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Demi And Brit Brit Hate Each Other???

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Demi And Brit Brit Hate Each Other???

We don’t believe of word of this!

According to X Factor insiders, new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are becoming fast friends enemies.

Uh-huh. Sure. That's why they keep sending each other cute tweets on set and passing notes about Simon under the judges table about cute boys. Okay, that last part might not be true, but this still sounds like a bunch of malarky to us!

Still, one source is adamant that things have grown tense on the show's set, saying:

"Tensions are at the boiling point. There is a bitter rivalry between them, and it's already pretty much exploded — which is crazy considering how early into filming it is."

Despite all they have in common, the ex-Disney darlings supposedly have nothing nice to say about the other. According to the insider:

"Demi thinks Britney is a twit, and Britney thinks Demi is beneath her. They avoid each other as much as possible when the cameras aren't rolling."


We seriously doubt these rumors are true.

Demi and Brit have been through SO much in their hardship in their personal lives. This petty bickering sounds completely out of character for both of them!

Guess we'll just have to wait till the show airs to see all the "tension."

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30 comments to “Demi And Brit Brit Hate Each Other???”

  1. James says – reply to this


    Damn Perez, this news has been debunked by both of Demi and Britney's sources as well as the fac that there is video evidence and visual evidence of Demi and britney talking to each other while the cameras were off.

    Little late to the party eh Mario?

  2. 2

    DEMI is definately beneath her … britneys a superstar

  3. Xenu says – reply to this


    i think this is just a BS story to build up hype and create audience curiosity for the show in the fall. This si really a sign of desperation, the last seasons ratings were tragic, Simon is pulling out all stops to get this show noticed in the glut of network talent shows.

  4. 4

    Simons haircut is awful!

  5. Chriss says – reply to this



  6. Ron says – reply to this


    One is a bipolar drug addict who cuts herself and the other is a drug addict who is mental and cannot even control her own money…poor life choices yet we're suppose to trust their judgement…fuck you Simon

  7. Rebecca says – reply to this


    While I do think this is just "fluff" to promote ratings, Demi definitely should realize that Britney is the superstar of the two. Demi has been successful in her career, but she will NEVER measure up to the full fledged stardom that Britney possesses.
    Don't get me wrong, I love BOTH of them and am so thrilled to see they are getting their lives back together. Let's just hope a little rivalry doesn't derail their progress.

  8. Lauren DL says – reply to this


    You only know how to judge their problems!! It's the old story: "You hit nine times and no one remembers, you miss a turn and all remember and judge you for it," Come on, have several gifs of the two talking, this dispute exists only in the head, idiots! Be wise! Brit and Demi are doing a great job! I particularly am following what is happening, and they are bursting!

  9. 9

    lets see..a show noone watches has signed on a no talent white trash who lypsyncs and is a mess the other nonne over 15 knows…how can you have two people in there twenties judge others when your have no talent yourselves….i predict this show goes off the air as no one cares and britney go away and demi who cares….your both too young to be judging others…

  10. becki says – reply to this


    Re: Ron – um.. who are you to judge? Clearly fame has taken a toll on them but it is evident that both of them have taken their medicine. I think I trust a successful production team to hire two strong women over someone who loves to follow rumour-filled tabloids a little too closely.

    In my opinion, maybe they get along, maybe they don't. Why the hell should we care? People love to watch drama unfold on television, but as judges, focus is barely on them anyway. It's about the contestants, last time I checked.

  11. lucy priest says – reply to this


    Re: scarlet1313 – and i assume you think you'd do a better job? Don't consider they're age. Those are two people who have been in the industry long enough to detect star quality and know what is on and off key, as well as the common sense to judge what talent is. Give them a break, you people are the reason they have struggled in the past.

  12. David says – reply to this


    Re: scarlet1313 – I'm sorry but if you think Demi Lovato has no talent then think again my friend.She has an amazing voice.Don't believe me? Just go and watch a few of her live performances and next time before you decide to write a comment think,please.

  13. Jackfrost says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse member 777 – yeah. Superstar of ugly bitches who can't sing. Everyone knows that.

  14. James says – reply to this


    Re: Ron – Really? I didn't know Simon Cowell hired your mother and your sister. Speaking of which, how is their new hooker business going these days? Blossoming I hope lol.

  15. James says – reply to this


    Re: Rebecca – In case you haven't noticed, Demi already has. Reputation of being a better singer than the two. So in terms of performance and abilities, demi has already surpassed Britney. Having said that Britney's the more popular. I will give you that.

  16. Johfreeman says – reply to this


    Re: scarlet1313 – If you're going to slam someone, the least you can do is sound somewhat more intelligent. No one over 15 knows who these people are? Really? I guess you've never been to a highschool before let alone walk into any public venue at the time.

    Ps: I'm sure you're older than these two and they probably have more life experience than your uneducated ass does.

  17. taylorfoxy says – reply to this


    although britney may be more financially successful, and she is obviously more well known, demi is no where close to being beneath her. at least demi is classy and has actual talent…

  18. Jake says – reply to this


    Re: James – Demi has surpassed Britney in terms of PERFORMANCE? Are you kidding me? Sure, that little girl can sing, but who cares? Britney can sing too, but she doesnt, and she's still a bigger star than Demi.

  19. Graham says – reply to this


    People commenting on how she went to rehab and how she doesn't deserve this please grow the fuck up.She more than deserves this and she deserves credit for going to rehab to get help for her problems.Who cares if she done drugs? She is bullimic,bi-polar,among other things and I would've been surprised if she didn't do drugs because she must have been so mentally fucked up.These diseases are serious issues and some of you don't know how much they play with people's emotions.I'm pretty sure people saying bad things about her wouldn't want to be judged on the one thing negative thing that they've done in their lives as doing that is immoral.Don't bother saying negative things about her if the only thing you know about her is that she went to rehab,read her story and what she has done in her life and then you will change your opinion on her.As eminem once said "Don't ever try to judge me dude,you don't know what the fuck I've been through."

  20. Kim says – reply to this


    People don't even bother judging Demi if the only thing you know about her is that she went to rehab.She has one of the best live vocals in the industry and I could give you countless of reasons on why you shouldn't judge her but I can't be assed.If you're thinking about making a negative comment about her just read about her life,about what she has gone through and what she has accomplished.Then and only then you can form an opinion on her and I can rest assure you that it wouldn't be negative.

  21. James says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – Lol Britney can sing? Really? If you honestly believe this then you're just as deluded as her fans. In terms of of VOCAL performances yes. Demi has surpassed Britney in terms of talent. She's already been hailed as one of the best talents that came out of Disney vocally. Britney maybe more POPULAR but that doesn't mean she's more reputable as a star. Not to mention there have been many instances where Demi has out shined the famous blonde. The two people's choice awards and a teen choice awards last year? Those aren't small award titles.

  22. James says – reply to this


    Re: Ron – Actually Britney's scandal never revolved around a Drug addiction Ronny. Just that she pretty much lost her damn mind. If you're gonna be a pompous overcompensating pseudo intellectual at least get the facts straight my mentally impaired friend.

    PS: You know how many actual judge's have had “poor life choices” in the past? Lol. Your ignorance and the lack of understanding of the human mindset amuses me :)

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Re: James – love you, james. xo

  25. 25

    Re: Jackfrost – u sound really angry! lol! #drone

  26. badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Personally Demi is a horrible choice for a judge, although she's a good vocalist. Demi is nowhere as established as Britney Spears. Enough with the bullshit, Britney is not Christina Aguilera, where she hates everybody and thinks everyone is beneath her. Britney Spears is a SOUTHERN GIRL! If you know anything about Southern Girls, FRIENDSHIPS AND MANNERS ARE EVERYTHING!

  27. Daniel says – reply to this


    Re: badnfluenz – Demi has done tours,had 3 top five albums,has experienced all the highs and lows,has been in front of a camera before,has one of the best voices out there and that makes her a horrible choice as a judge,good logic that is.

  28. 28

    Re: Jackfrost – If Britney is ugly then no one is beautiful… you are either blind or retarded…

  29. higio says – reply to this

  30. JackFrost says – reply to this


    Re: BritneyQueen90 – Your name is "BritneyQueen90" I'd give you a proper insult but the fact that you called yourself THIS is an insult enough…lol