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Brit Brit Is Quickly Becoming A FIERCE X Factor Judge!

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HELL YES! This is EXACTLY how we knew she'd do!

Although Kansas City was only Britney Spears' second stop as a member of the judges panel on X Factor, the pop star is clearly getting more and more comfortable with every audition, and is telling it how it is to potential contestants…with NO sugar-coating necessary!

An insider on the series explains:

"She's got a really good instinct, and when she loves something, she looks like she wants to dance on the desk. When she doesn't like someone, she is incredibly tough. She's really massively grown in confidence. She loves interesting and fun auditions and is prepared to stick her neck out and support someone no matter if some of the other judges disagree."

But that doesn't mean girl is cruel for the sake of being cruel!

When forced to have to tell a hopeful that their journey had come to an end, she simply said:

"You have to be great to be on this show, so [I vote] no."


Gurl was MADE for this kind of role, and we cannot wait to see her mentor potentials with the same kind of enthusiasm and heart that she's clearly putting into the audition rounds!

You've got this, Brit Brit! Weeeerk!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Brit Brit Is Quickly Becoming A FIERCE X Factor Judge!”

  1. 1

    Whenever i see those rumors about her being nervous and leaving the set, idk why i believe them and get worried for her because then i actually see videos of her talking to the press and she seems completely confident and knowing what she's doing. I'm now realizing that these rumors really are just that, rumors. Cue in rosebud and that elephant lady to come and say some crappy comment now…

  2. 2

    Re: justtospeaktruth – Right on cue - here I am. Actually, I just saw her do an interview and I was impressed. I am very worried about how the stress will affect her, but I would be very very happy to see her continue to do well.

  3. 90210 says – reply to this


    It's not like she's going out to battle in World War 3 in another country, It's A tV talent show!!! it's not hard to be a judge, everyone is a judge everybody has an opinion. Even viewers that watch these high school talent shows on TV are judges at home. Britney will have no problem doing stuff like this because the masses expect her to fail or shave her head or something, then she doesn't and then when she actually does the job, then the hype is gone. She's very crafty at not talking so much to the media the past 4 years so when she speaks, most of everyone, and her fans listen with big ears.

  4. 4

    "You have to be great to be on this show, so [I vote] no."
    well this statement obviously doesn't apply to the judges

  5. 90210 says – reply to this


    These "singing" competitions and "dancing" competitions are getting redundant. That's why they need flashy judges and reality show producer scripts to make it interesting. There should be a "Multi-performance" competiton where contestants Sing while dancing, while holding a snake around their shoulders. Beyonce, Usher, Chris Brown, Britney, Janet, J.Lo and even the late MJ & the late Elvis all had people's attention while performing because most of the time they would SING and DANCE. Only America's got talent is close to having that. If there were more "multi-performance" shows on TV, it would be less redundent than seeing "Singing" shows and watching them dance off beat while they try to sound like Mariah. Also a Gospel competition (BET might have it already) too since all the biggest singers on these show sound like they were dragged out the church to be put on TV.

  6. 6

    Oh bullshit, Perez. You didn't know shit. You've posted about every alleged hiccup in the Britney/X Factor saga, and enjoyed every second of it, you fake piece of shit. Spears had her meltdown ages ago, and if she was that fragile, she wouldn't be doing the X gig. She doesn't need the money or the exposure so it's not a necessity in her world. I'm not a fan of hers … I don't think she can sing. But I do feel for her because no matter what she does there are people like Perez — the shit bag — who want to tear her down before she takes a step.

  7. bobo99 says – reply to this


    sure she is, you loser. you'll never say a bad word. yuore bought and paid for and desperate for an interview. we know she sucks and is a druggie puppet robot. but you keep getting paid off a her

  8. 8

    Brit Brit … honey you can even sing but you are a judge now …oh Brit Brit !

  9. Queen Of Eternity says – reply to this


    I am only going to tune into X-Factor to see if she butchers it or not lol But she looks great and she is the biggest superstar to have ever became a judge on a reality show so I'm sure she will do ok

  10. 10

    simple is right. 95% of her comments at the KC auditions were (and i quote) "i wasn't impressed", "that was boring" or "i really liked it". no elaboration. love her to pieces but that's not gonna help the contestants out too much.

    and she does leave the set all the time…like after every 2-3 auditions (15 mins tops!) no wonder it took each show like 3 hours to tape! (and there were 4 tapings)

  11. 11

    How can people without any talent judge others on their talent???

  12. 12

    ""You have to be great to be on this show, so [I vote] no."
    That's AMAZING to you ? No shade or diss, but come on…even Paula Abdul has said that before.

  13. jett7060 says – reply to this


    Question, Perez; if Brit cracks, you sticking with this?

  14. lisbellas says – reply to this


    guys… leave the girl do her thing. she seems in a good place right now, let's see how she's doing when the show airs and THEN have a bad or good opinion about her being on x factor