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Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out On Miley And Liam's Engagement!

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It seems like EVERYBODY'S talking about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemworth's recent engagement announcement and the ladies of The Talk are no different!

On today's show, Sharon Osbourne gave us a piece of her mind on the whole situation, opening up on what she thinks Miley should be doing!!

Check out what the women had to say about the 19 year old's engagement (above)!!

Gurl definitely makes a good point! You never know what can happen…age ain't nothin' but a number, right???

We say, congratz Miley and Liam…here's to hoping everything works out!!

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36 comments to “Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out On Miley And Liam's Engagement!”

  1. 1

    im disappointed in these women SHE'S NINETEEN shes still a child! just because she has "experience" doesn't make her ready this will not last and shame on her parents and peers for being supportive. just because you are mature doesn't mean marriage is the answer and the next step. i am 19 and in a relationship and marriage is the last thing on my mind. i have my whole life ahead of me and miley should be thinking the same way.

  2. 2

    I agree, there tons of older women in hollywood who have gotten married after their 30s and it still didnt change a god damn thing! Lol their marriage still failed and they still got divorced! So i dont think age as anything to do with it. If Kim K, Halle Berry, and Demi Moore are allowed to get married why not her too?!

  3. 3

    Re: xoblondeisbestxo – You havent accomplished all your goals in life yet but whos to say she hasnt?! Most women dont accomplish their life goals until their late or early 30s which is why they wait to get married. Its not because their frame of mind, but because they wish to focus on getting a stable career, house, and money. Miley already has all that so why should she have to wait; plus Liam seems like a perfectly stable guy.

  4. 4

    Re: pie107 – i have accomplished some of my goals but i don't see the point in settling down when there is always more to achieve. it is proven that young people aren't even fully and mentally developed until their mid 20s proving that they aren't emotionally mature to make this kind of decision.

  5. 5

    Re: xoblondeisbestxo – I couldn't agree more with Sharon and the woman in pink next to get. Apparently you didn't get the gist of what they said. Everyone keeps throwing out the fact that Miley is 19, but why are all 19 year old's being lumped together? I wouldn't want my maturity, wisdom, or intelligence lumped in with all other 28 year olds and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be seen as just an age either.

    Furthermore, what is the "right" age to be married? Apparently she's old enough to enlist in the military and die for this country, but she's too young to be married to a man she has been exclusively seeing for three years? Kim Kardashian was already thirty when she married Kris Humphries for all of two months, Katy Perry was 27 when she married Russell Brand for barely a year, and JLo is in her forties and has had several failed marriages and engagements, so please tell me when is the proper age to marry someone?

  6. Wendy says – reply to this


    What bothers me is that if her marriage/engagement does fail, it'll be blamed on their age. It seems like most high profile marriages fail, regardless of age. I don't like seeing young people being looked down upon or belittled because of their age. As has already been stated, people like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry weren't judged too young to be married, and their marriages were applauded and praised, until they got divorces. Their divorces were blamed on the Hollywood lifestyle, but if Miley's relationship fails, it will automatically be blamed on the fact that she's too young. I'm 24, and I'd marry my boyfriend (of 6 years) tomorrow if he proposed. But we also will wait until we're financially stable. Miley and Liam already are. Perhaps if she was in her 30s and filmed it for a reality show, then she'd be deemed "mature" enough?

  7. 7

    Re: xoblondeisbestxo – 1000 years ago, women got married when they reached sexual maturity (around 14ish)..The past 60 years women got married right out of high school. That was the normal. That was the whole purpose of "spousal support" because women get married early on, before they had careers. Then became housewives. Funny enough, the people saying shes too young are simply 20 somethings.

    The only reason why you would put marriage on hold is either you're in school or you're trying to get your career established. If you're a slut and want to use the whole "play the field gurlfirned" then that would be the 3rd. Celebrity kids are not like normal kids. Shes been living on her own for 2 years, in her own house that SHE paid for. She pays all of her bills, she has an established career, if that dies she still has millions to fall back on. You can say a NORMAL 19 year old is too young, but not a celebrity.

  8. 8

    ooh look at Star Jones at the end….get booted off 'The View” and go onto the ripoff clone show…good one STAR.

  9. 9

    Re: KarrieBelle
    "I wouldn't want my maturity, wisdom, or intelligence lumped in with all other 28 year olds and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be seen as just an age either."
    Karibelle, there is no such thing as a 'mature' 19 yr old.
    She's a kid. I'm mature (61).
    Totally ridiculous to be talking marriage.
    These nags know better.

  10. ciaobella says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – you're 61 and still go on perezhilton and comment? you seem really out of today's world and completely missed out on what sharon and the ladies were trying to say.

    not all 19 year olds should get married, but some, who are mentally prepared for it - whatever that may mean for the individual person - may be ready to get married. whether or not it lasts isn't the question and age definitely should not be as a catalyst in an argument as to why they broke up. people of all ages break up for every reason imaginable.

    interesting note though …. why isn't anyone criticizing liam on this? he's not that much older than miley and miley is the the more successful one as of today.

  11. 11

    Re: NookiesWA – I don't even see why you have to put college and your career on hold once you get married. Marriage doesn't physically stop you from continuing with your life. Ive been with the same guy since I was 15, we have been through first jobs, graduating, college, work, bills everything. And of course it was hard at times, but it would be hard if we did it all alone as well. I don't get why people say "establish a career first" like you cant once you are married? Or "oh my God live your life first", there are more ways to live your life other than dating. Then these are the people who complain that they cant find a good partner, well maybe they had it but let them go because they wanted to "live their life".
    People are saying she is too young, well marriage works for people in their own way. Who are any of you people to say what is the right age for her or me or anyone besides yourself

  12. Mandy says – reply to this


    Even though your legally an adult your still not mentally an adult.Your brains critical thinking isn't fully developed until 25 or so.Also she is 19, that is only two years not being under your parents roof and once your married there is no 'I' or 'me' there is only 'we'.You can't make any big decisions on your own or figure something out for yourself because it effects you both. That is part of the fun of being young is doing those big decision on your own.Why give it up so early?

  13. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    why do people think when you get married and settle down that you can't complish anything anymore….what a crock of crap…..i got married at 22, my husband was 19….we are now 35 and 33 and since we got married have accomplished alot! We started out just living pay day to pay day at regular jobs, we have since started and are running a very successful construction company, built our own home, had two beautiful children….has there been rough times, oh for sure, but we worked hard and we are happy and life is good…..just cause you get married, doesnt mean life is over for goodness sake…

  14. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: CanadianMommy – accomplish* that should be

  15. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – exactly right!

  16. maggie says – reply to this


    I think they do make a cute couple but sorry their marriage will not last and I certainly wouldn't call her mature….she's anything but! I always thought she was juvenile and immature. She is no way wise beyond her years! We all know that she loves drinking and getting high and/or stoned.

  17. voiceofreason says – reply to this


    Re: xoblondeisbestxo – funny how you say you are mature followed with she should think the same way as you. Just because your life and descisions are right for you doesn't make it right for her. Just hers arnt right for you.

    Divorce rights have gone up with the the average age of people who marrying going up also. look at the facts. or don't be so judgemental

  18. 18

    I think it is too young. I realize she is under different circumstances, and has money. But, I think they should wait just for the fact of how much you grow and change as a person. She may find in a few years she wants something completely different than she does now. Also, Miley hasn't spent any time of her youth being single. She has never had time to grow and just focus on herself, she has always been a we. I think it is important to spend part of her youth being alone and finding yourself.

  19. 19

    I haven't read anything about them getting married in the next year or so. Who knows they could stay engaged for 5 years. Anything is possible!

  20. livvi says – reply to this


    My mum was 19, my dad was 22 when they got married and they are now in their 50's still happily married. If they feel like they are ready for that step in their life then so be it. they've been together for nearly 4 years, live together. That's longer than a lot of hollywood couples who are in their 40's last. Like the ladies of said, no one knows how long it's going to last when they get married. I also have a friend who is engaged and he's just 20(19 when he proposed)

  21. 21

    they're ENGAGED. That's it. Some engagements last less than a year some last 5, 6 years. They're both adults who love each other, obviously, so who cares there are worse things that both could be out there doing …

  22. 22

    i don't get what's the big deal, they are engaged, not married. Their engagemente could last 5 years, who knows. And who are we to judge? I don't even like her but she can do what the hell she wants, if she thinks she's ready, it's her business! Most people have parents that married that young, so I don't think there's a big deal. Love is love, and it's all that matters.

  23. Faithinly says – reply to this


    I see no Big deal with them getting married young. I was 18 and my husband was 21, same age difference as Liam and Miley, and no it was not a shotgun wedding. We have now been married for 16 years. Which is a Heck of a lot longer than most people make it these days, Including women in their 30's and 40's. Personally I think it is Stupid when someone says you are not ready for marriage or a baby when you are young, It depends on the person and their maturity. Miley has been grown up for a while now. You can't be in her business and not be Grown Up. As for Finding out who you are and Discovering oneself. You can do that married. Who you are Married and who would have been if you were not married are 2 completely different people. The path you are on and the people in your life are what makes you, You.
    So Congrats to the couple, Honestly I hope this settles Miley down, as she seemed to be exploring a lot about her self and really trying to make herself look more Grown up after she left Disney.
    And people who say it won't last you can't know, It Very well could as my happy 16 year marriage attests to that. Yes Divorce rates in Hollywood are Much Higher and I think that is going to be their major obstacle, but if they go into their marriage Knowing that it is Forever, and not use Divorce to get out if their marriage if they hit a rough patch.
    Congrats to them

  24. 24

    Re: maggieRe: MandyRe: wilso859 – I agree with all of you.

  25. 25

    Re: KarrieBelle – Beautifully said. I completely agree.

  26. Mandy says – reply to this


    Why does everyone keep bringing up old times?Yes many woman got married right out of highschool a couple decades ago but that was because they weren't expected to be house wifes, and if they did go to college it was to find a husband. Yes a long time ago 14 was mature but back then they skipped from being a kid right to an adult not a teenager and the life expectancy was from 20 to 30 and woman ften died dduring birth. Now woman are anything they want and we have better medicineso why bring different times into it?

  27. Kay says – reply to this


    Um, yeah Miley is not that mature at all. I don't get where everyone thinks that (going to bars underage- smoking salvia…the REEKS of maturity) I wish her all the best but lets be real- a grown up mature woman would be going the Emma Watson and Natalie porsche route- ie going to school. But whatevs. This is why most stars make shitty role models LOL

  28. 28

    okay u all think im wrong. but here is a list of celebrities who married young and it did NOT last long:
    olivia wilde, milla jovovich, melanie griffith, drew barrymore
    and these women are much more classier and more responsible than miley

  29. devita says – reply to this


    My mom married when she was 18, my grandma when she was 16, My aunt when she was 20, and i can keep on going on and on and on about the family tree.
    Hey, guess what?? They raise beautiful family, and they only get seperated when one of them pass away.
    Miley and Liam have everything, and they want to share the journey ahead with each other. Not only they are lover, but they are each other's best friends and supporter.
    Maturity has nothing to do with age. And the success of marriage has nothing to do with age. So leave them alone!!

  30. DESERTLOX says – reply to this


    Who is Sharon Osborn anyway to make statements about anyone. She is the wife of someone who was famous. Now Kelly is on Fashion Police and giving her opinion on how celebrities dress at the Red Carpet when in reality she is the worst dressed of anyone. Sharon is pushy and what is her talent to have such opinions.?
    Kelly also no talent.

  31. DESERTLOX says – reply to this


    Re: pie107
    I guess when you are 19 (Remember) you don't think for a minute about goals in life….you think about now.!

  32. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    That shrill FISHWIFE Sharon Osbourne is a real expert on children/relationships….look at how her FREAK SHOW kids turned out ! I wouldn't be tak'n NO ADVICE from that FUGLY BO-TOXED HAG !

  33. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I can just see that in-bred Miley, nude and high, riding Liam's c*ck, all the while Liam is thinking of Justin Bieber….from the back, Justin and Miley kinda look the same…and Liam do like the 'back door' …Just say'n …..

  34. Anon says – reply to this


    I'm 19 and I just got engaged. Does that mean I'm immature? To some people, yes. But many of those people judge from the outside. My mom agrees with the engagement because she feels I'm mature enough for this commitment, but she says she would never tell me what to do. Everyone who is young must learn these lessons on their own. Of course it hurts when things don't go as planned, but they must realize it's better to learn on our own than to have someone tell us what to do.

  35. Bailey says – reply to this


    I think its funny that all you people are saying "age is nothing but a number!" "if these older celebrities can do it, why can't she?" etc, but when it comes to things like the teenage mothers on Teen Mom and 16&P, you're all quick to put the age card on the table. Same with these women on The Talk. They're all BS. Sharon isn't allowed to say anything negative in the slightest about Miley because her and her daughter Kelly are very close friends (notice her dodge the subject of her knowing Miley personally?). And no one wants to upset Sharon on the show because she is one of those catty alpha women.

    Think about it this way people: Do you look down on teens getting pregnant? Then you are a hypocrite if you think that getting married while still a teenager is okay, and any different. Both come with huge responsibilities. Marriage isn't just a token of love, its a legal contract binding you to a lot of financial stuff and laws.

  36. Bailey says – reply to this


    And one more thing. These women on the show are saying "they have just as much a chance as anyone else!" WRONG, so so wrong. People who get married before the age of 25 have a 70% divorce rate in the United States. Thats like out of every 10 people under the age of 25 crossing the street, 7 get hit by a bus. Those ladies need to get their facts straight before opening their mouths, seriously.
    If you really love each other, you should feel comfortable waiting a couple years until the odds are more in your favor.

    Being a teenage celebrity =/= more mature
    Marriage =/= love
    How long you have been together =/= love