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Washington's Legalization Of Gay Marriage Has Been BLOCKED By Haters!

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Washington gay marriage blocked


We were so THRILLED when we heard that Washington state had legalized gay marriage and that the law would take effect on June 7, but our hearts have been broken by 200,000 people who are afraid of change.

The proposed law that would have made the state the seventh in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage was passed by legislators AND Gov. Chris Gregoire in February. Unfortunately, opponents have filed a petition with enough signatures that will force the state to let the public vote on it.

The worst part of this mess is that national organizations opposing same-sex marriage will be spending buckets of money to sway the state's public opinion toward their dated beliefs, which means people supporting the issue will be forced to do the same.

It's funny that everyone is so concerned about the economy and national debt these days, but people are willing to waste MILLIONS to prevent the positive change that this country needs and will eventually get.

Just like womens' right to vote, civil rights for African Americans, and the right for white people to marry people with different colored skin (yeah, that used to be illegal too for some dumb reason), members of the same sex WILL be able to get married anywhere in the country one day.

While we wish people would just hurry up and accept it already, we know the LGBT community has a VERY bright future in the United States of America!

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53 comments to “Washington's Legalization Of Gay Marriage Has Been BLOCKED By Haters!”

  1. 1

    Perez… you're the biggest bigot of them all refusing to accept that there is another side to this social issue. Immediately labeling individuals as being full of hatred because they have opposing views as your own is no way to create change. If anything, it only divides people on this issue even further.

  2. kdb says – reply to this


    I fully agree with kiks32. I am a Wash. state resident. Our legislature tried to ram this down the citizen's throats with no debate, no disucssion. Let the PEOPLE decide, not the left wing, liberal legislators. This is only to slow this down to let the PEOPLE vote.

  3. addison says – reply to this


    Why is so terrible to let the public vote?

  4. 4

    Issues of EQUALITY should NEVER be left up to the public to vote on.

  5. ben says – reply to this


    Why do you call them "haters" simply because the disagree? Isn't that a 'bully" mentality?

  6. 6

    Re: kiks32Re: kdb – #1 - Issue of civil liberties should never be put to a vote. #2 - discrimination is hate. If you don't agree with gay marriage, then don't marry a gay person. To deny others rights that are given to the majority is discrimination. It is fine to believe what you want, but once you start legislating exclusion on others it is hateful, not just an opinion.

  7. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – every single post you make about this subject you use the stupid….if you dont like gay marriage, don't marry a gay person……it's retarded, it has no valid point cause you could say that about freaking anything….if you don't like murder, don't murder anyone……it's a moo point……and sorry, discrimination doesn't mean hate…..that's like saying cause im not allowing my kid to have a candy, im discriminating against my kid….people have a right to believe what they want and not be called haters!

  8. 8

    Democracy is distorted to an obscene level when the civil rights of a minority are decided by the "preferences" of the majority, especially when those rights have no effect whatsoever on the majority. What's next? Whites voting on whether Blacks should be slaves again? Or men voting on whether women should be allowed to work? I can't wait until Spanish-speaking Americans are the majority. Then there should be a vote to make Spanish the ONLY official language of the US. You'll see the English-speaking minority crying "Foul!" at that democracy.

  9. 9

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Your arguments don't make sense. Your candy example is stupid. Making a choice for your children is one thing, but making choices for a grown adult who you don't even know, is something else. Maybe it's not discrimination to stop your child from eating candy, but when you pass a law to stop ME from eating candy while your mouth is full of it, THAT IS discrimination.

  10. 10

    Re: JasonDiggy – Thank you.

  11. Terri Beth says – reply to this


    The sad thing is I personally know a handful of people that if able to vote on this will vote no, not because they don't believe in equal rights but because they cannot get past their hatred for our governor (I'm a Washington state resident).

  12. 12

    Thank you Washington. [re=6094402]Re: JasonDiggy – You don't want equality, you want preferential treatment. Big diff. You sound like Hilton with your exaggerated scenarios. Here, I'll do it. What's next after gay marriage? Pedophiles marrying children? Necrophiliacs marrying corpses? Why not? They are in love too. EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Terri Beth says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who?
    really???? you're going to compare two consenting adults who happen to be of the same sex to pedophiles?

    *pedophilia n. an obsession with children as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexual explicit photographs, molesting children, and exposing one's genitalia to children are all crimes.

    yup… totally the same

  14. 14

    Re: Terri Beth – lol no doubt

  15. 15

    WAY TO GO WASHINGTON! Now we just need to convince the other states that allow "gay marriage" to re-think their laws. Change is coming that's for sure, but not in the way that you want it to Perez!

  16. 16

    I am very proud of washington, having in place legislation that allows desenters to force a referendum on an issue that has been blasted through the legislature with little input allowed by the elected reps. As you well know,very few laws are passed that a majority of people agree with. A referendum is they ONLY way to get a TRUE account of "THE PEOPLES" will. So I'm guessing that a dictator who followef YOUR desires would be a wonderful thing.

  17. 17

    actually, in support of TRUTH, in reporting there are OVER 240,000 si

  18. 18

    actually, in support of TRUTH in reporting, there are OVER 240,000 signatures on that petition. Not that a LIE about 20% increase will have any meaning to you

  19. Albs says – reply to this


    Bigots hating being called bigots? Get used to it shitheads. I take comfort knowing history will regard you as the small minded idiots that you are. Enjoy justifying your hatred as a different "opinion" while you can.

  20. susieserb says – reply to this


    Yay Washington!! Where's your LIKE button!

  21. 21

    Re: Lady Who? – "Necrophiliacs marrying corpses? " did you hear the one about the TWO NECROs walking down the street after work, as they walked past a mortuary one said to the other,,'want to stop in for a couple of COLD ONES? <rimshot>

  22. 22

    "the LGBT community has a VERY bright future in the United States of America!" yeah, a HELL OF a lot better than killing or stoning you in iran, iraq, or any other muslim country

  23. 23

    It's only the cousin fuckers on the Eastside of the state that are so butthurt about gays marrying. Trust me, there are WAY more people that support this here in WA than those that are against it. I really don't think the people should decide, tbh. I know it's due process, but let's face it. Humans haven't exactly had the best track record with big decisions. Like civil rights, women's suffrage, etc. Just because YOUR religion doesn't agree with it, doesn't mean anyone has the right to ban it outright. Imagine if Shariah Law was imposed on all of us. We'd be boned.

  24. NOGO7 says – reply to this


    I am so proud of the 240,000 people who took the time to sign the petition and did not back down to the bullying.The LBGT community asks for compassion and yet turns around and spreads the same type of hate they ask to be stopped! Perez calling people with a different opinion 'haters' is ridiculously immature and unwarranted. The bottom line is, marriage was intended for man and woman. When the argument of race, or number of people is used as a supportive point in the right to gay marriage there is no validity. Different races do not equal same sex. If the LGBT community wants to be in a union that is recognized by our government…fine! Just don't call it marriage, because it isn't. Just because I don't agree with same sex marriage does not make me a hateful, close-minded person. If the LGBT community wants this new type of union to be nationally recognized they need to come up with their own way to define it. Marriage is between man and woman. Same sex relationships are NOT marriage. I am glad I will get to vote on this instead of having Gregoire try to force me to accept something I do not agree with. It is not an issue of equality, It is not hate, nor is it discrimination. A new relationship for a new generation deserves a new term. I don't think people are asking you to not be recognized, but we are asking you to stop trying to call it a marriage. Simple as that. Both can be equally recognized by our government.

  25. 25

    Good things like this should be voted on by the people instead of asshole politicians telling us what is right and not right!

  26. bonb says – reply to this


    gay ppl disgust me

  27. 27

    Change is coming Perez. First, Obama will get the boot, then the country will swing back to the conservative side, ending all this silly talk of gay marriage. One man, one woman, no perverts.

  28. 28

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Moron! Discriminaton IS HATE.

  29. 29

    Re: bonb – You should die.

  30. geb910 says – reply to this


    Why because it is about the Gays is it by "haters"???? Maybe it is because people are entitled to their opinions and SOME of us believe that marriage is a man and a woman. I'm SO sick of hearing gay people whine about this shit!

  31. unknown says – reply to this


    Re: JasonDiggy – you rock…and rosebud it's "moot"…

  32. 32

    Mario, why don't you just put up a new website called GayPerez for all your gay issues? PerezHilton is about celebrities and entertainment and most of us are sick about you shoving your gay issues down our throats!

  33. Kaos says – reply to this


    In Alabama it's still in the law books that Whites and Blacks can't marry. It's not enforced but apparently here still legal.
    For the person who said next it will be pedophiles and necromaniacs who want legality to marry that's just stupid.
    When 2 men or 2 women fall in love and want to be recognized that's not stupid. They want to have the same perks as heterosexual couples. Seriously how would you like it if one day it was determined that 1 man and 1 woman can't get married that it's not approved by the church or is illegal in the governments eyes?
    Honestly not letting them marry is DISCRIMINATION. We are being very Sexist. Yes SEXISM includes discrimination against homosexuals.
    I don't like the people that are so in your face. I believe or think that they should be together whether it's called marriage or civil union. They should be allowed the same perks that regular couples have.

  34. JMM says – reply to this


    Re: addison – Its called a civil right. We do not vote on Civil rights and equality. If that were the case women would never be able to vote, African Americans would not have equal rights and list of other RIGHTS!! What is wrong with people and what are they so afraid of?

  35. JMM says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – Children and Corpses cannot consent legally. CONSENT!!!!

  36. Kelly says – reply to this


    I am a WA state resident in Seattle. It is horrible that this is something we have to vote on, this isn't the publics choice it's a private matter that should be between the people it affects. They should be free to live their life as they please, it does absolutely no harm to anyone, and why should others go out of their way to keep people of this world unhappy? It's disgusting. Keeping gay couples from being happy it hatred.

  37. 37

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Who's talking to who about being stupid?

    "It's a moo point" HAHA really? You don't even know English. The proper term is, "It's a moot point."

    And I fully agree with ROSEBUD99 - If you don't support gay marriage, don't marry a gay person.
    The truth is - it doesn't effect anyone but me and my HUSBAND - NOT PARTNER - HUSBAND!!. I am so sick and tired of people spending so much time and energy trying to keep other people, that they don't even know, from being happy. If you don't like the idea of gay marriage, then don't have anything to do with gay marriage. Why do you get to decide how I live my life? I am not hurting anyone, and I am not having any effect on your life.

  38. 38

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Why should I NOT be able to see my husband if he gets into a horrible accident and is put in the hospital. I would never wish that upon you! That is what makes you hater and a bully! It is NOT MY FAULT that I am gay. I never decided to become gay. I was BORN THIS WAY! I cannot tell you how many times I wished I was straight growing up. Being straight would have made my life so much easier. But I have dealt with that, I was born gay and there is nothing I can do to change that. And I am VERY happy to say now that I wouldn't want to change that even if I could now. Just like you are not attracted to the same sex, I am not attracted to the opposite sex. I can't make myself change, just as you cannot make yourself change. I would NEVER ASK YOU TO! I am not a pervert, I am not a sicko. The difference between me and a pedophile is that a pedophile hurts people. A pedophile damages a child for - many times - the rest of their lives. I don't ever want to do that to someone, and my relationship with a man will never hurt ANYONE! Also, your comment in response to rosebud, "if you don't like murder, don't murder anyone." People NEED to be punished for murdering people BECAUSE THEY FUCKING MURDERED SOMEONE. I don't think I am asking to hurt a single person, therefore I don't think there is ANY reason I should be kept from my civil rights.

  39. 39

    I am very confident that justice will be done when the vote is cast. The majority of people in this country have come to the realization that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Homosexuality is a naturally occurring event and humans are not the only species on this planet that have homosexual members. It is time for the phobias and the hate to end. I am confident that in my lifetime we will be able to look back and see homophobia come to a near end like my parents have seen discrimination against African Americans come to a near end. Of course there will always be some, but what goes on today with African American racism and hate against other racial groups is nothing like it was 50 years ago.

  40. 40

    Please PLEASE take a moment and open your mind to a different way of thinking. Does my option to get married and share the same LEGAL rights as you really have that much bearing on your life? NO! It doesn't have anything to do with your life. Is it because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin? GREAT! So what if it is? I'm not trying to get married under the bible. I just want the same rights with the person I love that you can have with the person you love. Who cares which kind of genitalia the person I love has? If you are against gay marriage - that is FINE. You are ABSOLUTELY entitled to your views and I have NO PROBLEM with that, and I would NOT want to take your views away from you. The difference between you and I is that YOUR views effect my happiness and the way I live my life and MY views don't have ANY EFFECT ON YOU. Wouldn't it just be SO MUCH easier if I were allowed to marry and you were allowed to be against gay marriage, and we didn't need to have ANYTHING to do with each other? We could just end the discussion - we could both keep our beliefs - BUT, neither of our beliefs would have any effect on one another. We would all be free to believe whatever we wanted to, but we could all be EQUAL!!!!

  41. 41

    The ideas on gay marriage are changing in this country. More than 50% of Americans are PRO MARRIAGE EQUALITY now, and that percentage is growing little by little everyday. The younger generations have always been the facilitators of change when it comes to civil rights. The younger generations were the ones that started change during the civil rights movement - and the younger generations are doing the same thing now. The best way to predict future behavior is the look at past behavior - and the past tells us that younger generations are always more accepting of change and liberal ideas. The conservative views on gay marriage are outdated and discriminatory and just like the racist views of yesteryear, they will in fact, die off…

  42. 42

    When it is all said and done, legalization of gay marriage is INEVITABLE. I hope someone will read this and realize that. The country's views are already more than 50% in favor of marriage equality and that percentage has changed by more that 10% in the last 5 years. In 2008, less than 40% of people in the United States supported gay married. That change is AMAZING and ASTONISHING. Please don't be one of the last people on the sinking boat. I am honestly coming from a place of love. It is SO MUCH EASIER to just be accepting of people, ESPECIALLY when they don't want to hurt you.

  43. 43

    When it is all said and done, legalization of gay marriage is INEVITABLE. I hope someone will read this and realize that. The country's views are already more than 50% in favor of marriage equality and that percentage has changed by more that 10% in the last 5 years. In 2008, less than 40% of people in the United States supported gay married. That change is AMAZING and ASTONISHING. Please don't be one of the last people on the sinking boat. I am honestly coming from a place of love. It is SO MUCH EASIER to just be accepting of people, ESPECIALLY when they don't want to hurt you.

  44. 44

    In the end I want everyone that reads this to realize a few main points.

    -I do not hate or dislike you for your views. They're your views and you are absolutely entitled to them. I just do NOT believe it is right for anyone else's views to have any effect on another person or their rights.

    -I am coming from a place of love.

    -Change is INEVITABLE

    I urge you to look at the information and article on the issue of Marriage equality written by Alan Bean. This article shows a graph of a national survey on the views of gay marriage. If you do not believe the information on the graph, there are plenty of other sources that will show similar information. I do however predict that if you are against marriage equality, most of you will not bother to read this article because you probably do not care that much. I ask you - if you don't care that much, and I CARE SO MUCH - is it really fair that we are debating this issue at all?

    If you have read this entire posting - thank you. I wish you the best and all the happiness in the world.

    Kevin Crabtree
    North Bend, Washington
    24 years old
    Out of the closet since 5/12/12
    Gay since Birth

  45. 45

    Re: NOGO7 – The reason it is so important for gay marriage to be called MARRIAGE is because straight MARRIAGE is recognized by the LAW. The constitution states that there is to be a separation of church and state. If you do not want to refer to gay marriage as marriage in a religious sense.. DON'T. But because straight marriage is recognized by the government - it is only fair that gay marriage is referred to as the same. It's about equality. If the government recognized straight marriages as 'civil unions' instead of marriages then I don't believe that there would be such a problem with calling gay marriages the same. But the government is a separate identity from the church. Marriage is not SOLELY a religious term. It is what the government recognizes as the the union of two people who love each other and has made a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. Marriage is not just a Christian or Catholic or even biblical term, people of all religions get "married". There is no reason that a union between two people of the same sex should not be referred to as the same thing. "Marriage" is what gives two people of the opposite sex the legal rights that are recognized by the government. We want those same legal rights. There is no reason that it should not be called the same. We are not asking to be recognized by the church… solely by the law. Each Church has to deal with their belief of what equates a Marriage on their own.

  46. 46

    Re: netopia – If you don't like what Perez posts on his website…. don't read it… Last time I checked… It is HIS website.

  47. 47

    Re: dryan1971 – Sorry… you're way off bud… Read some facts. Things are not going back… they're progressing forward towards equality.

  48. 48

    Re: bonb – So don't have anything to do with gay people… you won't be missed!

  49. 49

    Re: Mad Dog – There is nothing about my homosexuality that makes me a pervert. I date people just like you do. I fall in love just like you do. I love just like you do. I might make love a little bit differently that you, but that is none of your business last time I checked. You will be one of the last people on the sinking ship that is inequality. Its gonna be a long, lonely ride down there bud. I really hope take the time to learn about gay people. I don't choose who I love. Its just how I was born.

  50. 50

    why should u care if gays marry if ur married urself how does that affect u in ur life …two lesbians living down the road from u married affects u how? exactly how does that affect ur day ur week ur month ur year .. indeed if ur not allowing equality u are a hater …

  51. metooqueer says – reply to this


    i think if the People vote to support it you will be thrilled right?
    so don't you think the People have a right to say what laws are in our country, or do you figure the majority is not just straight but 100% of them against you?
    no, i think you just wanted what you wanted, and fear now the possibility of losing it.
    but you could win a second time,right, and that would end how…you will celebrate that the majority did what you feel is right thing…so since this is not a monarchy but a nation of the People by the People for the People, why are you so afraid of the People?
    and i agree with others name calling discredits your other words, try an alternative and just say the Ones Who Oppose Us…not Haters…make you look really smart.

  52. 52

    Re: NOGO7Re: Lady Who? – Wow, you are one dumb motherf*cker! Marriage is NOT just between a man and woman and there isn't a damn thing "sacred" about it, just look at Kim Kardashian and all those celebrity marriages, why can't gay people get married? If this is your best argument against it, then you need to have your head examined.

  53. 53

    Re: metooqueer – I just do not believe that issues of civil rights should be left up to a vote. Do I think that the vote will pass in favor of gay marriage? Yes. But do I think issues that give people equal rights should ever be left to public vote? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I KNOW that America and many other places on this planet are heading in the right direction. But it is when a country or government takes charge for the rights of their people begin to see the light and tides begin to change faster.