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3 comments to “Amanda Bynes Is Hanging With Mister Cooper On The Ridiculist

  1. 1

    wow what a smug, bitchy little asshole. ok, make fun of her behavior but why make all the nasty digs about her career and kick her when shes down? and what he said wasnt even funny. his 'ridiculist' is NEVER funny. find some better writers. cooper sounds like a bitchy queen at a champage brunch at a gay bar making horrible quips at people walking by

    say what u want about her but she got where she is bcuz of some semblance of talent….and unlike anderson "i have one foot in the closet and one foot out" cooper she did it on her own. she wasnt born into the snotty elite WASP nest like cooper. Who the fuck is he to judge ANYONES actions when he is lying to the pubic by not living out of the coset. get some balls u homo. maybe u feel good putting people down cuz ur so sexually repressed

  2. 2

    Anderson should give Amanda a little more credit, she was in Easy A which wasn't all that long ago. Although this segment was funny and I do love me some Anderson Cooper, I can't help but feel a little bad for Amanda. Why does Lindsay get sympathy after countless fuck ups but no one is willing to care about this girl who I think may be going through more of a mental breakdown than substance abuse.

  3. 3

    This was not that funny, but what I find funny is Miss Bynes thinking she is entitled to personal attention from the president! It's not like he has anything else to do!