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EXCLUSIVE! Kim Zolciak's Landlord Is Just Looking For Publicity??

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Kim Zolciak Rent Payment

Something smells like bullshiz, and it’s coming from Kim Zolciak’s landlord!

Previously, we mentioned how the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star was in a heated feud with her landlord, who claimed she didn’t pay rent and was getting evicted!

Well now, we’re EXCLUSIVELY hearing from very close sources to Kim that that simply is just NOT the case.

The sources state that Zolciak has “never not paid” her rent and according to them — although her lease was up on May 31st — Kim was in talks with landlord Kendra Davis to extend it until her dream home was finished!

Davis was aware that Kim’s home was being built in four months but on June 1, Davis “just said get out.”

Sources close to Zolciak are claiming that all of this mess is just a big ol’ publicity stunt and though legally her lease is up, she just has to pay a “hold over fee” until they move out.

We sure hope all this dramz gets cleared up soon — the stress definitely can't be good for preggers Kim to have right now!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Kim Zolciak's Landlord Is Just Looking For Publicity??”

  1. FREE KROY says – reply to this


    Perez, we know that you are friends with Kim, but, Kim lied, she said she was in escrow which mean, price is already worked our. Now she claims the house is not nice when she bragged all over TV about buying her dream home, when she knows that she was not buying this house. Kim is a lier and mistreats everyone around her after she has used them. Look how she treats her mom. And her aunt…..would not let them in her home. This chick is cray….Kendra is right to get her out of her house. Hey, did you use the porta potty at the wedding?

  2. FREE KROY says – reply to this


    Kendra told her to get out because she did not pay her Jun 1 rent. And still has not. Ask Kim to show you a copy of the cleared check for the June 1 rent. Plus, she owes Kendra 54K for all the interior decorating that she did to get the house ready for the show. Kendra is not Kim's slave and does not work for free. Just like Kandi is not her slave and does not work for free. Now sweetie, that's another story.

  3. MyVoice says – reply to this


    Perez how dare you defend this deadbeat. Kim did not receive the memo that black people are no longer slaves and do not work for free. First she did this to Kandi and now to Kendra. Who would offer to decorate that big house for 15,000 and if you watched your friends show she act like she had no idea why Kendra's husband was outside wanting to get in. Kim is a liar. The only thing Kim is proving is that everything NeNe said about her is true. I know you don't stay in your house for free, so why should Kim?

  4. MyVoice says – reply to this


    Tell Kim to prove that she paid anything to Kendra past the end of May. This is a woman who claims in one article that she would not date a black man because she's from a an old school italian christian home meanwhile all her children have different daddies and she bragged about being supported by a married man. Kim said that home is hers and only when she was called out on it did she finally admit it was a rental. Kim is a liar. Kim is a hustler and unfortunate for you Perez, she is your fan. You are going to look so foolish for printing this article in her defense.

  5. Lydia says – reply to this


    How can you defend someone like this? She has taken advantage of African American women, bragged about dating a married man, uses her foul mouth and lies to gain fame. Remove this article. You are defending a woman who has no moral grounding and doesn't care. I love your site, but really?

  6. Seriously? says – reply to this


    Re: MyVoice

    First off - the $15K was for ONE room, not the whole house. Clearly you watched the show, maybe fact-check yourself before commenting next time. And if you despise this woman so much, why are you watching her show then reading articles about her and commenting??

  7. 7

    @ seriously- it wasnt 15k smarts it was 35k get real she cheated Kandi too!! U prob live like her a home wrecker with no morals or sense of direction in life. If u want to go abt kim than lets do it bc u dont want none PERIOD. Mayb she needs to lay with ure husband we will see what u tlkin thn. And pep wat,h jus to see what lies she gon spit next and how dumb she gon make herself look. So get a life a come with sum better next time bc there is no argument here u cant take up for nthn make her sum gud thn run ya mouth its pep like u tht disgust alot of us.. Oh yea SERIOUSLY… LMAO!! Cum off the bs find something to tlk abt u sound like the jury tht let casey anthony off- yea ure tht BAD.

  8. Southern cutie says – reply to this


    Kim is a user. Landlord needs publicity? Remember who her landlord is Perez. Gosh, and I was just starting to like reading your blogs. Ah well! Ps. Kim's children's dad needs parenting himself, who gets into a situation like this. Looks like Big Poppa has 2 whores. Smh

  9. 9

    kim you rock as a mother and i like the way you carry your self

  10. One love says – reply to this


    Just carry yourself on up out of your " dream home". The Davis' don't deal with faux housewives. Bye Bye