this woman would need a lawyer, but hopefully some more information will hit the web soon.

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18 comments to “Miami Cannibal Attended Bible Study Days Before His Horrible Attack!”

  1. jennyee says – reply to this


    I would imagine it was because a few news outlets mentioned her by name…. her name is jennifer something or other. I gasped when I saw that they put her name in print. They went in to background on the relationship too.

  2. 2

    Thank you for actually posting a respectful article

  3. 3

    Just goes to prove that no matter what you "say" you believe when you're not loaded — you turn into a rabid animal on drugs.

  4. 4

    And apparently, he was doing BATH SALTS — which makes you psycho, not high. You SHOULD be talking about THAT. These kids trying anything to get altered need to know you can die from it

  5. 5

    This piece of garbage made his own decisions on the use of a drug. He is NOT A victim. He is a piece of scum. A bible thumping moron. He deserved to be put down like the rabid animal he was.

  6. 6

    See kids? This is why you don't do drugs!

  7. 7

    No doubt she's the one who gave him the drugs that made him crazy. She needs a lawyer.

  8. 8

    He's Haitian and his girlfriend thinks he was the victim of a voodoo attack. I just watched the move The Serpent and the Rainbow last night about voodoo zombies and it is based on a true story. Freaky good movie. Something to think about. But, seriously, calling eating someone's face off a "bad decision" is a bit of an understatement, dontcha think?

  9. mayberesearch says – reply to this


    I have previously read about him having 8 recent arrests, so I'm not sure how innocent he may in truth be….
    Regardless it's a sad story

  10. 10

    How is he a christian if he keeps getting arrested? lol. I don't think jesus would ever do the things he has done. I have a feeling being a good christian was really the last thing that was ever on his mind.

  11. 11

    Another Religious freak being a hypocrite. I swear religion makes some people crazy. Whatever drugs he was on..he chose that path..such an idiot. Poor dude got his face eaten off :*

  12. Katherine Jordan says – reply to this


    Thank you so much Perez for telling this story in such a compassionate manner. Some news stories take it as a joke. Such a tragic event for both victim and attacker as well as their families.

  13. 13

    Never heard of bath salts ( I always thought that was something you put into the bathtub for a nice relaxing bath). Will have to Google but not tonight - had a few drinks.

  14. Wat says – reply to this


    As much as his family is saying that he's such a wonderful guy, there's very little mention of the fact that in the past he threatened to kill his mother, or that his first wife left him because he was violent.

  15. John says – reply to this


    Maybe God told him to take the bath salts.

  16. John says – reply to this


    I hope when you say bad things are happening to "good people" you are referring to the victim with his face eaten off, and not the cannibal just because he went to Bible studies.

  17. John says – reply to this


    I hope when you are talking about bad things happening to "good people", you are are referring to the victim, and not the cannibal just because he attended Bible studies. Going to Church does NOT make you a person of sound moral judgement.

  18. Fluffy says – reply to this


    Miami police found a Quran in his car.