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Cheryl Cole & Gary Barlow Need The Queen, Now!

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Oh, Darling Chezza… we HOPE this is just strained-throat syndrome and not a case of the "I-can’t-actually-sing-live" sickness!

‘Cause girl is straight caterwauling!

Cheryl Cole and X-Factor UK judge Gary Barlow performed a delightful cover of the famed Lady Antebellum hit Need You Now for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration…

And while Gary was crisp, en pointe, and IN TUNE, the Girls Aloud beauty failed to hit a majority of her notes.

Consider for yourself Cheryl and Gary’s interesting rendition of Need You Now (above)!

Ah well, we still ADORE you, Chezza! Good thing there was a bounty of glorious musical events that night, we’re sure no one noticed your major melody fail…

And at least you looked bangin'! Gawd, that dress! Woo!

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30 comments to “Cheryl Cole & Gary Barlow Need The Queen, Now!”

  1. LisaB says – reply to this


    I am sorry but that dress like her singing was dreadful!!!

  2. Cazza says – reply to this


    Cheryl cant sing full stop.. even on the Voice UK it was in the papers that they were terrified they would have to Autotune the live performance before it was aired!

  3. 3

    LOL omg how embarrassing

  4. 4

    It's always rewarding to see someone on your favorites list sound like crap. She and Kat Graham should perform a duet It could replace the Barney song at Guantanamo.

  5. Martin says – reply to this


    She's obviously nervous and smashed it towards the end,

    Don't worry about her singing her she's the biggest star in the UK and Europe anyway

    And Perez's opinion dot count for much cos he's famous for talking and writing a load of shit!!! TEAM WILL.I.AM anyway!

  6. 6

    Re: Martin – On what planet is Cole the biggest star anywhere? I have yet to find one person in the UK who likes the chav whore.
    Re: Cazza – Dead right … the chick can't sing.

  7. ugh says – reply to this


    what you dont understand is that this hasnt been a one time thing with cheryl perez. get your head outta ur ass about this girl already because shes just an autotuned barbie. people voted for her on popstars not because of her voice but because she was the prettiest girl that didnt croak. she may have looked good but that mermaid dress is ugly, just like her overall fashion sense. gary barlow is the only reason why she performed at the jubilee since he was in charge of the concert and theyre very close friends but she was certainly the rotten egg out of that lineup filled with talent thats way out of her league that she wished she could be in. she didnt deserve to perform, let alone stand right behind the queen when the queen went up on stage.

  8. anna says – reply to this


    i feel bad for gary. you can't even hear him most of the song, because cheryl's awful pitch is crushing his beautiful singing.

  9. guest says – reply to this


    Poor Gary. He tried to salvage that song but Cheryl made it impossible. I wish he'd chosen a partner who could actually sing. He looked gorgeous and sounded awesome as usual. What a show he put on! So proud of him. :)

  10. 10

    Yikes! I never actually heard her sing. She can't. Thanks to auto tune she has a singing career. At least she looked good but the dress was a little on the slutty side for performing for the royals.

  11. 11

    Ugh! Embarrassing! What the Hell is/was she a judge of? A cat strangling contest?

  12. 12

    It's no secret that Cheryl can't sing. Even the show she found fame on said likewise. However the girl can dance and is incredibly disciplined at it. Unfortunately for her there aren't many money making ventures in just dance, therefore she tries to sing. She can't really win, when she mimed on the Voice UK, she was torn apart by critics, and now she sings live and is torn apart by critics. She is better to stick to autotune in the safety of a recording studio.

  13. Chipper says – reply to this


    Its bad enough the girl cannot sing. What is maddening is that both she and will i am in no way deserved to be there. Adele would have been a better choice and in the same league as the other performers. Last week Cheryl did a swan dive, this week she sang her swan song. This is the beginning of the end for her.

  14. 14

    HE IS SO HOT. I feel bad for her…I like her…too bad.

  15. B says – reply to this


    I love Cheryl but I feel embarrassed for her from this performance, and was really hoping she would nail it like she did when she sang with Snow Patrol. Someone should have told her before she performed that she couldn't vocally perform this song…. I feel like this performance is gonna ruin her music career….

  16. hmmm says – reply to this


    i wonder why adele didnt perform. she shouldve been there performing instead of cheryl… wtf :\

  17. 17

    Re: Martin – Yeah, she really did smash it towards the end, it was terrible all the way, she couldn't hit one single note, that's was so off key my ears were bleeding. Damn… They probably have a hard time tuning her records!

  18. Charlotte says – reply to this


    Everyone noticed.

  19. 19

    I heard Bieber and Katy Perry doing worse live, and their careers are fine:) It's not a secret Cheryl can't sing, brave for trying tho lol.

  20. Laura says – reply to this


    Personally, I enjoyed the performance. I love Cheryl's voice, but the song wasn't suited for her. I say poor song choice, but regardless, I liked it!

  21. awa88 says – reply to this


    Give her a break, damn! I've heard worse that's for sure! Everybody's a critic, huh? I still love her!

  22. 22

    I am a fan of hers and I know that she can not sing live. She lipsync's often but its usually when she is dancing a lot. She can dance though. I just like some of her songs. Live singing is not her strong suit but w Katy Perry and Rhianna not sounding much better, she gets a pass.

  23. 23

    Re: Laura – agree with everything said here!

  24. deaf after sheryl says – reply to this


    Yes I am deaf after that screeching noise she calls a performance. Gary had to carry the entire performance, and even he couldn't save it! Sheryl should not be allowed to have the status of a music artist, because she can't even sing! Singing live is what matters, in the studio you can bloody autotune anything, so who cares if you're crap in the studio??? Shame on her! For not practising enough!

  25. Felicity says – reply to this


    God, Cheryl is not the only person without great vocal abilites. Wright, this wasn't her best aparitions but the girl gave us in these 10 years some epic songs and she is an artist, a great one. Ok, is not Adele but remember, in this industry are some real pieces of shit who cannot sing or dance or do anything else then smile at the camera. Listen the song with Snow Patrol or her Lives with Girls Aloud. She is not the worst singer!!!! Haters, live her alone because we need good persons in this world and Cheryl is one of them. Plus,at X Factor UK she made a very very good job but you, americans, wanted one who made a lot of blow**bs for her "career". Nicole is not a better singer, and, hell, she won't be a better judge. OMG, who doesn't use AutoTune??? Let me say that I was more dissapointed than everyone else in this world because I'm a huge fan of her and I'm just thinking at what is she doing now, I'm thinking about her feelings. She is a studio singer, like many others and her songs are not pieces of shit like those of some American singers. I'm sorry that just for this, Cheryl is so punished.

  26. Guest says – reply to this


    This had a potential to be a great cover if Gary had picked a right partner to sing with. Cheryl can't sing. Period. I feel sorry for him having to stand next to her and listen to her awful voice in his ears. He literally carried her right till the end. How cool was it to see the audience cheer as soon as Gary started singing? They were probably relieved. Anyways, well done Gaz. You did your best to save that song. But stay away from 'singers' like Cheryl in the future.

  27. james says – reply to this


    not sure what all the negativity is really about here. how would you rate her performance with say elton john? she warmed into the song . I have no idea who she is even (I live abroad), but i found the song uplifting and visually i thought her performance excellent. i have see many famous artists live and sometimes they just talk into the microphone. i enjoyed it. i am no expert but she seemed to hot the note better as she progressed and it was a duet, which is a song where two singers are supposed to compliment one another, not just sing regardless. If people don't like her that's an issue I know nothing about, but this was nowhere near as bad a performance as is being described by bitter sounding people here

  28. 28

    Aside from Sarah, Cheryl is the worst singer in Girls Aloud. Nadine and Nicola do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to vocals

  29. Cissie says – reply to this


    Throughout history, coal has been a useful resource. This does not apply to Cole as in Cheryl.

  30. Tamara says – reply to this


    Re: Felicity – holy fucking fuck Ive never replied before but Nicole is a WAY better singer than cheryl just listen to this cheryl cole should not be a solo artist she's awful