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Don't Wake Chris Brown Up! Check Out His New Music Video HERE!

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Oh man! It looks like SOMEONE just got around to watching Inception!

Ch-ch-check out the latest music video from Chris Brown for his single Don't Wake Me Up, off of his upcoming album Fortune. The video features some pretty fantastic dreamlike imagery that makes us think of The Matrix, Alice in Wonderland, and Neverending Story in one clean sweep (above)!

Oh, and a little Fast & Furious thrown in for good measure!

Actually very very cool!

The visuals are STUNNING! And suit the aesthetic of the song perfectly!

We're feeling this! How about U??

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19 comments to “Don't Wake Chris Brown Up! Check Out His New Music Video HERE!”

  1. Logan says – reply to this


    Why does this site profess disgust for Chris Brown's actions, behavior, and general attitude, only to turn around and continually promote his music? It reeks of hypocrisy. I agree with your stance on Chris Brown's personality — I think he's a disgusting human being. So why not institute a ban on his music altogether here? I know I cannot and will not listen to a single song that the man has had his hands in, past or present.

    This is just another reason I feel that I'm done visiting this site. I really need to break the habit of checking it. It used to be fun and "real" here, but it's completely driven by revenue now.

    And if I have to see one more thing about Kat Graham or that boy band this site is promoting, I'm going to lose my mind.

  2. 2

    What do I think? I think you're an asshole for promoting anything Chris Brown does. Brown is an arrogant, temperamental, egotistical, violent, auto-tuned maker of shit music. You like that kind of crap, largely because you have no taste. But that you could post anything about this piece of ghetto trash is unacceptable. NO, Brown does NOT deserve a second chance; he will always resort to tantrums and violence, and he will hit other women because he's a douche bag. Shame on you for being such a sell-out, Mario(n).

  3. omg says – reply to this


    Great idea! Let's praise and promote Chris Brown! Once again, Perez is a complete hypocrite. You look down on the industry for giving him awards then fawn over his sub-par music and videos. You are such a fake fuck.

  4. Megan says – reply to this


    I think the first three comments here are perfect (albeit maybe a little crass). Perez, please stop promoting Chris Brown's music, it makes so many of us think so much less of you and your site (and believe me, I want to keep adoring your work and reading your site, but posts like this make me question such a decision). You claim to be of one opinion, then you let your hypocrisy flag fly. It is very confusing and does not send a good message.

  5. Anderson says – reply to this


    I just can't understand how can you be so dedicated by hating someone. "arrogant, temperamental, egotistical, violent", This is just what you are looking for, because when i take a look at Chris all i see is a good man, who loves children, animals, has a lot of friends, has a nice girlfriend, is an amazing dancer, an great singer while rapping, singing R&B or puting everybody to dance with the "auto tuned" songs. He is a dreamer, and that's why he has my respect, he wanna win with so intensity that sometimes he just goes bad by trying. But who is with the reason… We or you… We both don't know him personaly, and we both have reasons to have our opinions. The only diference is that we see his work with positivity and all YOU see is negativity. Well i'm happy this way, i just don't know about you. You can bulying him how much you want but you'll never hide the true, Chris Brown is the best artist of our time.

  6. WHOA says – reply to this


    Umm NO THANKS!!!! Not into Women Beating Douche Bags!!!!
    If he would stoop so low to hit a woman what would he do to a Gay Guy Perez????
    Please get your head on straight, promote people that deserve promoting, not Whimpy Women Beaters, or Lip Syncers!

  7. WHOA says – reply to this


    Re: Anderson – Are you serious???? A GOOD MAN would never EVER hit a woman!!!
    End Of Story!!!!

  8. Just Keeping it Real says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is an amazing talent period. People will constantly bring up his past mistakes which they weren't involved in. He has rightly took the blame, apologized, and served his community service. Over and done move on people! Remember Rihanna keeps trying to go back to him but he has learned and moved on and wants very little to do w her. She has no boundaries and obviously pushes people to the edge of sanity. Does that make what he did right? No but two sides to every story. Judge not least you be judge. Peace!

  9. 9

    Re: Anderson – HAHAH! "best artist of our time"!!!!!!!!! He's autotuned!!!! I could do that. He's a joke.

  10. Anderson says – reply to this


    Re: WHOA – Real evil is not in the hands of those who commit it, but in the hands of those who allow it. Rihanna told us how she likes violent men by so many ways… Wake up.

  11. Anderson says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492 – Come on, you all know he is not made of auto tune. You cover your ears when he shows the voice, you close your eyes when he shows something beautiful … You are not here for the music … maybe something else, but not for music…

  12. Talley says – reply to this


    His new song, Don't Wake Me Up is an uptempo rip off of DJ Shaj's version of Don't Wake Me Up and the lyrics are similiar and the video.

  13. rachel elizabeth says – reply to this


    I don't understand how you can pontificate about the virtues of kindness and how we need to end bullying but continue, without end, to promote a man's career who brutally attacked a woman.

    That is why I find so much of your work somewhat artificial, you are a bully still, and this incessant promotion of Chris Brown is just one of many examples.

    You should be ashamed. Honestly.

  14. yari says – reply to this


    In my opinion, this is a great song and the music video was pretty good too, i like the fact that people say he has a horrible personality but yet again im pretty sure none of you know him personally. While you guys are here spreading all this negitivity hes out there making money and doing his music. And hes not all about auto tune, all of his song are either him rapping, singing or both, chris has a great voice and his music is good too, i dont see the point of being so negitive about the man when the only thing you know about him is what the media wants you to know, which is all the negitive things, they never put out the good things. Yeah he's done some incredibly stupid things, we all know that, but what are you trying to accomplish by bringing them up months or years after its happen, there's no way to change the past. And the fact you guys are talking about perez being hypocrite for promoting his music is stupid, he's feeling this song, let him be..

  15. chianne says – reply to this


    PEREZ -Go 'head man -you're covering exactly what you should be covering - the top material and top stars in pop music today. And HELLO haters - Chris Brown is up there. And I don't see hypocrisy- you cover BOTH sides of the Chris Brown story and you FEEL both sides - unike your bitter readers here. I saw those tweets you and CHris shared a while back - you both giving kudos to each other after some little spat.

  16. 16

    Hot song, even though the video is a rip off of Rihanna's "Where Have You Been," Justin Timberlake's "Love Stoned," Coldplay & Rihanna's "Princess of China," Maroon 5's "Payphone," and not to mention National Lampoon's Vacation.

  17. Victoria says – reply to this


    So Mario, you support abusive singers? Disgusting.

  18. Agit X says – reply to this


    Re: La Garse

    I think that your intentions are purely in good choice, but bear in mind that you don't know Brown personally. We've all made decisions - the only issue is that his seems to be persistent. If that is the case, then I suppose you could have every right to dislike Brown, but once more, you aren't talking about him based on your own previous encounters, but instead the ideas of the media. In terms of music, I think that Brown puts out deep singles that could affect many people positively. For example, I listen to Brown's deeper, meaningful songs to gain something from the lyrics and to essentially feel like I'm not isolated. The fact is although I feel Brown isn't respectful and has had issues in the past, his music will hopefully remain to affect me as it does today. To discuss the new Music Video, I can't say that the song is one of the most strongest songs by the R'n'B artist, but it's nevertheless, his music and ultimately, I'd respect whatever he decides to put out. Besides, if you feel otherwise, listen to his old material. I'd recommend With You, my personal favourite from Brown.

  19. CALVIN says – reply to this