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Little People Of America Are Pissed At Snow White Producers For Not Casting Actual Dwarfs!

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Little people organization upset at Snow White producers

Did you see Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend and happen to notice that the seven dwarfs aren't played by dwarfs?

Sure, they look like dwarfs in the movie, but only because the actors' limbs were digitally altered or their faces were digitally transplanted on able-bodied little people. The producers' decision to exclude any actual dwarfs from starring roles in the film has the Little People of America up in arms!

A rep from the nonprofit organization explained that Hollywood should be making an effort to cast actual little people as little people on screen, saying:

"This means both casting people with dwarfism as characters that were specifically written to be played by little people … and other roles that would be open to people of short stature."

While the dwarf actors were merely stand-ins, Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost and Ian McShane were cast to play characters who are half their size.

Do U think that Little People of America has a right to be angry over the casting choices or are Hollywood producers well within their rights to cast whomever they choose?

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37 comments to “Little People Of America Are Pissed At Snow White Producers For Not Casting Actual Dwarfs!”

  1. Bill says – reply to this


    They did that with 'Mirror, Mirror'. Look how well that movie worked out using those fine short actors. You cant cast Peter Dinklage in every role.

  2. Grandma Beavis says – reply to this


    Heh heh heh heh…
    Lol lol lol!!
    That is so damn funny for some reason. I am sorry to all the lil dwarves out there.

  3. Alexis says – reply to this


    People cast blondes to play brunettes all the time. Not everything has to be offensive…

  4. Busta says – reply to this


    dwarVES. not dwarfs

  5. kyle says – reply to this


    There aren't that many dwarf actors and even fewer GOOD dwarf actors. The directors shouldn't have to compromise their vision to appease a minority. Next they'll be complaining that little people are ONLY cast in roles specific for little people, ie hobbits, dwarves, munchkins, trolls, leprechauns.

  6. OMG Too Funny! says – reply to this


    Lol…"fine short actors…"

    The name… Peter Dinklage…Cripes, that made my week.
    Not too PC, but that is too funny…lol

  7. lola says – reply to this


    Then they also need to take this to peter jackson because he used regular stature people on lotr

  8. 8

    My friend was one of those little people used in the movie….I wonder whose face got digitally altered over his?

  9. Thanks Teach says – reply to this


    Listen, Busta Move…if I wanted a gramma lesson, I would be on a Gramma web sight.

  10. 10

    Yall suck. There are a ton of little people who are great actors but just never get a chance. You have never seen many good short actors because its rare that they get cast in anything. The last thing I remember Peter Dinklage in before he was in Game of Thrones was that stupid movie "Death at a Funeral" where he played a gay buffoon who got tossed around into a casket. Just think about what you say before you type people.

  11. 11

    That's right! And if it's a bitch role, it should only be played by a bitch. Hey Halle!!!!!!

  12. Elaine says – reply to this


    When are stature people irregular? When they are constipated?

  13. 13

    Re: kyle – "There aren't that many dwarf actors and even fewer GOOD dwarf actors. The directors shouldn't have to compromise their vision to appease a minority." They said the same thing about black actors when they decided to use black-face vs hire real blacks. Same thing for native americans, hispanics and asians. You have a bigoted view.

  14. 14

    LOLARe: lola – And the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake with Depp! They really screwed them over there!!!!!!!!!!! What a rip off for them and us viewers!!! REVOLT. Spread the word!

  15. Rigby says – reply to this


    Ian McShane played a dwarf in the LOTR trilogy, and several others will play them in the Hobbit. Did you think that Elijah Wood was really 3ft tall? There are several little people actors who are given parts playing those types of parts. But how many little people truly want to act? I am an LP supporter and I get the point but I disagree.

  16. sophie says – reply to this


    the little people of america need to get a life

  17. Rigby says – reply to this


    Re: Tash20 – I completely agree with you. However this film was clearly a rip-off of Lord of the Rings ascetically (I mean c'mon) so having no original ideas of their own, they simply did what Peter Jackson did. There a SEVERAL talented lp actors but to someone who can only think of Peter Dinklage, I guess your remarks seem valid to you (as in not Tash20 but others).

  18. 18

    I guess the Native Americans are going to be the next ones complaining when they see Johnny Depp cast as Tonto in the Lone Ranger!

  19. Excuse Me says – reply to this


    Well when they made cowboy and Indian films, they used old Jewish guys and painted them with red pan cake makeup. How's that for stupidity?

  20. 20

    Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost and Ian McShane are only half the actors they used to be.

  21. 21

    Most little people have specific physical and facial characteristics generally that perhaps, or even obviously (since they weren't chosen) didn't fit the vision the director had. In fantasy stories and lands there are all kinds of people/creatures that don't necessarily correlate to reality. While it would have been a great opportunity for actors who are little people- I can see the director wanting a specific look and deciding to cast and create it the way he did and that is perfectly reasonable. Dwarves in fantasy worlds are sturdy strong short people with proportionate limbs on a stocky body with no obvious mobility issues and their faces look much like average sized people's faces . It was probably a lot easier to digitally alter it the way he went. Also, perhaps though there may good actors available it's possible there weren't the right good actors available to play the parts the way he envisioned.

  22. Aussie Guy says – reply to this


    And if they hired little people to play the 7 dwarves they'd complain that they were stereotyped…seriously this world is far too PC for my liking

  23. 23

    I thought they once complained that being cast as dwarves and elves and stereotypical roles like that. You're dammed if you do dammed if you don't. Either way people are going to complain. The casting directors can cast who they want for their movie.

  24. 24

    Don't sweat the small stuff…. Pretty sure there are bigger issues out there than whether or not a big person faked being a little person… get over it.

  25. 25

    Just because you're a dwarf does not mean you're a good actor. Or good looking for that matter. Or "look the part". What in the hell is it with minorities thinking they piss gold and think they are god? You're not special. Look at all of the crap those guys are carrying in that pic..A normal dwarf probably couldn't even carry that stuff comfortably.

    I swear, its getting to the point we especially Hollywood can't even BREATH without offending someone. Please for the love of god start telling minority groups like this to "FUCK OFF"

  26. 26

    Re: nverforgetsept11
    Actually they think it is awesome and made him an honorary tribe member.

  27. 27

    yes i think they should feel ripped off .. i mean its snow white and the 7 dwarfs not the 7 digitally enhanced short guys

  28. 28

    Re: Tash20 – shut the fuck up you tired, used up fuckhole.

  29. fid says – reply to this


    So I guess when the Hobbit comes out we're going to hear this story all over again.

  30. 30

    Producers are under no obligation to hire dwarves or midgets; it's their movie. Aren't you all tired of the constant crying, whining, and bitching of those who have their precious feelings hurt or who decide they're offended because something doesn't go their way? It is what it is. Nobody owes the LP anything, just as nobody owes the Indians, blacks, hispanics, or white people anything. The producers are free to cast who they want for whatever reasons they have. The LP need to suck it up and STFU.

  31. 31

    Re: retrofine – lol, thanks for the cuss words. Its because you know Im right.

  32. Jonas says – reply to this


    Get a life! i swear, people here has nothing to do but see how to get money without doing shit… it's amazing that… I am even posting in such stupid topic…oh well

  33. 33

    its not like you can clone Peter Dinlage 7 times :)

  34. 34

    before I get hate for my comment, I was kidding. I have been following Peter since Elf so Im partial to him. I know there are other dwarves w acting skills!

  35. 35

    Unfortunately, the studio is well within their rights to cast regular sized people because it's THEIR FING MOVIE AND THEY CAN CAST A 7'9 BLACK WOMAN IF THEY WANTED!!!

  36. 36

    Oh look, a minority group is offended. Like that doesn't happen often.

  37. shortdwarf.com says – reply to this


    of course dwarf talent, midgets & “little people” actors / entertainment were overlooked when they cast Snow White and the Huntsman!

    we’re guessing nobody saw eye to eye on this! it was a business decision and here the ticked off little stinkers; warwick davis, danny woodburn, gary arnold, et. al are taking it as a low blow! get over it and move on! welcome to hollywood!

    sometimes, you’re just going to come up short and not get cast for all the “auditions” in life… 99% of the opportunities that are presented to us never come to fruition. we concentrate on booking the other 1%. because of that, we are busier then ever booking dwarf talent for event entertainment, promotional marketing and on camera talent appearances.