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Nicki Minaj Vs. Hot 97 DJ…Funkmaster Flex Responds, Nicki Defends!

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Yesterday, we reported how rapper/songstress Nicki Minaj and the Young Money crew had gotten in an all-out feud with a NY DJ on Sunday night.

After DJ Peter Rosenberg dissed Nicki’s song, Starships, Lil Wayne decided to pull all of his artists from the Hot 97 Summer Jam!

Then, rapper and radio host Funkmaster Flex got in the middle of things and had Nicki call into his radio show…where he proceeded to rant and blast Minajesty’s career!

Take a listen to the heated convo and Nicki sticking up for Starships (above)!!

Later, Mz. Minaj tweeted:

"Next year every artist will be treated with appreciation @ summer jam. Its love not war. #Human and flex is fine by me. #mademypoint #imgood"

Sigh. So much dramz…can we just get back to enjoying the music, like the Hot 97 crowd was originally trying to do?!

Nicki does make some valid points, though — her fans were just looking to have a good time, not hear some DJ dissing their favorite artist!

To make up for all of this mess and missing the music fest, Nicki has promised her fans in NYC a FREE show!!!

Suddenly, we feel like listening to Nicki's Monster verse…!

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14 comments to “Nicki Minaj Vs. Hot 97 DJ…Funkmaster Flex Responds, Nicki Defends!”

  1. 1

    I can tell she's pissed but the audio is so shitty I have no idea what she's saying.

  2. kyle says – reply to this


    Of course she eventually got to the fact that it happened "cause she's a woman" and not just because her music turned to shit.

  3. 3

    they lowered her volume on purpose so the listeners would be able to hear him over her.

  4. caz says – reply to this


    worst quality interview ever.

  5. 5

    I'm not a Nicki fan but she's got a point. That was just rude for Dj Rosenwhoever to make comments about an *invited* artist right before they come out to perform.

  6. Tyler says – reply to this


    Hm, putting in that she is a woman, I agree, makes no sense.
    But, I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan,
    and all I can say is I do not blame Wayne for pulling out Young Money from there performance after one of there DJ's deliebrately smack-talked his artist's song. Him backing Young Money out was simply out of respect for Nicki.
    He is allowed to have his opinion on Starships, but then and there was NOT the right time. I, for one, love Starships. <333
    Keep rockin', Nicki.

  7. RotationAxle says – reply to this


    Ultimately, I side with Nicki and her team. I think if you were a fan of Nicki Minaj and knew that the venue she was about to play at was disrespecting her, you'd support her and her team choosing not to perform for that venue. The promotion goes both ways, both for the artists performing and for Hot 97. However, them pulling out was their way of saying "if you want us to play for you guys, respect us." Clearly they wanted them to play because it would garner attention for the concert, so they do need to make sure whoever is on THEIR team watches their mouth for the duration of the artists' stay.

    I also agree with the comment that they may have lowered her volume to make him seem more powerful.

    Clearly, they wanted her to perform no matter what was said about her, which is just WRONG. They were right to let Hot 97 deal with the repercussions of badmouthing their performers — those repercussions meaning a crowd full of angry/disappointed fans.

  8. pixluve says – reply to this


    well , people have the right to say if they like a song or not.. you can't please everyone.. it was kind of wrong for lili wayne to pull out the artist.. its just one song that they did not like and thats all.. that;s why artist and celebs are in a bubble because everyone wants to please them they can't say no sometimes they need to be told the true to bring them down from the clouds.. I think they made a big deal out of one song.

  9. 9

    Her and Lil Wayne's decision will save the festival the trouble of not inviting them next year when they no longer matter.

  10. Jow says – reply to this


    While it sucks for the fans that did show out for the concert, I think the reasoning for not showing is legit. I mean how dare they use her name, one of the hottest names in hip-hop AND pop music right now, to promote their show and then diss her hours before she is supposed to step on the stage. I like that as a big middle finger to them. Good for Wayne for stepping up and not letting her get punked like that. Wish the audio quality had been better tho.

  11. ThickPickle says – reply to this


    A 13th place radio station in the NY market dissing a #1 selling artist…nuff said.

  12. 12

    I just wish nicki's second album didn't flop. why she a flop artist so quickly. she gonna be seen as a clown in just 2 years. people are already laughing at her flop second album.

  13. CoolStoryBro says – reply to this


    I am gonna have to side with Nicki on this one. Even though the quality was terrible, I could still hear some stuff she was saying. I also wish i could have heard the whole thing. You don't invite someone to perform and then talk bad about them before! Nicki was taking time out of HER world tour to come perform for Hot 97 then you go off and talk about her? No, you just don't do that. Yes, everybody has an opinion and has the right to speak their mind. That was not the time to do it though. You aslo think Dj whatever would be a smart enough Dj to know when the time is to say stuff. That was not the right time though.

  14. TL says – reply to this


    People say negative things about Nicki and her music all day on blog sites and she rarely bats an eye, but then Peter voices his opinion about Starships and she backs out of performing. This is obviously a woman to high on her horse to have any dignity about her craft. It's sad because in showbiz you have to know how to take the good with a grain of salt. The best she could have did was performed and shut Peter down.but instead she punked out at lil Wayne's command! Grown azz woman acting like a spoil brat …well I heard the show still rocked .. So as they say one monkey don't stop the show.