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Warner Bros. Doesn't Want Us To Sleep Ever Again! IT Is Coming To The Big Screen!

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Warner Bros adapting horror book IT


Stephen King's IT is being adapted into ANOTHER movie and we're already having nightmares!

If you've never read or seen the 1990 ABC miniseries, the terrifying story follows a group of children who must fight an evil creature that eats kids and loves to lure them into the sewers in the form of a clown.

Yes, it's literally the worst thing ever in the best way possible.

Tim Curry played the creepy clown named Pennywise (above), but now another actor has his chance to take on the role and haunt the dreams of viewers everywhere.

So far, only Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga is attached with Seth Grahame-Smith (the guy who likes to add vampires or zombies to classic literature) producing, so this could be a seriously scary and dramatic flick!

The book is so thick that the studio is making not one, but TWO movies out of the classic horror story.

We're betting the first will take place during the past when It first surfaces, while the second will take place in the present when the characters are all adults and must reunite to face the creature again.

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22 comments to “Warner Bros. Doesn't Want Us To Sleep Ever Again! IT Is Coming To The Big Screen!”

  1. Evie says – reply to this


    Man this movie gave me nightmares for almost a week. I didn't even want to go to my bathroom, and when i did, i usually left the door open. Left the lights on in the house, even when i was sleeping (left the tv on overnight so that i didn't hear any creepy noises). Memories lol :p

    But they shouldn't make a remake of this. It will be crap (like usual). Typical greedy lazy hollywoof trying to make some quick cash.

  2. 2

    yes and we know who this reminds us off

    this and pet semetary killed my childhood and jaws..

  3. christy says – reply to this


    reminds this

  4. 4

    He movie may Re: Evie – The movie may have been scary but it was not even close to the book. I wouldn't mind if they did the movie if it was more faithful to the book. The details were just amazing.

  5. 5

    There's a lot of people who have been scared of clowns since they were little, and I'm one of them. This movie doesn't help!! Eeeeyyyyyyyyyy!

  6. 6

    That's great news! Thanks for sharing this info. I read the book and watched the mini-series on TV which was very well made and scary as hell. I'm looking forward to seeing "It" on the big screen.

  7. 7

    Re: sick_girl
    I have to disagree with you when you said the movie didn't follow the book. I think "It" followed the storyline extremely well compared to other Stephen King novels that Hollywood made into movies. The worst in my opinion was the movie "The Shining" starring Jack Nicholson which everyone raved about. Hollywood changed the endings of both "The Shinning" and "The Mist." The TV made version of "The Shinning" starring Peter Weller was much better and stayed true to the novel.

  8. 8

    Re: forcechild – Wasn't it Steven Weber from Wings? I remember Stephen King saying he wanted to make a version that was truer to the book. …

  9. 9

    Re: carmel1024 – Steven Webber did The Shining remake.

  10. 10

    This is not my favorite King story, so meh.

  11. bobo says – reply to this


    Perez,That picture and that wording made me CRACK UP!!!!

  12. Juan says – reply to this


    Thi is the worst movie ever. It's so bad I lost like 3 hours ofmy life watching it

  13. 13

    this movie scared the crap out of me as a kid!!! i would stay far away from gutters.


  14. Jaded says – reply to this


    I'm willing to give this remake a chance. I love Cary Fukunaga as a director, and Seth Grahme-Smith is a very talented writer.
    I do have to say that I have never liked clowns. I was traumatized by one as a kid and have hated them since, so you can imagine that when I saw It originally in my teens I had problems with the dark for a couple of weeks. Although this was not the only Stephan King movie that did that to me. After Pet Semetery I spent 6 months looking under the bed.

  15. 15

    Tim Curry WAS Pennywise…they should never attempt to remake classics like this. I didn't sleep with the lights off for weeks after seeing this.

  16. 16

    If this really happens, please kids….just find the ORIGINAL gem at the video store or somewhere and for Gods' sake don't give Warner the satisfaction of making a dime off the crap that the remake will be.

  17. 17

    "yawn" another remake?

  18. A says – reply to this


    My friend and I watched her older brother's VHS copy of this damn film when we were 9/10 - I didn't sleep properly for 2 weeks and it intensified my fear of clowns!

    Never seen it since, never will and will not be seeing the remake!!!!!!

  19. 19

    Sorry - do not like horror movies and when they occasionally show trailers at a movie I am waiting to see I usually have to close my eyes. Just a wimp I guess.

  20. 20

    Think they'll include the scene where all the adolescent boys had to have sex with the 12 year old girl to defeat Pennywise? I read the book after seeing the mini-series and was fairly shocked by that moment and could see why it didn't make it to the small screen… and I imagine it wouold still be too much for the big screen, too.

  21. Matt says – reply to this


    It was about time this was remade, im surprised it was never made into anything more then a miniseries. It may have been scary to kids, but im 19 and when i watched it I was thinking it needed to be scarier. It was just very dated, I have faith in this remake. I think they can make it way more scary these days :)

  22. Jess says – reply to this


    Stephen King is my favourite author so I have a lot of his work. But IT scared me so much that I haven't ever been able to finish it. I've attempted to read it three times over the years and it just terrifies me so much. Although I usually find films scarier than books, no film will ever match up to King's original.