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George Zimmerman's Wife Arrested And Charged With Perjury!

| Filed under: Legal Matters

George Zimmerman wife arrested for perjury

George Zimmerman isn't the only one in the family who is in trouble with the law. His wife Shellie was also arrested this week, but then released on a $1,000 bond on Tuesday.

The state of Florida is charging the 25-year-old woman with perjury after she allegedly lied about the state of her hubbiy's finances during a bond hearing.

Trayvon Martin's killer was previously out on bail, but then placed back behind bars in the beginning of June because prosecutors discovered he had $135,000 in his bank account after he swore he had nothing.

Shellie swore under oath too, so now she's got her own criminal charge to face.

Do they have cells for married couples in prison?

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13 comments to “George Zimmerman's Wife Arrested And Charged With Perjury!”

  1. j.no says – reply to this


    Well, obviously they have a horrible attorney. Spouses cannot be forced to testify against one another. She should have never taken the stand inthe first place. Any attorney knows this.

  2. 2

    I think she was just confused to be very honest. the money for legal aid was not hers to touch so she really couldn't count that

  3. Mandy says – reply to this


    Isn't bail based on the crime you've committed and not based on your personal finances??? I'm pretty sure there are bail guidelines for severity of different crimes. I mean I understand she was under oath and lied and got in trouble, but I don't understand how that was going to affect George's bail? 0_o

  4. 4

    Well. She looks pleasant.

  5. 5

    State is doing whatever they can to show that they're trying in behalf of the Martin family. With the lack of evidence, it's clear Zimmerman is going to be innocent of all charges

  6. 6

    Wow. Just wow. DA's gunning hard for Zimmerman………..

  7. 7

    Re: j.no – A spouse can WILLINGLY tesify in court. And if the prosecution thinks you know something that's important to the case, they may ask the judge to subpoena you. And if you lie it is a crime. Not everything you see in TV and movies is 100% true.

  8. you fool says – reply to this


    It's clear that Zimmerman thinks he can get away with anything. If you followed the proceeding its clear that the Judge ask him did he raised any money on the web site and he stated no… How can you confused on that. Zimmerman has played all of you, because he is a liar that killed an unarmed teenager… You donate money to his defense funds to help him and lies about the money… He is a selfish man that need to be put under the jail..

  9. 9

    @ j.no - CLUE - She isn't "testifying against her husband." That has to do with what is done within the sanctity of marriage. This was done in a recorded jailhouse conversation and has nothing to do with privacy within the marriage. That's your legal lesson for today.

  10. 10

    She straight up looks like a slightly chubby Olivia Wilde.

  11. fuck these beaners says – reply to this


    Re: summerfox
    HAHAHAH that's tooooooooooooo funnny and soooooo true. Poor Olivia Wilde .. this woman is horrendous. fuck her and her shit head husband

  12. 12

    This bag is str8 GHETTO FUGLY!! LOL!
    Zimmerman got class pickin his life mate!! ;O
    ;D ;P

  13. Factseeker says – reply to this


    J.no…..She was not testifying for or against her husband. She was providing the court with information about their finances so that the court could make a decision about the amount of bond for G.Z.