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Oregon Woman Gets Herpes…And Then Gets Rich!

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Oregon Woman gets massive settlement for herpes lawsuit

Herpes isn't all bad. As long as a judge awards you with $900,000 for getting it.

A 49-year-old Oregon woman filed a lawsuit against a 69-year-old dentist who accidentally gave her herpes. We say "accidentally" because he didn't think she'd get it. However, he didn't bother to tell her about his unpleasant condition before they banged and didn't bother wearing a condom either. So really, he's just the worst health care professional ever.

The defendant contended that he is not at fault because his eHarmony date (watch out online daters) didn't demand he wear a condom and he didn't know his genital herpes were contagious because he wasn't in the middle of an outbreak.

The plaintiff tells a different tale though. She testified that she asked him to wear a condom, but he just didn't. After they made whoopee, they were lying in bed and he broke the dreadful news to her and she immediately kicked him out of her house.

Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for her bank account), he was already inside of her house for far too long and she had a herpes outbreak just 11 days later.

Ultimately, the plaintiff prevailed in the first case of it's kind in the state and was awarded nearly a million buckaroos for her pain and suffering.

We totally agree with the ruling and hope that this will be a lesson to anyone who thinks they don't need to inform a sexual partner about a sexually transmitted disease or infection. However, don't wait around for that to happen and ALWAYS use a condom just in case!

But don't just ask for a condom, DEMAND one!

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16 comments to “Oregon Woman Gets Herpes…And Then Gets Rich!”

  1. 1

    and think.. he's been inside thousands of people's mouths. Wonder how many herpes cases he's started

  2. 2

    Someone also posted this at SingleHerpes, com. Is it possible that the women is a member of that site? If so, many of its members may want to file a lawsuit too. Wow!!!!

  3. 3

    I'm 50/50 on this. She should be held accountable as well. Can women honestly not tell if a condom is on? Why did she not check to make sure he put a condom on? Liberals once again throwing personality responsibility out the window. Obviously hes way more in the wrong than her..but shes an idiot for not making sure. So its a 80/20 fault ratio.

    That said, GOOD. I don't think she should of been awarded that kind of money though. Sex is a CHOICE. She failed to see if he actually put a condom on, and people are well aware of the risk involved with sex.

    However, I do think we need to start criminally punishing people for spreading STDS…It's getting OUT OF HAND and has been for a while. Since we don't have cures, and since we have idiots not wanting to wear condoms and women not checking for condoms we should simply start punishing people if they give people an STD. Give a guy/girl herpes = 1,000 fine or X amount of community service hours until you pay off the fine if you can't afford. Would definitely deter STDs

  4. SusieQ says – reply to this


    They had 4 dates and she jumped in the sack with him. We're each responsible for our own choices and she made a bad one. Should she get almost a million? No. When he didn't have a condom she should have gotten out of bed and said no. To blame this lawsuit on liberals shows your ignorance - most liberals I know think this is stupid. The lesson - don't screw someone to get to know him. Get to know him first. She had dollar signs in her eyes the minute she found out he was a dentist.

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Serves her right for being a little WHORE like Miley Cyrus ! And, what was she doing, f*cking a guy 20 years older than she is…. ? She was bound to catch something from someone that old - serves the little WHORE right !

  6. Tom says – reply to this


    I sympathize, but it's very bad precedent to stigmatize people with STDs by making it punishable. Having sex is not a crime! They should disclose and I hope they do, but you need to be responsible for yourself. Don't put all the responsibility on someone else. You gamble and sometime you lose. I think the jury is totally wrong in this case.

  7. Ashley123 says – reply to this


    Just FYI, condoms are not a good way to protect against herpes because they are transferred by skin to skin contact not bodily fluids.

  8. 8

    Once living with Herpes or other STDs, remember taht we're not alone. 1 in 6 Americans has herpes. The key is to educate you and your parnter to get more information about it. HerpesLoving. com has some STD medical treatments and information. You can find someone to talk to or offer help and advice there. Or you can check with the online STD counselor on it. He is online for 4 hours everyday!

  9. 9

    Perez, are you aware that the Supreme Court of Canada is about to make a profound ruling on HIV disclosure. The Canadian Medical Association, every HIV legal network and advocacy group and HIV organization in Canada is in support of not criminalizing HIV as research shows it does in fact increase the spread of HIV and STIs. Everyone is responsible for their own health as well. Relying on a sexual partner for STI and HIV screening is not the way to go. I cannot believe as a gay man you are condoning the practice of criminalization. The gay community will not support you on this one.

  10. 10

    Re: NookiesWA – Don't be stupid, a condom isn't the end all for STDs, there are plenty of STDs that one can get while still wearing a condom. I am sure if she had used a condom and got herpes, you STILL say it's her fault.


  11. nicole says – reply to this


    according to CDC, 1in 4 have herpes..I saw "CDC: 11 infants contracted herpes due to controversial Jewish circumcision practice" news on STDRomance.- a herpes dating place..

  12. akili says – reply to this


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  13. lookin4yu says – reply to this


    datehsv?c o m focuses on providing a safe dating & support community for singles and friends living with HERPES / HPV to find love and support! It has services of HERPES blog, HERPES forum, Ask Counselor, Real inspirational Stories, Photos of HERPES and other general dating.

  14. skylover says – reply to this


    Do you want to meet more positive friends? Are you satisfied with this place? If you are still looking for STD friends or positive singles, you can check more here: herpesdateonline.com.( Hope it's useful 4 U

  15. 15

    Re: CarlaH – So not only do you liberals want free birth control on my dime, you're also disregarding safe sex..no wonder the most heavy liberal states in this nation also coincidentally have the highest STD rates..lol personal responsibility.

  16. If you don’t want He says – reply to this


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