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Sarah Jessica Parker Wants U To Join Obama At Her House For Din-Din!

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Sarah Jessica Parker is putting her reputation and home on the line for Barack Obama!

The Sex And The City actress is holding a fundraising dinner for the prez at her New York residence on June 14 and wants U to come. Or rather, try to WIN a chance to come.

A campaign commercial, which aired during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, invited American citizens to enter a contest for a coveted spot at the dinner table. She referred to the POTUS as "that guy" while listing a few of his accomplishments since he took the Oval Office.

Before the commercial ends she asserts that she's assisting in his campaign because "we need him and he needs us."

Head on over to JoinObama.com for all the deets, but hurry up because the contest ends TONIGHT!

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15 comments to “Sarah Jessica Parker Wants U To Join Obama At Her House For Din-Din!”

  1. 6one9 says – reply to this


    NO Obama for 4 more years!!!

  2. 2

    The in thing now! Have the President to your house to grub up some money!! Pretty lame on the President, expected from the Hollywood people who know what the average person is going threw in these hard times….. Now SJP is a spokesperson for more government,welfare, illegals, healthcare that wouldnt effect her!! It is all about keeping up with the Jones!! AMAZING!!

  3. 3

    Win a ticket for a dinner with the President!! REALLY!!!! This country is going to the dumps when people dont see this as a FUCKING PROBLEM!!!!! THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES SITTING IN SOMEONES HOME FOR A DINNER TO MEET A FUCKING LUCKY WINNER!!!!! FOR MONEY!!!!!!!!!! Can this guy win on his PERFORMANCE ALONE??????

  4. 4

    This amateur has done nothing for this country in the past four years but increase our debt, increase our oil prices, done nothing for job creation, and wasted all the stimulus money. It is truly time for a change in the white house. You can't vote for charisma you have to vote on what is best for your country. It is time someone comes in and cleans house.

  5. 5

    Din-Din? How old are you exactly? There is NOTHING to celebrate about this train wreck of a president! We've seen 4 years of more overseas "wars", gas prices that keep going up until they hit Mt. Everest, pseudo environmental concern when it's really about control, and the attempt to devalue the dollar even more, just to name a few ways he has put our country in jeopardy. You AND Sarah Jessica Parker are from another planet for worshipping him.

  6. Jan says – reply to this


    SJP you are so misinformed….you think he has created 4 million jobs???? Have you seen the job numbers out friday? Only 69,000 new jobs for the month of may. Stock market tanked. It is so scary and depressing. You are living in a fantasy world lady.

  7. Ellen says – reply to this


    While this commercial was airing, touting all of Obama's "accomplishments," he was accomplishing the third drone strike in our ally Pakistan in as many days. Sixteen people were killed, in an act that violates international law. But since this was his 260th strike, it was no big deal, I guess.

  8. 8

    That was a cute little plug for Obama last night *sigh*. There is nothing this man can say that will ever make me vote for him again. I think we can all finally see him for the Moderate that he isn't. Like he touted himself as the last time around. No thanks, moving on.

  9. 9

    I'm sorry, Sarah Jessica, I won't be able to attend. I'll miss out on a dinner of hay with your horse face, but be sure to enjoy your kool aid toast to Obama! Cheers!

  10. judy says – reply to this


    sjp - u r an idiot with no credibility who knows nothing about the world. no-bama has lost millions of jobs not created them. he has spent trillions of dollars - for what - to pay his friends and the unions back. don't want dinner with u and your guests - think i'll save the money and give it to ROMNEY - our next PRESIDENT

  11. 11

    Fool me once shame on me (voted for him last time) - Fool me twice shame on you.

    Not voting for him - lost my job of 20 years and it was sent to India. Living on Social CSecurity, but have to start dipping into my IRA. It is heck getting old especially if you do not have health insurance.

  12. barb says – reply to this


    I will NEVER watch Sex in the City again!!! I have only a few favorite showes and up until now Sex in t;he City was one of them. Sarah Jessica Parker How dare you associate with obama… he is the United States of America's worst enemy. How stupiod are you? How do you not know this?

  13. 13

    maybe it's just me, but I do not like when actors/stars/celebs announce their political views in such public ways hoping to sway "fans" who may be gullible and sadly unable to think for themselves

  14. Try it says – reply to this


    We think it's great!!! Yes times have changed, for an ordinary joe or jane to meet the President of The United States at a celebrity's home!!! WOW. you go SJP and President Obama. There are a lot of things that will change this country for the worse and President Obama is not one of them, what is though,are the previous e-mails sent so full of hate for their president. We think our President of these United States is GREAT!! if you don't have anything positive or nice to say control yourself and don't say anything at all. sure you have the right to say what ever you want just do it somewhere else. and i bet if any one of you were picked you wouldn't be able to get there fast enough. Try smiling.

  15. Maxwell says – reply to this


    I heard Obama was mopping the floors at Don Rickles house the other night, he must be doing Parkers floors next. Poor guy is sucking up to B List Celebs looking for attention, but at least he'll have a skill to fall back on after the election.