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Listen To This: Such A Find!!!

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We discovered this gem on our trip to Europe!!!!!

Her name is Severina. She's Croatian. But this song is globally delicious!

It's called Italiana and it has elements of world music, folk, pop, gypsy, gay, dance and cheesy Euro pop!

In other words, it's brilliant! Ha

Check it out (above)!!!

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87 comments to “Listen To This: Such A Find!!!”

  1. 1

    YAY! I'm Croatian! haha I speak it toooooo

  2. fujow111 says – reply to this


    Loved her sextape

  3. maya says – reply to this


    funny to hear our song on this site. Perez u should listen to hers "Brad Pitt" song

  4. 4

    Ha she's singing a song called italiana, which is in croatian. Ognuno cerca di essere come noi italiani. BOH

  5. ohboy says – reply to this


    I am Croatian and this shit is terrible…terrible

  6. TEMPE says – reply to this


    oh please, please, please do NOT sign her up as part of stable of epic fails. Less we have to endure another Kat Graham like onsluaght, please, please leave her alone Perez. Please.

  7. DARK says – reply to this


    Btw she is porno actress…you need to see this

  8. DARK says – reply to this

  9. salty says – reply to this


    LUV this. Cant wait for official music vid!

  10. Rob says – reply to this


    She is most popular singer in Croatia! Very sweet & beautiful ;)

  11. paynerocksmyworld says – reply to this


    she's not a porn actress. She's an amazing and beautiful Croatian singer and her songs are amazing. :)

  12. DARK says – reply to this


    Re: paynerocksmyworld – yes she is,just write this on google: severinin porno snimak !

  13. Rob says – reply to this


    One of her biggest hits:

  14. swanny says – reply to this


    shes not a porn actress (but has a porn video like kim k) and this song is not good! but, oh well… haha, from now on im gonna doubt your music taste, perez…. AL SI GA ZASRAOOOOOO! xD

  15. Rob says – reply to this


    One of her biggest hits is song called Brad Pitt! And she is NOT a porn actress

  16. mik says – reply to this


    I love you SEVERINA! BIG HIT 2012.

  17. 17

    Severina's music is trash. You'd better listen to Yammat or Josipa Lisac.

  18. Adri says – reply to this


    Remember her performance on Eurovision 2006?

    You should listen to Zanamari & J'Animals (also from Croatia):

  19. reflection says – reply to this


    Re: swanny
    ahaha…..pjesma jedva čeka prijevod na englesi…..jao

  20. Sophiae says – reply to this


    I'm just waiting for you to discover the movie that made her famous :D she did it before Kim :D

  21. mobach says – reply to this


    you discovered the worst singer in croatia ._. next to magazin and rozga. such a shame, there are many talented singers here

  22. Milica says – reply to this


    This is great….i am from Serbia and i like this song….:)))

  23. Milica says – reply to this


    covek vas nije pitao za misljenje vec je rekao svoje…….ko ste vi da vredjate druge???pa sta sto ima porno snimak kao da je to najveci greh na svetu, a svi to rade smo je ona poznata pa je to skandal…..ona je bila poznata i pre tog snimka i ne serite vise……napravite vi svoj blog i postavljajte kakve hocete pesme…..

  24. Yoomy says – reply to this


    Severina the best singer in Croatia. people who write bad things about her are jealous.

  25. JednakiPredZakonom says – reply to this


    Too bad Severina does not want to support the Pride march in Split.

    After all the bloodshed and chaos of last year's Pride, some support from her would really go a long way in helping the local LGBT community

  26. David says – reply to this


    No she is not a porn actress, but she had a leaked porn tape a few years ago just like Paris did.

  27. dd says – reply to this


    All this celebrity bullshit is for weak minded morons to entertain their tiny brains.
    And this cocksucker Perez should be in mental institution.

  28. Sundaygirl says – reply to this


    Song is about a hope in better future,new love ,brand new life ,and in song she suggest "don't drive if you drink ,take a cab" .
    I think this is very positive song,future hit and Severina's past mistakes has nothing to do with this !
    Everyone made some mistakes in life !

  29. seve says – reply to this


    i'm croatian and i've been listening to severina since 90's. you should check out her songs 'tvoja prva djevojka' and 'brad pitt'



  30. 30

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  31. babyny says – reply to this


    You should hear her song of last year Brad Pitt, it was summer hit:

  32. laly says – reply to this


    Her song Brad Pitt is better - live in Big Brother

  33. ladyV says – reply to this


    Listen her song "Brad Pitt" is much better (summer hit of 2011):

  34. ladyV says – reply to this


    Listen her song Brad Pitt /watch?v=4 ntgRpBdR1M&feature=related

  35. Josip says – reply to this


    Money talks!

  36. Maja says – reply to this


    One of the biggest pop stars in the Balkans. I've been listening to her since my teenage years. Severina we love you. Onome kome se ne svidja, nek i ne slusa!

  37. hey says – reply to this


    listen this
    Severina - 2011 - Brad Pitt (Croatian Hit Summer 2011I

  38. alenka says – reply to this


    this song is okay :) she has songs in an entirely different style, Grad Bez Ljudi for example.

  39. John says – reply to this


    Please, stop this nonsense, she is an average singer, her most successful achievment is porn video and she's popular because of it.

  40. MS says – reply to this


    Biggest pop star on Balkan! <3

  41. They call me Elly says – reply to this


    OMG I can' t believe how envious you guys are! This song has over 1 million views on You Tube, for just two days, it' s a success ! You may not love her, either love her music, or this kind of music, but this song will be the most listened this summer. I'm not her fan, but I dance every time I hear this thing ;) So, relax pls :) Greetings from Montenegro ;)

  42. Lino says – reply to this


    I am from Croatia and this is pure trash. She even manges to "sing" without microphone.

    Lyrics in the song is retarded, playback, very simple music….pure crap!

  43. Zip says – reply to this


    This is horrible!!!!

  44. Angelina says – reply to this


    Oooo, how good for you Perez. Pls, will you take her? We in Croatia would be pleased to get rid of her. her music is disaster. if you find it cool, you better shoot yourself. This song is a plagiarism, which is most of her songs. Listen to Stereo Love by Edward Maya…it's the same.

  45. Angelina says – reply to this


    Re: paynerocksmyworld
    her songs are terrible. and u have no taste

  46. Croatian says – reply to this


    Hahaha, the porn you're talking about is totally forgotten. She has been on the seen almost 20 years and the porn didn't make her famous! Her music has made her famous. Btw, she had been famous before the porn!

  47. Angelina says – reply to this


    Re: Yoomy

    why should i be jelaous on her??? Give me a break. I would be ashamed to sing songs like that. It's a shame

  48. just_someone says – reply to this


    OMG, of all singers in Croatia, you choose her?? Come on, this is terrible! She hasn't had a good song in last 15 years. Epic facepalm.

  49. Filip says – reply to this


    There is and Ana Bebic! :P

  50. IwannaSrb says – reply to this


    Commend the authors of this song … Filip Miletić i Miloš Roganović !!! ;)

  51. 51

    Commend the authors of this song … Filip Miletić i Miloš Roganović !!! ;)

  52. Noone22 says – reply to this


    Oh my God Perez! Croatians are going insane because you made a tiny comment on her shit music. Next thing you know, they'll be calling her an international sensation. Severina sucks..in all kinds of ways. Thank you for encouraging our shit taste in music as well as our shit mentality.

  53. 53

    Btw she is a hypocrite, too. One of her first videos showed her praying in church. And then that tape. Her music is like turbo folk now. Trashy.

  54. jele says – reply to this


    Seve Rule!

  55. Mdog says – reply to this



  56. 56

    das geht ja garnicht!

  57. CDvita says – reply to this


    Severina! She's the Croatian popfolk queen!

  58. DBK says – reply to this


    Ok everyone who doesn't like the song just don't listen it… btw SEVE RULZ & the song is great.

  59. monica says – reply to this



  60. sanja says – reply to this


    Re: ohboy – takvih se velikih hrvata mi i sramimo, umjesto da ovo gledamo kao pozitivnu reklamu, pljujemo po običaju po svome…sramoto jedna!!!!

  61. Sanda says – reply to this


    It's COMPLETE trash and crap!!!!

  62. BoRn to be wild says – reply to this


    This is by far Croatia's trashiest singer. She's not even pretending she's singing. Just opening her mouth like a giant fish. She is fugly and she is putting the whole country backwards. She is anti gay ( as is most of Croatia) and I'm surprised Perez supports that. I can't believe they are letting this trash in the EU.

  63. Blah says – reply to this


    bullshit. when did she say she's anti gay? never.

  64. BonnyM says – reply to this


    ww.youporn.com/watch/40576/severina/ Severina is famous porn star,just watch IT!

  65. Andrijana says – reply to this


    Love Severina :)
    Thank you for sharing this Perez :) )

  66. dom says – reply to this


    reminds me of danza kuduro… idk for me its too comercial…

  67. aninini says – reply to this


    every song of hers is a hugeee hit. LIKE.

  68. m.j. says – reply to this


    off all the croatian singers you choose the her. we have big quality singers like ivana kindl, josipa lisac, radojka sverko, natali dizdar,… check them out!

  69. Kiki says – reply to this


    Yup, disssapointed in your taste, Perez. And I thought you were cool because of all the Glee stuff you put here. Italiana je čista glupost i kopija!
    Re: swanny

  70. Tanja says – reply to this


    Re: DARK – she's not a porn actress! They leaked her private tape. She is a singer, and married woman who had a baby two month ago.

  71. 71

    why, oh why every time when something is about Severina you people talking about her movie???? ok, that happened and life goes on!!! live your life..
    seve you are queen!!! just go on!!


  72. Vatroslav says – reply to this


    I'm Croatian and she is a disgrace to Croatia. We are ashamed of her and I'm sorry to see that her junk music is also infecting other countries. That is not Croatian music, that is Balkan trash. Not only that as an artist she is a failure but she also makes lousy porn movies and that is the real source of her popularity. I hope that she is going to leave Croatia permanently now when she married a foreigner.

  73. Katarina says – reply to this



  74. Masha1108 says – reply to this


    YES! i'm addicted…this will be the biggest summer hit in Croatia!! I love it, I was born n raised in Croatia but living here in the US for the past 14 yrs..She is my fav singer growing up! she's 40 and hot as ever :) …and Perez when you say cheesy Euro pop…what is US hip hop/pop/rap more sophisticated? LOL….j/k

  75. 75

    Ok, someone can like it !

  76. maya says – reply to this


    Re: BoRn to be wild – You are obviously a narrow minded person and i would really like to know where r u coming from, Trash?
    What does music has to do with EU and just for ur info, if u don´t like it, then don´t listen to it!!!
    You r most probably a really pathetic person which has nothing better to do then hate.
    just grow up!!

  77. Loto devojka says – reply to this


    Damn,where did you pick this crap out? i agree, her porn is much much better.. she should shave down dough, but still good! italiana my ass.. balkana

  78. Ale says – reply to this


    Re: honeylove021 – nesuno non cerca di esere come voi italiani stupida

  79. Alexa says – reply to this


    Re: Vatroslav – i agree! she is a trash,she is ugly slut and a disgrace,croatia has so many great singers and you put this ugly bitch,come one perez give me a break!

  80. Nela says – reply to this


    Great song, I'm from Croatia. haha :)

  81. karla says – reply to this


    omg i red this comments and its awful,i never saw so much jealousy…i don't listen her music but i cant deny her work. these comments are full of jealousy…people in Croatia cant stand when some1 succeed in life…i don't know about her attitude about gay pride it was actually yesterday in Split it went well this year :D …she just gave birth to a little boy congratz…now lets enjoy in her song..its not bad :D

  82. maremare says – reply to this


    Honestly I don't really care for all you Seve haters because when i'm in Croatia for the summer and partying it up and her music comes on i have an awesome time! Trust me there are worse people out there to hate on and be embarrassed of!

  83. GGG says – reply to this


    Re: honeylove021 – you should Re: honeylove021Re: honeylove021 – the song has nothing to do with Italy,translate the words and than coment,estupida

  84. B says – reply to this


    Re: swanny – hhahah, zasrao ga :-) )

  85. B says – reply to this


    Seriously, why is everyone going crazy with this? Perez likes it, great, he wanted to share, great. You share anything you want. Done. Now, her best song in my opinion is "Grad bez ljudi". It is a beautiful song with a real story. And she is not a porn star but was taped having sex with a married guy on a boat while preaching abstinence.

  86. DANY says – reply to this


    Listen to Jelena Karleusa she is the biggest Balkan star, I assure you that you will not be dissapointed. Best Regards :)

  87. vanessa says – reply to this


    hahahah Im from Croatia and the first time I heard this I hated it but it is very catchy so I cant stop singing it. just because someone leaked her homevideo it doesent make her a porno actress. also this is a funny mix of croatian and italian language in a song. this song will probably be a summer hit in Croatia!