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Disney Crushes The Dreams Of A Crying 15 Year-Old Tinkerbell

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If you believe in fairies, clap your hands! Don’t let her die!!

April Spielman is a 15 year-old girl who wanted nothing more than to dress up like Tinkerbell and have fun at Disneyland with her boyfriend.

We’ve all been there, gurl.

Sadly, Disney doesn’t permit patrons to wear adult-looking character costumes in their theme parks.

And for good reason!

No one needs a Jack Sparrow lookalike tricking innocent and unsuspecting youth into playing with his Yo Ho Ho and swigging from his bottle of rum.

So April was denied entrance in costume and it broke her little heart.

Watch the video (above) to see the teary-eyed young girl explain how Disney crushed her dreams.

We would NEVER kick an innocent teenage girl while she's down but we do wonder about April’s decision to turn to the media.

We sincerely hope this won’t provoke peer ridicule or cause her embarrassment!!

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56 comments to “Disney Crushes The Dreams Of A Crying 15 Year-Old Tinkerbell”

  1. annoyed says – reply to this


    get some real problems!!!

  2. 2

    Next time, call ahead!

  3. 3

    Pervertez ran into trouble when he dressed up like Peter Pansy and insisted on being allowed to hand out candy to all the little boys.

  4. 4

    Seriously? She should have found out before hand if it would be OK before going through all the hassle. IF she wants to dress up as Tink she can do it on Halloween like everyone else. It sucks that she was told to change, but honestly, get over it. There are people who will never even have the opportunity to go there, no matter how much they dream of it. At least she got to go.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    And really Perez, you want to be a fairy…? well in the words of another waste of space, you don't need to dress up "cause baby you were born that way"

  7. 7

    FYI, Crying Girl: Tinkerbell's boobs don't hang out.

  8. 8

    whaa whaa whaaa, white privilege whining.

  9. Gigi123 says – reply to this


    Really? As others have said, there are people who will never be able to afford to enter Disney's gates and experience a day in Disneyland. Aren't people allowed to dress up for Halloween at Disney, she obviously didn't do her homework. Not a whole lot of sympathy here!

  10. krista66 says – reply to this


    Yes we get it you are a big fan, but guess what there are a lot of kiddies around and in addition a lot of pervs and sadly while she does appear to be a nice person nobody else does know that and these kiddies could be exposed to some potty mouthy loony - so with that said "too bad so sad" - I side with Disney.

  11. 11

    Wah! The policy is pretty clear and not hard to understand.. Where the heck are this girls parents.. Her 5 minutes of fame are clearly more important to them than keeping their daughter from making a fool of herself in public and in the media

  12. Jeff says – reply to this


    This girl is retarded. I totally agree with the policy. Imagine what sick minded people could do if that rule was not in place. Sorry, but you can dress up and play tinkerbell at home.

  13. veruca27 says – reply to this


    Imagine if she had acted offensively at the park or was rude to another guest? Disney could be sued because people would think she was an employee. I think it is ridiculous that such a big deal is being made out of this because she received free clothing from the Disney stores and free fast passes so she can get a head of all the other guests in lines for rides. She should be thankful that the park was so accomodating and should stop bad mouthing them.

  14. 14

    #firstWorldProblems. This is sooo stupid that she's so upset over this. Is this girl 15 or 8? It's pathetic that it's her dream to be Tinkerbell there. Think bigger, idiot.

  15. 15

    Re: SilverSword1699 – Exactly.

  16. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    This retard will be of legal age in 3 years and she acts like this? Our future seems so grim to me now.

  17. 17

    good god get a grip girl! Embarrassing…

  18. Georgia says – reply to this


    okay, so I totally agree with this policy. This girl is 15. If it was a little kid between 4-8 years old it would be different.

  19. 19

    I am sorry that she was kicked out but it does say on their website that you can't dress like a character! She shouldn't complain it is her fault she should have read the rules!

  20. 20

    #WhiteGirlProblems ahahahahahahahahaha

  21. SparrowMint says – reply to this


    Six Flags doean't allow people in full theatrical makeup entry during Fright Fest for the same reason. The girl is acting so stupid to make such a huge deal out of it.

  22. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    lmao @ the tears….i just wanted to be tinkerbell…..wtf?? is she 5??? i'd be so effing embarrassed if i was her, i'd hide for the rest of my life….

  23. bernadine says – reply to this


    This girl is only looking for media attention, We all know Disney will not let no one but small children dress as one of their charters…So she needs to ship up…

  24. 24

    I live near Disney World, and have several friends and family that work there. The dress code for employees and guests is strict. Walt Disney was an extremely conservative person and until recently nothing much has changed even though times have changed. No one over the age of 10 is allowed to wear a costume, except certain areas during Halloween, even then there are certain restrictions. I visited the Magic Kingdom a few years ago when my nephew was 9 months old. We got caught in the rain, after the rain stopped, my sister took off his shirt to dry it off under the bathroom hand dryers while I waited with my nephew in his stroller outside. A cast member came up to me and told me he would escort us out of the park if I didn't put a shirt on him immediately, even after explaining the situation, so I had to grab the only other shirt in his diaper bag, that he had spit up on earlier in the day that was still all gross. My advice to the wanna be Tinkerbell, check the rules before you go!

  25. Maristella says – reply to this


    Hush honey, hush…. You should have came to Amsterdam. Nobody cares what you wear there, peoplemjust look at you and smile.

  26. 26

    A feel bad for her. This was really important to her and it's refreshing to see a 15 year old that is a little more innocent these days. Rules are rules though.

  27. 27

    no sympathy here at all, 100% laughter! What a bunch of whiny cry babies. FYI dumbass, Tinker Bells tits don't hang out. she has zero cleavage!! Am i the only one that cracked up laughing when they showed the picture of her crying!?!?! lol

  28. 28

    I get both sides of this. She's a big fan and wanted to express that in costume. Disney has the policy that people in adult-size costumes MAY be asked to change them. This is their brand, their copyright and their characters, they have the right to control that. And frankly, even if she wasn't going to act like an ass, they have to set a precedent for everyone who WOULD be one in costume. Having recently been down there, they have the HARDEST job, trying to make everyone happy. God forbid some little girl sees a Disney Princess acting inappropriately! That would ruin the magic they try to generate. Does it suck? Yeah. But them's the rules, kid. Take your free T-shirt (they GAVE her clothes to change into) and enjoy your trip. And have pity on your boyfriend who dressed up as Peter Pan to make you happy.

  29. 29

    Re: Georgia – At those young ages, they have a package DESIGNED to dress you up as Tink!

  30. 30

    OMG suck it up woman!

  31. 31

    It clearly says under Disney's FAQ, that people over a certain age cant dress up. I know this because I wanted to dress up a few years back. And you know what I did before going through all the trouble? I read the rules and the cutoff age was 8, I think.
    I see no reason whatsoever to cry about this or to go to the media. Those are the rules, they always have been and always will be. Be happy that you are going to Disneyworld and dont let something so minor ruin your day. Geez.

  32. Evie says – reply to this


    Umm she could have done this on halloween (don't they allow this on that day?), she just wanted to be the only one that was recognized and maybe be mistaken for a character so that she can feel pretty and special (attention seeker).

  33. 33

    Ahh, a spoon fed entitled brat, probably the offspring of liberals. Why do people turn to the media and use (exploit) sensationalism to get their way?

    You were denied entry after you did not call ahead to find out if wearing a costume was ok. You were then denied. So instead of simply going to the nearest clothing store and buying a cheap pair of clothes to wear and go back she decided to run to the media? Right. and don't even say anything about just going to the store and buying clothes..She would of spent 100 bucks on food alone in that place.

  34. 34

    I'm sorry but she seems way too old to be acting like this.. If she's got mental problems then I sincerely apologize. I'm wondering where the parents are? She doesn't seem to have the mental maturity to be running off to disney world with her boyfriend alone.

  35. 35

    Re: NookiesWA – She didnt even need to go to the store to buy clothes. The article on yahoo said that the workers gave her free clothes to change into.

  36. 36

    o dear lord girl, get it together. clearly this spoiled little bitch has no idea what an actual problem is.

  37. 37

    What a spoiled little brat. Boo hoo, she didn't get her way. Typical jewess.

  38. melb1970 says – reply to this


    Quite frankly with all that boobage showing I'm surprised her parents let her out of the house. 15!!! Hello!!!! She's still just a baby and dressing up like well Naughty tinkerbell, REALLY!!!! Her parents should have put kiosh on this and the subsequent media attention- their child appears to be a spoiled idiot whether she is or not I can't say but the video speaks volumes and it's not good.

  39. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    Re: grt777 – innocent?? lol her tinkerbell costume was pretty trashy….tinkerbells tits dont hang out

  40. 40

    the bitch didn't read the rules….her bad..stop crying and grow up girl… your 15 NOT 5.

  41. 41

    yes my photoshopper wanted to meet ww so far hes settled for movieworld and she didnt even talk to him she just strode off ..

    i can understand why they cant wear the outfits how would the crowd know whos legit …

  42. 42

    wtf is wrong with her?

  43. Marilyn says – reply to this



  44. 44

    2 hours to do that makeup?!! LOL!

  45. Xavier says – reply to this


    Re: Phibes – classy response…..but then you would believe that all gay men want little boys……grow up and get a life……

  46. Xavier says – reply to this


    Re: KELSE1 – ….and you my friend are another waste of space with your intolerant verbage……it must be fun to live in your world where you can spew such crap in order to feel better about yourself……waste of flesh……

  47. 47

    Please girl, some people can't even afford to go to Disneyland in the first place. I'd hate to be there when she finds out her boyfriend is riding on the rainbow float at the "Pride" parade!!

  48. 48

    Buy tickets for the MNSSHP if you want to dress up. But even then if you look too much like a character, you may be asked to leave.

  49. kari says – reply to this


    What happened to her lips? They look all puffy like an allergic reaction.

  50. kari says – reply to this


    Hurry! Somebody give her a "reality" show, because she can't deal!!!

  51. 51

    I am in shock and disgust that this is actually real. What a fucking retard. Really? What the fuck is this on the news for? I hope people make fun of her for the rest of her life. I think I'd disown her if I was her mother. Jesus christ what is this world coming to?

    And is it really that surprising that they don't want anyone dressing up as Disney characters besides the people that work there? It could end in disaster. Costumes would be sexualized, I'm SURE, and children would be terrified. God. She needs to just kill herself. What a moron.

  52. Puff says – reply to this



  53. 53

    Re: grt777 – "Innocent"? Did you see that getup?

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  55. 55

    To the author:
    "April Spielman is a 15 year-old girl who wanted nothing more than to dress up like Tinkerbell and have fun at Disneyland with her boyfriend."

    she did not go to Disneyland which is located in California (and in other countries) she went to Disney World which is located in Florida..

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