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RHOA's Kim Zolciak: The Lease Didn’t Mean A Thing!

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Kim Zolciak Kroy Lease

After denying that she's living in her house illegally and getting evicted, it sounds like RHOA’s Kim Zolciak really may just be in some DEEP shiz!

While Kim’s landlord, Kendra Davis, is saying she hasn’t been paying her rent, Kim has been telling everyone otherwise!

Now, the lease for the house has been obtained and it’s not lookin’ pretty!

Reportedly, the lease ended on May 30, after Kim and her hubby Kroy gave written notice at the beginning of the month.

So what’s the big deal?? Kim has been claiming that the lease was still in effect, but that is clearly not the case and Kim and Kroy are STILL living in the house.

Since the lease is no longer in effect, that means the two are illegally living at the property and are required by the agreement to pay $600 a day after its termination!!

According to Kendra, the couple has yet to pay the daily fee, which Kim has recently fessed up to.

Kendra has warned them to vacate or else she’d bring them to court, although Kim is now saying she’ll just write her a huge check once they eventually move out!

Oh boy…we're not quite sure it works that way, Kim!!

This is getting to be one messy situation!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “RHOA's Kim Zolciak: The Lease Didn’t Mean A Thing!”

  1. 1

    Now, I like Kim but what was she thinking?! She hires Kendra (owner of the house) to decorate her house! WTF? Why would you decorate a house that isn't yours yet? First time I saw Kendra Davis she looked like a dirty ghetto rat and in fact she was. Tried to charge Kim $51k when they agreed on $15k originally for house decor. Then she raised the price of the house more than its worth, so of course Kim's not going to buy it now. The house got plenty of publicity and Kim looks like a fool. Kendra Davis in my opinion is a ghetto thief with a mugshot (google her). Kim just needs to get over it and leave the house. Take this as a lesson learned NOT to decorate of fix a house that is not yours. I've seen it happen to many people and I'm just surprised people fall for dirty rats like Kendra. Kroy please handle the finances because it's costing you.

  2. 2

    when a lease runs out its meant to go month to month not have a daily fee

  3. Evie says – reply to this


    Re: pradagirl7 – What exactly makes her a "ghetto dirty rat"?..

  4. 4

    Kendra Davis wants attention more than anything. Just saying

  5. 5

    Re: Cacauc – Right On!! I agree. Go Kim!

  6. Katty says – reply to this


    Not to worry, Kim & Kroy have enough money to NOT worry…..Kim will take care of the situation No Problem…go Kim

  7. 7

    I wonder if that's why Kims BF stepped back. She saw her friend over her head in deep doodoo. and she didn't want any. You can't blame her.

  8. 8

    Kroy should handle his money carefully!
    hope he had a pre-nup and a post-nup because
    Kim could end up bankrupting him with her expensive tacky taste in things
    she's used to being a "kept woman" by the phantom married sugar daddy "big poppa"
    she was basically paid to be on call for sex whenever he wanted to bother with her- and she was happy and proud of that
    and Kroy had better not forget that - she's not the most moral person out there for him to chose to be the mother of his child/children
    heaven help him if (more like when) they break up - I'll bet she'll be trying to take him to the cleaners
    feel sorry for Kroy
    a not too bright healthy young man with raging hormones taken in by an older greedy woman looking for a mealticket for life
    if he were even only 5 years older he would have been a bit wiser and probably not even taken time for someone like Kim- but sadly he has
    feel bad for Kroy's family that they now have to accept her kind of crazy in order to keep their son (then later in the event of a divorce..possibly their grandson) in their life

  9. 9

    Re: perez posse member 777 – YOU ARE AN IDIOT. a lease is what it says, not what you wish. MANY leases do have a daily penality for failure to vacate. HOW many leases have you WRITTEN? not signed, WRITTEN? and how many of those are for a multi million $ house, not a $400 roach infested apartment that you live in.

  10. Kat says – reply to this


    Knock Off Prada girl you don't know what the hell you talking about.. You calling Kendra names yet you love a ugly monkey with a mop synthetic wig on.. get out of here with ya whore loving self.. Perez you tried to like this home wrecking whore Kim she's a liar and a user, and she's stole from Kandi so you ought to know this chick is a ghetto fabulous hot mess that skank.. she's a broke whore using everyone that will let her, sh'es busted lying about everything from being a size 2 (really a 12), to buying the house she never made a offer on.. now she's a broke down busted ghetto fabulous squatter.. i hope they threw that whore on the streets where she belongs, and her show FAILS.. ..

  11. Kat says – reply to this


    Re: Cacauc – REALLY Kendra can pay her mortage NOT RENT, b/c she has another house.. she don't need that slut they already asked her to be on the show when they asked Kim and she declined.. That was the contract the 600 and since she hadn't paid her decorating fees and they SENT THE NOTIFICATION its a rap at the end of the how stupid are you prostition whore Kim lovers are going to go for this fake cow..

  12. Kat says – reply to this


    Re: Katty – and you know this how? she spent his first years salary on this stupid made for TV wedding.. and they will be paying for the destruction to that property, the garage was burned down, and they tore up the grounds for the wedding without permission..

  13. Chloe says – reply to this



  14. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This Kim chick looks like a FUGLY DRAG QUEEN WITH A BIG NOSE….WHY would she not fix that BIG NOSE….she is FREAKY LOOKING…..