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30 comments to “Miley Cyrus Proudly Displays Her Chest On Twitter”

  1. Whoa says – reply to this


    Miley always manages to look trashy! It's a shame, for all the little fans.

  2. 2

    Shame on you Perez!!! This is a PRO-ANA picture. Its was anorexic do, i know cause i use to be like that. Miley is crying out for attention. She will be the next train wreck.

  3. Kero says – reply to this


    That is not a bustier, it's a corset

  4. 4

    wow she looks awful and disgustingly thin

  5. 5

    First, let me say that this girl is extremely vain. Anyone who take this many photos of herself in on-candid poses, and then posts them on the internet, is the definition of the word VAIN. Secondly, take another look at the photo of her in the airport "unveiling" her engagement ring…did anyone notice her index finger??? Total purger and she'll be confessing this in about 10 years when she writes her autobiography for the Lifetime channel.

  6. 6

    She doesn't naturally have boobs, might as well let her pretend she does with a corset.

  7. 7

    …..miley is not a child……i dont see why she cant be feminine and sexy if she wants to be……she's all grown up now and engaged to be married…she's having hot sex no doubt….i'm sure its all right for her to show a bit of skin….

  8. 8

    she looks beautiful, I don't see anything wrong with the photo!!

  9. 9

    A lovely young woman? She's a no-class, stinky hillbilly. She looks ridiculous in that corset (how can you present yourself as a fashion expert and not know the difference between a corset and a bustier? Coco Perez my ass … you're such a worthless tool).

  10. 10

    Blossomed into a lovely young woman? What has she done that is indicative of her being a lovely, let alone un-trashy person? She is a normal 19 year old girl, full of herself and naive…emphasis on the word GIRL. Also, let's face it, how immature was the decision to put this up in the first place…young fans don't need to see this. She doesn't have an adult audience and she can show all the slutty pictures she wants to her fiance in private.

  11. 11

    Ah the wonders corsets do on flat chested teengers. EW.

  12. 12

    Her boyfriends success and her movie bombing has her so insecure) ; Oh and Snookie make sure you name your child has a name the other special needs kids can say easily.

  13. LillySawko says – reply to this


    She could give two shits about her impressionable young fans. She proved that somewhere between her dressing like a stripper at concerts and having pictures taken of her eating cock cake and drinking like a 19 year-old fucktard at her boyfriend's birthday party. Yea, lovely.

  14. 14

    While I can't stand Miley, thought I'd point out that she's wearing a CORSET, not a bustier. There is a big difference between the two. To those claiming she's too think or looks anorexic, you can tell by her arms that neither thing is true. The purpose of using a corset is to make your waist appear very small. It pushes everything up and cinches the waist in, that is why she looks so thin. You should understand how a corset works before you make comments like that.

  15. 15

    She looks unhealthy in this photo.. far too thin.

  16. beth says – reply to this


    She looks awesome!

  17. 17

    Her chest is the bad part of this picture. She shows that walking down the street all the time. Her waist is the issue here. She's wayyyy too skinny. And that is what is impressionable to her fans.

  18. 18

    Re: littlekittycat – If that is true and she is mimicking women on Pro-Ana sites, then she's a shameful hypocrite! A few months ago she blasted the press for making unflattering comments about her weight by reminding them that such insensitivity leads to eating disorders. M.C. reappears a couple months later looking considerably thinner and flaunting her "new" body in provocative clothing at every opportunity. Stupid kid.

  19. 19

    Yah this is very pro ana. and who the hell posts sexy photos of themselves for all the world to say not only when you are in a committed relationship, but when you are ENGAGED. come on girl. have some class.

  20. NoOne says – reply to this


    I don't understand why people are saying she is "low-class?". If you look at non-celebrities, they wear FAR more sexual pictures. And also, what does it matter? She can wear what she wants, and inspires other girls to be more feminine and love their body. Go Miley!

  21. 21

    Miley Cyrus is a bad bitch, the only thing is that she is losing too much weight. She looked better when she was thick! She still shitting on these hating ass hoes though! Go Miley!

  22. heyo! says – reply to this


    She looks like the butch version of superman, way to much on the top and far to little on the bottom. If its one thing this photo taught me, it's that i'm NEVER going to buy a corset or whatever that is… thanks for potentially saving me some money, Miles!!!

  23. 23

    Her face is still busted and she can't change that…

  24. nkellz says – reply to this


    she looks great, it would be nice to see people get of her case and give her a break

  25. 25

    she really has nothing to show that this isnt pushing upwards she has a nice waist thou ..likely assisted by the organ squashing corset she used to be such a cute nice girl now its just like tramp tramp im not sure what exactly went wrong…

  26. Mon-hater says – reply to this


    Trashy, and sadly not at all surprising.

  27. L says – reply to this


    haha. its funny how worked up some people get over this. I mean this isn't even provocative. Shes completely covered. As for anorexia comments. This is not skinny like Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan when they were very thin. It still looks healthy. I dont see bones jutting out and the top is clearly bringing her in at the waist.

  28. 28

    Yes, she appears to be very thin, but she also has a very petite frame. While I do think she could stand to gain a few pounds, I don't think she looks sickly at all. You can tell there's some meat on her bones. You can see some muscle tone in her arms, and she's got that bit off fat where the underarm meets the chest that I like to call the "chicken cutlet". None of her bones are protruding excessively. That corset she is wearing is made to cinch her waist in to appear smaller and essentially redistributes everything upward or downward to make the bust and hips look fuller. Plus, have you seen her family? Her mom, her brother, her little sister, all have a similar slim build. It's just her genetics. People are too judgy!

  29. stephanie says – reply to this


    Oh gosh people these comments are horrible. One, she is wearing a gurtle / corset type top so obviously it'll look thinner, thats the point !

    Secondly, she is hardly showing skin at all. Jesus the girl can't do anything without anyone on her case.

    Taking pictures of yourself is not VAIN for christ sake. She looks HOT - if she wants to take pictures of herself that;s her right. Like seriously?

    You people need a serious reality check. These comments are not even presented in a way that makes them sound like true criticism, more like just spiteful people who have a stick shoved up their asses.

  30. stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: angie_hater – LOL not even going to comment on the engagement ring part, you sound ridiculious.

    But uhm how is taking pictures of yourself so vain? and if so why is that a bad thing? She's beautiful. Are you some hideous little monster that looks like roadkill that YOU can't take pictures of yourself?